That Honda Commercial With “Crazy In Love”

These new Honda spots show prospective buyers in such a state of ecstasy that we see and hear choirs singing in their minds. Among the songs are Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love”, Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”, and one that I had to look up…The Go-Go’s “Head Over Heels.”

Tidy Cats: Angela Kinsey Warns Against Stank Face

Angela Kinsey is best known for her role on The Office as the dour, cat loving accountant Angela Martin. In real life, Angela Kinsey actually is a cat advocate. So she seems like a natural spokeswoman for Purina’s Tidy Cats, informing us about “stank face” caused by stinky litter boxes. Funny stuff.

Ashley Madison Goes For A Classier Image In Its New Ads

When thinking about companies in need of an image overhaul, Ashley Madison ranks highly. Ashley Madison’s role as a website encouraging extramarital affairs will always put it in a controversial spot, and last year’s data breach battered its image even more. So the cheeky “Life is short. Have an affair.” tagline is gone, in favor of the seemingly classier “Find your moment.” Three new ads spotlight different situations: a single man and a woman who have an instant attraction on the subway, a couple seeking to spice up their love life, and a woman in an unhappy marriage who meets an attractive man at a hotel (the only one which implies infidelity). From an advertising standpoint, they’re actually pretty well done, with nice backing music sung by Tom Rosenthal. But Ashley Madison’s problem is getting the general public to get behind them. Many people judge advertising campaigns on the client represented, rather than its artistic merits. On YouTube, all of the spots have negative reactions, with the unhappy marriage/hotel one garnering a particularly abysmal like/dislike rate.


Denny’s Has New Pancakes

I haven’t been to a Denny’s in years. But now they have new pancakes, which are advertised as being 50% fluffier. They look good, though granted pretty much everything looks good on a food commercial. You can make it drizzle…with syrup. But I kinda doubt that Denny’s new pancakes are better than grandma’s.

Use Crest Whitestrips If Your Teeth Don’t Pass The Tissue Test

Crest Whitestrips were introduced in 2001, and have been a massive success. According to the commercial, they work 25 times better than whitening toothpaste. Of course, you’d never want your teeth to be TOO white, as Ross Geller discovered. A little bit of yellow is normal, and makes us human. The blonde woman who does the tissue test is Brianne Howey, and the brunette who already used Crest Whitestrips is played by Ariana Lamour.

State Farm: This Suede Couch Is Admired Both By Its Owner And By Burglars

It’s a nice couch, and who doesn’t love suede? It’s a chuckler how the woman and her friend have the exact same conversation about the piece as the burglars who steal it. The owner of the couch is played by Meryl Hathaway, and when I found of the identities of the others, I’ll add that too.

Radox Body Wash Makes This Sullen Goth Girl Break Out Into Dance

Gothic teenagers aren’t exactly the type of people you’d expect to break out into an uninhibited, Broadway-esque dance, but that’s exactly what happens in this ad from the UK for Radox. You see, the scent of the Radox was so pleasant that it changed her mood from sullen to chipper, and caused the dancing to the bewilderment of her parents. She even gets her goth friends into it. The effervescent song is “I Will Love You” by the Summer Twins. By the way, Radox sounds like a cross between Raid and Clorox, which isn’t really what I look for in a body wash.

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