Audi’s Funny Prom Night Story

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a fan of Super Bowl commercials being released early, but that’s just the way it is now. I can’t believe I missed this Audi ad that will premiere during the game. If you ask adults about high school, many will react with bitterness and/or resentment. So this funny story of the dateless wonder who gets the confidence to make out with the prom queen only to be punched out by the prom king will undoubtedly resonate. I like his black-eyed grin and that primal yell at the end is simply great. And Audi’s tagline of “Bravery. It’s what defines us” is pretty brilliant. Look for this to be one of the most popular Super Bowl commercials.

audi prom

Tuesday Throwback: Those Classic Mentos Commercials

These Mentos commercials from the ’90s are campy, cheesy, catchy, and ultimately awesome. They had such a big impact on pop culture that the Foo Fighters did a parody in the video for “Big Me.” I’ve included a some of the more memorable ones, but there’s more on YouTube. Mentos: The Freshmaker!


An NBA Sunday: Kevin Durant/Sprint And Kobe Bryant/Nike

Today, the Oklahoma City Thunder head to LA to face the struggling Lakers. So this seems like a good time to mention a few commercials featuring the biggest stars from each team: Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.

This Sprint commercial with Kevin Durant is fun and silly. Nothing groundbreaking, but the visual of Durant in ill-fitting pajamas sure is amusing. Speaking of, the word “pajamas” is inherently amusing. And it turns out the wife is appreciating the fact that her husband is suddenly more height blessed.

And now Kobe Bryant for Nike. Being a Nike commercial, it’s pretty awesome, if a touch pretentious. Excellent copy that suggests counting on Kobe is like any other inevitable thing in the world. Very cool visuals, ending with #COUNTONKOBE. It’s the introductory spot to the Kobe8System, his newest sneakers.

Internet Explorer Beckons Children Of The ’90s

It’s 2013, and ’90s nostalgia is in full effect. Internet Explorer, once the top web browser worldwide until being overtaken by Google Chrome (and challenged by Firefox), is getting in on the mood with this sentimental video. It’s been garnering a lot of buzz around the Internet, with more than 4,000,000 views on YouTube in three days. The ad taps into wistful memories of us ’90s children, what with Oregon Trail, Super Soakers, L.A. Lights, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Pogs. The message: you’ve changed and so has Internet Explorer. There’s even a site which takes the Domino’s-esque route of “we know we sucked, but now we’re good.” So will it work? Probably not. Both IE 9 and 10 have gotten positive reviews, but there seems little incentive to change once one is happy with a web browser. It’s a nice try though.

Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Teaser Should Make People Get Happy

In the last few years, Super Bowl teasers have started popping up in the days and weeks before the big game. It’s something of a polarizing topic…I’m not a big fan and neither is Jalopnik. There’s something cool about waiting for the commercials and not knowing what’s to come. Though it is important to note that many of the teasers are just that, and are mere hints of the ad. Volkswagen is always one of the big Super Bowl players, and here’s a teaser of theirs.

I like it. It creates an amusing mood by juxtaposing YouTube’s saddest/most pissed-off with a ridiculously catchy song by Jimmy Cliff. And yes, they all get happy in a hippie-ish, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Song” scene.

This Commercial Is Pretty Booking Memorable

It’s fine if you haven’t heard of I hadn’t either until I saw this commercial tonight. And there’s a very simple reason for that. is a travel site owned by Priceline based in Amsterdam that has been hugely popular in Europe, but isn’t a household name in the U.S. But now Booking is going for the American market, and this splashy spot created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is an interesting debut.

It starts with the bombastic voiceover. And then something odd happens. With the line “you got it booking right”, the narration keeps using the word “booking” in place of a certain profanity. That’s a real attention grabber. The intentionally overdramatic acting is entertaining. It’s not an amazing ad, but it’s definitely memorable. And for a company trying to get a foothold in the crowded American travel market, it accomplishes the goal.

booking lobster

This Is SportsCenter: Henrik Lundqvist Interacts With The Swedish Chef

After a lengthy lockout, the NHL is back today. I’m not a big hockey fan, but it’s nice for those who are. One of the best goalies in the world is Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers. Henrik is Swedish. And so is the Swedish Chef. Therein lies the humor of the newest commercial from the great, long-running This Is SportsCenter campaign. Robert Flores seems a little freaked out by pickled herring and blodkorv. And good luck to Linda Cohn on getting that hamburger.

Nike: Tiger Woods And Rory McIlroy Go Shot For Shot…In Golf, Of Course

This new Nike spot with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy (Nike’s new $200 million man) is very reminiscent of a Super Bowl commercial from 20 years ago featuring Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing an elaborate game of H-O-R-S-E. And it’s also just as entertaining and fun to watch, even if Tiger and Rory were filmed separately. Love it. Tiger and Rory could have used these skills in Abu Dhabi this week too.

Coca-Cola Addresses Obesity…Even Though It’s Your Fault, Not Theirs

Obesity is a big problem in American society. The soft drink industry has been taking a lot of blame for this epidemic. It’s no secret that soda is tasty, but pretty bad for you. The city where I live will limit serving sizes for sugary drinks in fast food restaurants starting in March. But how much is soda to blame for obesity? This question is addressed in this new 2-minute spot from Coca-Cola.

I actually found out about this video through a column on Adweek, which mostly finds it manipulative and awkward. One quote I found particularly interesting was “the subtext for consumers translates roughly to ‘If you’re fat, it’s your fault. Drink a diet soda, idiot. Get on the treadmill. We gave you options. Not our problem.'” And you know what? That subtext is exactly right.

I’m clearly not a public health expert…I’m a blogger. I realize I could probably write a long piece about obesity in America, but I figure you’d rather read that from someone who’s you know, actually qualified to talk about it. It’s a complex issue. But here’s my humble opinion. One of the great parts about living in the free world is the ability to choose. Coca-Cola is a huge corporation. Their purpose is to give people what they want, and make money. Coke really doesn’t have to address obesity, but they thought it was in their best interest for PR purposes. And Coca-Cola is right…they do have a lot of low/no-calorie choices. Or here’s another idea. You know that clear liquid that comes out of your faucet? Water! It’s free, keeps you hydrated, and is great for you. Alas, it’s about self-control. If you guzzle sugary soft drinks constantly, then yeah, it’s not healthy. But self-control and moderation are the key. Nobody is forcing you to drink anything. Exercise! Be smart! In the end, people really need to stop blaming corporations for their poor life decisions. It’s your own damn fault!

Samsung’s Office Upgrade

Actresses from Comedy Central’s hilarious show Workaholics are getting a lot of commercial airtime lately. There’s acerbic boss Alice (Maribeth Monroe) in this new DirecTV spot. And Alice’s awkward assistant Jillian (Jillian Bell) is in another office setting during this Samsung ad. I hope she learned her lesson about taking credit for other people’s work. Pu pu platter!

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