State Farm’s “Never” Commercial

It’s a pretty cute commercial made by DDB Chicago. The man keeps saying he’ll never do different things…like get married, have kids, move to the suburbs, buy a minivan, and have another kid. Of course, he ends up doing all those things. Finally, he’s with his wife and kids and says “I’ll never let go.” If you’re a cynical type, you might say that he will let go, since he did all the “never” events. That would really put a dark twist on it, although I don’t see the commercial that way. It’s a nice message that life doesn’t always turn out according to plan, because people develop and plans change. I’m not sure who the actor playing the man is, but the wife is Arielle Vandenberg.

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7 Responses to State Farm’s “Never” Commercial

  1. Caroline says:

    This commercial is one of the finest I’ve seen. Thank you.

  2. Paula says:

    The guy looks like the one from wharehouse 13. At least in the opening shot

  3. Billie says:

    You say people develop and plans change but you just describe the very life that “everyone” lives in this country! What else do people do other than getting married – or coupling up, having kids (who the fcuk doesn’t have kids), buying house in the suburbs, the minivan, the dogs, etc. So mind numbingly boring. Typical. Average. It’s the life everyone lives and it’s so expected. How boring. Trust me – people don’t do differently. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up living the same life. Ground Hogs Day. Predictable. No wonder so many people are on depression pills.

  4. reggiemiller says:

    I think this commercial should have ended with him blowing his brains out with the family all around him on the couch. Life just didn’t go as planned.

  5. I had the same cynical take on it….either he is divorcing or dying. No good outcome for him and his family. ~nan

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