Apple’s iPhone 4S Helps On Road Trips Too

For the wanderlusty types who might want to leave cold Boston for Santa Cruz, Siri is with you. Siri will tell you directions, good BBQ spots in KC, whether there’s a rodeo going on in Amarillo, and find a gas station when you’re in the middle o’nowhere. Also, it’ll remind you to take a cross-country road trip again. A fun and adventurous commercial.

Rerun: STA Travel Brings Out The Wanderlust In Us

Looking through the archive of the blog, I rediscovered an entry I wrote about these STA Travel commercials in August. Absolutely beautiful…almost creating an emotional reaction after watching them. They’re from STA Travel Australia, but clearly a concept that would also be popular in America.

STA Travel Brings Out The Wanderlust In Us

These commercials are from STA Travel Australia. Absolutely stunning. If they don’t make you want to travel, something is clearly wrong with you.

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