H&R Block: Jon Hamm Says To Get Your Taxes Won

More tax time commercials. In H&R Block’s new campaign, created by Fallon, a dapper Jon Hamm (looking Don Draper-esque), compares a good tax return to a tasty frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles. The pretty donut girl is played by Elizabeth Shapiro. He also says that it’s time to blow up the old way of doing taxes. “Ger your taxes won” is a strong tagline. And contrary to popular belief, the campaign apparently has nothing to do with Donald Trump.


Arby’s Has Pepsi!

Arby’s has a deal with Pepsi to feature the cola in at least two TV ads each year. The only problem is that by the time Arby’s finished all their TV spots this year, Pepsi was only in one. So they went to their agency Fallon, and created this simple, funny, and ultimately great commercial voiced by Ving Rhames. Sometimes the best work can happen almost by accident.



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