AT&T Helps A High School Football Player Say Hello To The World

Pretty cool stuff here on this AT&T 4G ad. After a ridiculously athletic flip during a scrimmage is recorded, the video goes viral. As the video reaches around the world, it gains the attention of University of Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops, who suddenly wants to say hello to this promising player. And what’s best is that it’s a real video (or not…whatever, I still like it.)

AT&T Takes A Musical Road Trip

I find this commercial to be obnoxious. Mostly because of the couple’s pretty terrible (and really white) music tastes. I’m sure many of you will disagree. But the girl in this ad is quite attractive…she’s Ingrid Haas.

That AT&T Commercial With “The Huh? Guy”

I had seen this AT&T/Blackberry ad numerous times before today and didn’t think too much about it. I thought it was a somewhat amusing and sarcastic look at how consumed people are by their smart phones. They’re nicknamed Crackberries for a reason. But this commercial has become a big hit. According to AdFreak, it has garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded on Monday (about 740,000 as I’m writing this). The reason? Apparently Nate Dern, now better known as “The Huh? Guy”, has become a cult hero for his awesome delivery of “Huh?”. Funny how things work out sometimes.


This funny AT&T commercial has been around since January, but it’s been given new life recently. Much like another amusing AT&T spot, it deals with the potential awkwardness of a slow mobile network. “I like tacos”…haha, love that line. And I think Eric looks like a nice guy, not creepy.

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