Rerun: STA Travel Brings Out The Wanderlust In Us

Looking through the archive of the blog, I rediscovered an entry I wrote about these STA Travel commercials in August. Absolutely beautiful…almost creating an emotional reaction after watching them. They’re from STA Travel Australia, but clearly a concept that would also be popular in America.

Timberland Shows It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Timberland, maker of America’s favorite woodsy/drug dealery boots has an exciting commercial that shows the lengths one man will go to recycle a plastic water bottle. The song playing is “Gilt Complex” by Sons & Daughters. Full of action and pretty scenery. I like it. The Earthkeepers boot has a recycled 50% PET lining. Which means they’re made from this, not literal recycled pets.



This funny AT&T commercial has been around since January, but it’s been given new life recently. Much like another amusing AT&T spot, it deals with the potential awkwardness of a slow mobile network. “I like tacos”…haha, love that line. And I think Eric looks like a nice guy, not creepy.

Honda’s Lame Hipster Spot

This is Tim Kendall. He’s some guy. Looks like a lame hipster to me. Oh…but he’s got 4 friend requests on Facebook. Hot shit. He says he was born cool. Very modest, Tim. This is his new Civic. Sweet, Tim. This is where he works. Oh so edgy. These are his tickets to the show of the decade. Ra Ra Riot…haven’t heard of them. Andy Meyers has. Their song “Boy” is playing. It actually sounds pretty cool. These are his friends…super. This is the girl he went out with last night, Amanda. Oh neato, he can talk to her hands free. Now they’re at the show. It’s gonna be awesome, guys! And clearly, I don’t care.

What’s That Song? Part XV

Artist: Girls Love Shoes, Song: “Home”

Previously featured in a great Buick commercial, Girls Love Shoes return in this Lowe’s ad. The spot is visually interesting,  and the song is decent. Though I like “Stars” much more.

Artist: Peter Bjorn and John, Song: “Second Chance”

This commercial for Bud Light Lime has been around since April, but I’ve been seeing it often lately. Expect it to be getting more airplay as winter approaches. Pretty good ad by DDB Chicago, with the beachiness, pretty women, and nice song. Bud Light Lime is obviously going after Corona drinkers.

Apple’s iPhone 4S Ad

Siri…helpful computer reminder lady or another case of the human mind eroding? You decide.

Crushin’ On Carly, The T-Mobile Girl

Move over, college in your pajamas girl. I’m really liking the T-Mobile girl, played by Carly Foulkes. I know many of these ads have been on for a while, but I just realized that I hadn’t written about them. There’s a distinct similarity to Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign, which I hated. It’s amazing how a pretty female can improve my opinion.

The newest one is at the top. Many think the little elves are singing “orgy wonderland”.

And a compilation:

KFC Does Hyperbole

I’m not arguing the potential tastiness of KFC’s Famous Bowls, especially while intoxicated. And bacon DOES make everything better. But is the KFC Famous Bowl “the world’s best tasting full meal”? No, KFC, no. That’s just some Kentucky fried hyperbole there.

100 Years Of Chevy

As soon as this commercial started, I knew it was going to be for Chevrolet. But wow…what an ad. At the end is Tim Allen, the voice of the “Chevy Runs Deep” campaign. And the song is Ray Charles’ rendition of “America The Beautiful”.

Pepsi: Who’s Next?

Actually, a nice montage-style commercial by Pepsi. The song playing is “Tonight Is the Night” by Outasight. But a few thoughts:

Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire shooting a 1984 Pepsi commercial. It’s been noted that his addiction to painkillers may have started from the burns he received in this incident. An addiction that would of course lead to his death. Guess Pepsi is leaving that out.

We have the Internet now. There are more entertainment options than ever, leaving the pop culture world more fragmented. It just seems like there aren’t as many monster stars these days. So who’s next? Maybe nobody.

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