Yoplait Plenti Goes Down Under

For the last week or so, I’ve constantly been seeing this commercial for Yoplait Plenti greek yogurt on Netflix and YouTube. The song is a remake of Men at Work’s catchy classic “Down Under.”

Acura’s Ad Features Very Lifelike Dummies

It must be a little weird to work with crash test dummies. If your car performs poorly, it’s not just a mangled dummy on your hands…the implication is that real people could be seriously injured or killed. In this new Acura commercial from Mullen Lowe, we see a technician putting uncanny valley-like dummies into the car. The technician then sees himself behind the wheel. As the spot closes, we find out why the dummies looked so real. It’s a solid, slightly unsettling ad with a cool and unique perspective. Here’s more information about it from AdFreak.

This Bacardi House Party Looks Like A Good Time

It’s possibly not the safest thing to have a house strapped to a moving truck like that. But hey, it looks like fun. The cool retro song is “Born To Wander” by Jack Wood.

Dish Network And “This Is How We Do It”

’90s nostalgia is back in full force in this Dish Network commercial which features some extremely dorky dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”. It’s an ad that I feel like will get old really quick. Jill is played by Kara Luiz.

Balls Come To The Forefront In This Ridiculously Funny Australian Ad For Bonds

If you’re a man, you know that it can be tough for a testicle. And in this commercial for Bonds underwear created by Melbourne’s Clemenger BBDO, a pair of balls reveal their discomfort and angst. Their lives improve after the addition of Bonds. It’s bizarre, ridiculous, and hilarious.

Extra Gum’s Lovely New Commercial Follows A Young Couple’s Relationship

Extra Gum’s origami commercial from 2013 was extremely popular, and still stands as one of the most viewed and shared posts on this blog. Now there’s a followup created by Energy BBDO that hits on another emotional soft spot: young people in love. In “The Story of Sarah & Juan”, we follow a young couple’s relationship through good and bad, stretching from high school into adulthood. Extra Gum plays a prominent role of course and the ad culminates with pictures drawn on Extra wrappers of memorable moments in their relationship and then a picture of the next step. Haley Reinhart provides a version of Elvis Presley’s oft-covered “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, a song that always manages to sound beautiful. A lovely, sweet, and yes, a little sappy spot from Extra Gum. Here’s some more information about it from Adweek.

This Commercial Sucks: Stupid People Write Stupid Tweets Celebrating McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s introduced all-day breakfast yesterday, which now ends the frantic rush to get there by 10:30. They don’t have McGriddles on all-day breakfast though, so my interest is reduced. But a lot of people are really happy about it, as evidenced by these new commercials featuring ridiculous real tweets (and a few Facebook statuses) from McDonald’s fans read in a deadpan manner. Ads that use real tweets are inevitably terrible, because the tweets always seem to be written by mouth-breathing idiots. Anyone using the term “bae” should get punched in the face. I get what McDonald’s was going for here, but still, I’m not lovin’ it.

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