These People Wouldn’t Actually Drive An Orange Nissan Murano

Yeah…no. Cool song though. It’s a remix of Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That a Kick In The Head” by Mophonics. The front seat woman is Kate Amundsen, backseat woman is Melodie Casta. Anyone know the men in this ad? Let me know if you do.

Geico: Camels Are Tired Of Hump Day

Last year’s “Hump Day” commercial was enormously popular and became Geico’s most shared advertisement. It was played relentlessly, but it aired and was featured on social media the most on Wednesday…Hump Day. But it turns out that the whole shtick became tiresome for camels, especially when it isn’t even Wednesday.

Apple’s Emotional 2014 Christmas Ad

Apple has a knack for making great holiday commercials, and they have another hit on their hands this year. This year’s spot, called “The Song”, features a young woman creating a duet on an old recording that her grandmother made for her grandfather. As usual, Apple shows how their devices can be used to create an emotional reaction. I was watching football at a bar when this came on, and a lot of people just said “aww.”

State Farm’s “Never” Commercial

It’s a pretty cute commercial made by DDB Chicago. The man keeps saying he’ll never do different things…like get married, have kids, move to the suburbs, buy a minivan, and have another kid. Of course, he ends up doing all those things. Finally, he’s with his wife and kids and says “I’ll never let go.” If you’re a cynical type, you might say that he will let go, since he did all the “never” events. That would really put a dark twist on it, although I don’t see the commercial that way. It’s a nice message that life doesn’t always turn out according to plan, because people develop and plans change. I’m not sure who the actor playing the man is, but the wife is Arielle Vandenberg.

The NFL’s “Bad Day” Fantasy Football Commercial Continues To Be A Yearly Tradition

The fantasy football season is wrapping up shortly, and it’s been another crappy one for me. When your first pick misses all but the opening game amid a child abuse investigation, your second pick is wildly inconsistent and now out the rest of the year, and your third pick is so bad that he gets written out of his team’s game plan, it doesn’t set up as a good season. This NFL fantasy football spot has aired since about 2008. It features one-hit wonder Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” This was an awful song, which somehow made it to #1, and in fact was the #1 song of 2006. But it works in this ad. The semi-witty, semi-corny team names are fun. And the amusing, overwrought reactions of the terrible team owners are amazing. This one still makes me smile.

Arby’s Has Pepsi!

Arby’s has a deal with Pepsi to feature the cola in at least two TV ads each year. The only problem is that by the time Arby’s finished all their TV spots this year, Pepsi was only in one. So they went to their agency Fallon, and created this simple, funny, and ultimately great commercial voiced by Ving Rhames. Sometimes the best work can happen almost by accident.



Geico Says Genies Can Be Really Literal

Heh. I bet when that guy asked the genie for a million bucks, he didn’t really want a million male deer.

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