Nike Says “For Once, Don’t Do It”

Brands often have to tread lightly when talking about social issues, because it’s easy for them to come across as ham-handed. But I think Nike does an excellent job here in this stark spot about racism, which solely consists of text over a black background and a spare piano track. It pretty clearly was created in response to the murder of George Floyd, but its message resonates at any time. Here’s more about it from Adweek.

Progressive’s Still Working From Home And Jamie Has A “Beard”

The WFH saga continues for the Progressive gang. This time, Jamie apologizes for showing up late and for his appearance. When Flo says he looks fine, Jamie responds that he looks like a wanted poster since he didn’t have time to get his beard routine in. The key is maple nectar, which gives it that sheen. The others are rightfully confused of course, because Jamie doesn’t actually have a beard. Rodney finally asks Jamie if he knows what a beard is. Good question.

American Home Shield Helps With Spraying Faucets And Wildly Blowing Air Conditioners

The faucet may be freaking out and spraying from all directions, but the woman getting sprayed isn’t freaking out. That’s because she’s a member of American Home Shield. Another woman is getting blown across her house and all the way outside by her crazy A/C, but it’s all good since she’s also a member of American Home Shield. We finish off with the now completely drenched faucet lady who’s calmly making a very soggy sandwich. Yum. Anyone know who play the women in this one?

Tuesday Throwback: British Airways And “To Fly To Serve”

The global pandemic has devastated many industries, and airlines have been among the hardest hit. British Airways might cut up to 12,000 jobs, which is more than a quarter of its workforce. But let’s focus on better times, like their stunning advert from 2011 focusing on aviators. Copywriting, voiceover, visuals, and music…everything about this is on-point. It’s the kind of commercial that gives you chills.

Lexus Asks “Where Will You Go First?”

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, a common question is “what’s the first thing you’ll do when go back to normal?” It’s a bit of an odd inquiry, since none of us know how long it’ll be or what “normal” will even look like. But as states are tentatively opening up again, we’re seeing people return to some semblance of normalcy. So Lexus has its own take on that question. In a new set of ads narrated by longtime Lexus voice Minnie Driver, we’re asked “where will you go first?” And Lexus wants you to know that whether it’s familiar streets or unknown roads, they’ll welcome you back with exceptional offers. Speaking of exceptional, the visuals in this are top-notch.

Nike And LeBron James Say We’re Never Too Far Down To Come Back

If you’re looking for inspirational ads that aren’t corny, Nike never disappoints. Their newest spot is narrated by LeBron James and features many situations in sports where teams and individuals were down on the ropes, but came back dramatically. The “coming back from the impossible” narrative is set up as a parallel to coming back from the coronavirus pandemic. This one has caught fire online, racking up over 5 million views just since being released earlier today. And bonus points go to the fact that the closed playground shown is a mere 10 minute walk from where I live. Excellent work from Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

This Rich Couple Loves The Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser! Pizza

This old, rich couple is sitting on opposite ends of an enormous dining room table (as pop culture tells us that the wealthy do). They speak with a stereotypical upper-class affectation. She notes that the pizza has parmesan, asiago, and fresh mozzarella. To which he quips “all this cheesing is rather pleasing!” And then have a deep, haughty laugh. The Little Caesars pizza chefs watching behind a one-way mirror say the pizza does taste like a million bucks. Gillian Hurtig plays the wife…and the husband is Robert Leaf.


Geico Shows An Armada Of Tiny Sushi Boats

These friends are having a great time boating on the lake. Great water, great friends, saving a bunch of money by switching boat insurance to Geico…can it get any better than this? Well maybe, with a tiny armada of sushi boats. Yellow-shirted doofus forgot to pack lunch (his one job) so they might be in luck. The chopsticks, wasabi, and soy boat is coming in a little hot too. I’ll update this post when I find out some of the cast members.

Swiffer Brings Us Mia’s Cleaning Confession

I hadn’t seen this Swiffer ad before, but it just popped up for me on YouTube. Mia (and her dog) are quite cute, and it’s good that she found a Swiffer to help clean up all of his hair. But what is up with the voice-over? It’s just…bizarre. Most of the comments on YouTube are about the voice-over. In case you’re wondering, Mia is played by Gigi Saul Guerrero. By the way, one of my pet peeves is when people call them “Swifters.” It’s Swiffer. There is no T.

Tuesday Throwback: Revlon, Cindy Crawford, And “Move This”

The Internet can be an amazing place. I vaguely remembered a lipstick commercial with Cindy Crawford and a techno-y song. Within a minute, I’d found it on YouTube. It’s a little hard to describe how popular Cindy Crawford was in the ’80s-’90s, but she was huge. The song in these is Technotronic’s incredibly catchy “Move This” (which I always thought was called “Shake That Body”). The song was originally released in 1989, but its usage in this Revlon campaign from 1991-92 led to its rerelease, where it peaked all the way at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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