Charles Barkley Wears A Black Dress For Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley is a classic. Over the years, he’s accidentally spit on a little girl during a game, threw a man through a plate-glass window, sparked a national debate on whether athletes should be role models, publicly admitted to losing millions of dollars gambling, and last but not least, he got a DUI and explained that he was in a hurry to get a blowjob from his female passenger (who wasn’t his wife). Still, we don’t care because Charles Barkley is that awesome. After the DUI arrest, Charles was suspended from his TNT NBA gig. I remember watching when he returned…it was like he had just come back from beating cancer. So Barkley’s Teflon-like personality and incredible charisma make him a natural spokesman. For the last few months, he’s promoted Weight Watchers in the “Lose Like a Man” campaign after losing a significant amount of girth with their program. He also got caught in a bit of a hot mic situation after calling Weight Watchers a “scam.” But Weight Watchers is forgiving like we all are of Charles’ outspoken nature…and now he’s talking about eating man food like steak and pizza, while dressing like a woman. Not gonna lie, Charles looks good. Enjoy.

Chrysler’s Second Half In America

Another big story I found out from AdFreak. I was in the distinct minority about Chrysler’s “Halftime in America” narrated by Clint Eastwood. It was one of the most popular Super Bowl commercials this year, but I felt underwhelmed. While I did like the copy, I thought the entire product was somewhat draggy and the huge cost undermined its message for me. In short, it was a commercial I thought I should have loved, but instead found overrated. Chrysler is debuting four new spots this weekend in the campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy. The commercials are for Chrysler’s four brands: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. Alright, you got me. These are great.

Internet Explorer 9’s Stylish Commercial

For years, Internet Explorer has been derided as a crappy web browser. I used to use it, but then Mozilla Firefox won my heart. But apparently Internet Explorer 9 is much better. I have a pragmatic relationship when it comes to browsers. As long as it’s effective and doesn’t crash a lot (my reason for dropping IE in the first place), I’m good. Anyway, this new Internet Explorer 9 commercial is spiffy and stylish.

The song is “Too Close” by Alex Clare, which just debuted at #68 on the Billboard Hot 100 due in large part to its use in this commercial. Check out the video too…sweet.

Aziz Ansari Goes All Out For American Express, But Fails Hilariously

Aziz Ansari is a funny, funny man. He puts his funniness to good use in this new American Express commercial, created by Ogilvy New York, and reported by Adweek.

I wonder where he didn’t want to go because “there’s beeeez in there.” And yeah, Facebook stalking is a major part of the modern dating game…a lot of people do it even before the first date. Aziz goes all out and racks up a big AmEx bill to try to woo Jessica, played by Stephanie Hunt. But it’s too much. Sorry, Aziz. At least he got some sweet deals. The Sync features is pretty cool…really goes to show how integrated social media is with our lives. A solid spot.

Commercial Society Goes Retro: The Pringles Rap

This morning, I woke up with the words “if potato chips are gonna cross your lips” stuck in my head. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I present this Pringles commercial. It was made sometime in the late ’80s-early ’90s. And damn, it really IS dated.

Drink VitaminWater In An Internet Meme-Filled World

A lot of these famous Internet memes/viral videos are lame. Planking…so dumb. And am I the only one who thinks LOLcats are way more stupid than amusing? I will admit, “Jailhouse Thriller” and “Double Rainbow” are pretty good. But what’s the point of this commercial? Will VitaminWater XXX keep you hydrated in a crazy world of Internet memes? Or will it cause you to be in one? I’m not a fan. FAIL.

What’s That Song? Part XXIII

Artist: Ra Ra Riot, Song: “Boy”

I wrote about this Honda Civic commercial back in October, but now it’s getting played again. I still think it’s a pretty stupid and self-absorbed ad, but the song sounds great.

Artist: The Kicks, Song: “Good Morning”

A new Lowe’s commercial. The smell of freshly cut grass really is nice…well, except for my allergies. The visualization of the smell that Lowe’s uses is a little too evocative of a noxious gas for my tastes though. And if morning also involved waking up to this crappy song, I think I’d just go back to sleep.

Artist: Oxford, Song: “Naked Eye”

Another new Lowe’s commercial. Nice and colourful. I like the song, it be catchy.

Artist: The Features, Song: “How It Starts”

Hot, hot commercial for the 2013 Ford Mustang. Looks and sounds great.

Dish Network’s Hopper And Obnoxious Boston Accents

I went to college in the Boston area. It’s a great place. But there’s one thing I don’t miss…

I don’t know what’s more annoying: the actual accents or people imitating them (“pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd.”) Gahh. Dish Network also has a Hopper ad featuring frequent Commercial Society actress Allyn Rachel. Jumping out of a moving car is a bad idea.

Gillette Claims A Single ProGlide Cartridge Can Last 5 Weeks

It’s a pretty commercial…I appreciate the spirit of travel and adventure. I have a Gillette Fusion ProGlide, and it’s the best razor I’ve owned. But 5 weeks for a single cartridge? I’m quite doubtful, especially if you’re like the majority of people who shave every 1-3 days. Maybe this guy (Brandon Quinn from Big Wolf on Campus) didn’t shave often because he was too busy traveling. The “up to” term can be used trickily. Perhaps I’ll try using a single cartridge for 5 weeks, but I don’t know if I want to risk cutting my delicate face.

The Miller 64 Commercial Song

That’s really catchy. But it won’t inspire me to drink Miller 64. Oh, so it’s actually branded as Miller64 now? Leaving out the space is super trendy, I guess. You know why it’s so light? Only 2.8% ABV.

4/8 edit: Here’s the new Miller64 commercial song that’s being shown.

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