Pierce Brosnan Goes On A Memorable Mountain Drive For Kia

As has been the trend in recent years, most Super Bowl commercials either have teasers, or are revealed in full online before the big game. I have purposefully been avoiding most of these, because I still genuinely like the surprise of seeing a new Super Bowl commercial. But a few have just been too intriguing, like this Kia spot starring Pierce Brosnan. In it, Brosnan is hearing about his role in the commercial from his agent. He often interjects with what he think he’ll do. His interjections play off his action/adventure history, especially James Bond. As it turns out, the commercial is pretty mundane, with Brosnan just doing a normal drive through the mountains. Of course, the spot ends with some fireworks of the James Bond-ian nature. Very entertaining and self-aware.

TurboTax Will Help You Through Unexpected Life Changes

It’s that magical time again…tax season. I’m a huge procrastinator, but as soon as my W-2s come in, I do my taxes. There’s nothing better than getting money back for stuff I did last year, and I want that refund ASAP. So I’ll be using TurboTax pretty soon. In the meantime, I’ll have to be entertained with this TurboTax campaign. It shows various humorous situations where you could face unexpected life changes that would affect your taxes, from Mardi Gras to a rather eventful wedding.

McDonald’s “Signs” Ad… Are You Lovin’ It Or Hatin’ It?

Yesterday, McDonald’s debuted a new commercial that aired during football and the Golden Globes. It shows different McDonald’s marquees from across America, displaying messages about both happy and tragic events. The sentiment when this spot came out was very polarizing, many loved it and many hated it. Which is sort of a metaphor for McDonald’s itself. The song is a children’s choir rendition of Fun’s “Carry On”, which actually might be an improvement for me, since I find the lead singer’s voice to be extremely grating. So are you lovin’ it, or hatin’ it?


That Acura Commercial With The Rapping Woman

This here is a funny one with an interesting story. It’s a commercial based off a recent viral video…”The cutest gangsta I know. My wife.” That video has picked up more than 16 million views on YouTube since being posted in mid-November. And now Acura has a spot for the RDX that’s basically a remake, except that her rapping accidentally gets revealed through a work phone call. The song is “Rapture” by Blondie and the woman is the cutest gangsta herself, Chelsea Ranger. Here’s the spot, and a behind the scenes look.

Fisher-Price’s Adorable New Year’s Babies Ad

Fisher-Price made this one in a hurry. It debuted on New Year’s Day and featured babies from seven countries (the U.S., Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Bangladesh and Poland) who were born at the very beginning of 2015. The mothers talk about their wishes for their new babies, and it’s something that will give you the warm and fuzzies.

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