Senokot: Let’s Not Talk About Constipation In Spin Class

We’ve already learned from Senokot that a first date is not the best place to talk about constipation. Another bad place? Spin class. Also, I didn’t realize for a long time that spin class was just cycling on a stationary bike. I thought there was more actual spinning involved. Anyone know who plays the energetically constipated instructor?

That McDonald’s Summertime Commercial

In my opinion, summer is an overrated season. I’m not in school anymore, so there’s no summer break. It’s hot and sweaty, which also makes where I live (NYC) smell just awful. And then there’s also a weird societal pressure to have unrealistic amounts of fun and adventure. So yes…overrated. McDonald’s collects the downsides of the season into this new spot, which is basically just a montage of summer suckiness. Saying that eating a McDonald’s Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder is an “easier way to enjoy summer” is a bit of tenuous connection, but I do appreciate the commercial’s ironic imagery. The song is “Summertime, Summertime” by The Jamies.

Progressive’s Jamie Has Vacation Photos (With Muay Thai!)

We already know that Progressive’s Jamie (played by Jim Cashman) is much more interesting than the butt monkey that he’s often portrayed to be. And now he’s got vacation photos to back that up. He’s showing some mundane pictures from his trip, when suddenly we see Jamie as a sled dog musher, performing ballet, tattooing a guy, escaping an explosion, and posing with one of his legal clients. Jamie explains to his befuddled colleagues that he’s only licenced in Stockholm. Jamie also was on a game show, and is a Muay Thai fighter (which is a completely different skill set than karate).

Liberty Mutual Introduces Zoltar The Fortune Teller

Libery Mutual’s most prominent recent commercials are from the offbeat LiMu Emu campaign, which have proven to be both popular and polarizing. Now, they’re going back to something a bit more familiar, with different people talking to the camera overlooking the Statue of Liberty. But don’t get it wrong…these spots are still pretty bizarre. We meet Zoltar the fortune teller, who tells a woman that great riches will find her when Liberty Mutual customizes her car insurance, so she only pays for what she needs. Pleased, she “frees” Zoltar who slowly pedals away on a unicycle and calls for a taxi. There’s one with an attractive, struggling actor whose good looks can’t hide his lack of talent. Liberty Mutual also has a parody of those “before and after” ads where a schlubby guy turns his life around after getting Liberty Mutual (and also after he won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out). And finally, a man on a bench literally thinks about what he can do with all the money he could save after switching to Liberty Mutual. He’s got some fantastic facial expressions. Here’s more about this new campaign from Adweek.

Burger King Sweden Wants You To Take The 50-50 Challenge

Are you an adventurous soul who likes flipping coins? If so, Burger King Sweden’s 50-50 Menu might be right up your alley. These days with products like Impossible and Beyond burgers, plant-based patties are increasingly tasting meat-like. So on the 50-50 Menu, you can order a Whopper or chicken sandwich without knowing if it’s meat or plant. You can then use the Burger King app to guess and see if you were right. The Swedish ad contains the memorable opening lines “This is such a mindfuck.” Later on this year, there are another round of ads planned detailing how people did with their guesses. It’s quite interesting work from Stockholm agency Ingo.

Con Edison Has “The Power”…Just Not Last Night On The West Side Of Manhattan

This was a very ironic commercial to see tonight after what happened yesterday. The song playing is “The Power” by Snap! Or more accurately, it’s a studio knockoff of “The Power.” Maybe the original was too expensive to use. And for all of us in NYC, as well as beleaguered Con Edison, let’s hope the power stays on for good.

Progressive’s Babyman Is In The Office And On A Date

Babyman is back for a new Progressive commercial. I wonder if it’ll be as polarizing as the first one. Anyway, in this version he’s carried in a sling by his coworker at the office cheerfully greeting the drones, and testing his milk from a sippy cup while other colleagues are on a coffee break. And while on a date, the bibbed Babyman orders cereal to be spread all around the table, and says that he and his date will split a warm hot dog. He also wants a glass of grape juice to spill on the carpet. Babyman’s date does not look amused. Anyone know who plays Babyman?

The U.S. Women Win The World Cup! Here Is Nike’s Celebratory Commercial

Nike always anticipates the big events in sports, and makes their ads ahead of time so they can be shown just after the big win. Their “Never Stop Winning” commercial debuted at the finish the the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory, and it’s garnered more than a million views in just over 5 hours. Expect a whole lot more views in the hours and days to come. As usual with Nike, it’s a stirring, inspirational spot…buoyed by the “I believe that we will win!” chant. But it goes further than soccer, touching on the impact the team hopes to have on girls and the world. Good stuff from Nike.

Ram Trucks And “Go Your Own Way”

Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” is a great song. And in these Ram Trucks ads, an instrumental version of the song really shines. Combined with a strong voiceover, it’s stirring, cinematic, and even feels weirdly patriotic. I’m not completely sure, but the version used sounds a lot like Vitamin String Quartet. Nice work from The Richards Group.

Twizzlers Says “Chew On It”

Twizzlers hits us here with an amusing non-sequitur campaign. In each spot, a character is earnestly thinking to themselves, while chewing on a Twizzler. They’re pondering some big questions…but they definitely aren’t the questions we think they’d be asking. But it doesn’t really matter, since they’re enjoying some delicious Twizzlers.

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