Time Warner Teases With This Fancy Commercial

Wait…so you mean that Time Warner Cable Signature Home DOESN’T include the pretty wife or swanky penthouse apartment? Ehh, not sure I’m interested anymore.

Oh, and the voiceover is by Kate Walsh. No wonder it reminded me of this sexy commercial. If I find out who the music is by, I’ll add that too. And here’s some info about Time Warner’s Signature Home in NoHo, NYC. I suppose it’s the one they used in the commercial.

Let Them Eat Cake: The Daytime TV Version

I was going to write this entry last night. And then this happened. I felt the most exciting night in baseball history took precedence. Now then…

I saw these commercials in very short succession and thought it was quite odd. Now these are beautiful commercials for Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. The pretty song from the Korean Air commercial is “Compassion” by Luna Seeds. So again, I emphasize that the ads are spectacular and I’m sure these flying on these airlines would be a luxurious and elegant experience.

OK. So why did I find watching these commercials to be odd? Well, because I saw them on CNN at about 11:30 AM, right after another story about the crappy economy. Just poor placement. It’s 11:30 in the morning, I’m watching TV and I still haven’t put on pants. Do you really think I can afford to jettison off for an Asian getaway? Why must they taunt me? Though that’s what some people might do with their Binder & Binder settlement money.

The Biggest Thing Separating Men From Animals? Pert Plus!

Pert Plus is best known to me as the stuff I got once when the store was suspiciously devoid of Head & Shoulders. But the dog-headed man has a real zinger in this spot. The dude behind the fence is also quite funny in a self-aware way. I wonder if he carries around that bottle of Pert Plus all the time.

Deion Sanders: DirecTV’s Football Fairy?

Deion Sanders. One of the most exciting athletes ever. It’s interesting that he and Bo Jackson had overlapping careers, because there haven’t been any really prominent two-sport athletes since. Due to Deion’s flashy persona, his appearance in these commercials aren’t surprising. But what’s going on? Is he the proverbial “fly on the wall”? Or a football fairy?

Dodge Wants You To Take (And Find) A Journey: The East

The last Dodge Journey is up for grabs, and it’s in the East. Here are the clues. There’s also a live feed on Dodge’s YouTube channel.

500 miles: Started in Albany, NY. Crossing a bridge. The Malta Drive-In…Malta, NY. Wild West Ranch is in Lake George, NY. And crossing into Vermont.

450 miles: The oldest organized sporting venue in the US. Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, NY.

425 miles: Queen of American Lakes. Lake George.

400 miles: Friends Lake, NY. Or more accurately, Chestertown, NY.

375 miles: The finish of the Adirondack Marathon. Around Schroon Lake. So now it’s in a 375 mile radius around Schroon Lake, NY. Could be anywhere in that area. Upper New England? Canada? The Atlantic Ocean? (That would be a twist!) Good luck!

And the Journey was found on the Atlantic Coast of Maine.

9/27 epilogue: I thought this was a really cool campaign (which also provided a big bump in views for this blog). But it definitely did have some problems.

What’s That Song? Part XII

Artist: Girls Love Shoes, Song: “Stars”

This is the 2nd time I’ve profiled a song from a Buick LaCrosse commercial. It’s not new either…been on YouTube since early March. But I saw it today and just had to know the cool song in this cool ad. Girls Love Shoes is a really goofy band name. “Stars” is catchy as hell. And I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

Artist: Gin Wigmore, Song: “Don’t Stop”

The 2nd “Don’t Stop” being currently used in advertising. I thought this was Amy Winehouse at first. Anyway, a nice spot by Lowe’s showcasing life’s changes.

Optimistic Commercials For A Depressing Time

I don’t claim to be an expert about everything. But let’s face it: things are looking pretty bleak around America lately. A possibly innocent man was just executed. The economy continues to both suck and blow more than an insecure Ole Miss sorority girl. And let’s not forget Facebook had an facelift that many became irrationally pissy about (though of course not pissy enough to actually LEAVE Facebook). I originally planned to talk about optimistic commercials, but from a pessimistic and “real” perspective. But I couldn’t find those ads online, so that didn’t even work out.

Then it hit me. What’s the point really? Will me piling on the dreary stories actually change anything? I mean, being snarky and cynical can be great fun. But it’s not what I want to do this time. So if you want a downer, turn on the news. Or reread the first paragraph of this entry. The rest of this post is going to be good stuff. Here are some commercials that are uplifting to me.

This commercial for Prudential has some very striking visuals…showing a montage of sunrises across the country. It’s also interesting that the narration doesn’t start until more than halfway through, and is fairly understated. It conveys a sense of cautious optimism that can be, well, prudent to have.

OK, so this ad for winemaker Tasca d’Almerita isn’t uplifting in a traditional manner. But I saw it on AdFreak today, and have watched it like 4 times. It’s another one that’s visually beautiful and has great music and sound. And AdFreak is right, it really does double as a Sicily tourism video. Just watch it. It’ll put you in a good mood AND make you want to visit Sicily.

When I started writing this post, I immediately thought of an OfficeMax commercial from last year. It debuted in January 2010, on the heels of one of the worst economic years since the Great Depression. I love this ad. Again, it’s attractively shot, with the sunrise/morning as an optimistic symbol. But the acting is really what makes it great. Shannon O’Dowd has an outstanding performance as a woman who starts off nervous and tentative like most of us, but gains the confidence and poise that we all hope to have. It all builds up to her presentation and the line “2010 is going to be our best year ever, and here’s why”. Granted, I don’t recall 2010 being the best year ever, but hey, it’s a nice sentiment.

I don’t know when things are going to turn around. But it’s important that we all stay hopeful. A negative outlook very rarely brings a positive outcome. On the contrary, it’s often a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you expect bad things, they tend to happen. Trust me. I graduated from college in 2008, and haven’t accomplished much of anything since. A lot of it was my fault, and some came from outside forces. I’m at the point where I know what I want to do for a career…now the challenge is finding someone who will hire me to do it. I don’t know when it’s gonna happen. But it’s gonna happen. That’s what I have to tell myself, and that’s what we have to tell ourselves as a country. And it could always be worse. So I’ll close with an optimistic quote from an otherwise nihilistic song, 2Pac’s “Me Against the World”:

“Through every dark night, there’s a bright day/So no matter who hard it get, stick your chest out/Keep your head up, and handle it”

Bonus links: Songs that are uplifting: 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” and Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

Songs that are supremely pleasant/relaxing: Frou Frou’s “Let Go” and Telepopmusik’s “Breathe”

Work I’ve Done: Amtrak Spec Print Ad (“See America”)

This is the print version of an Amtrak spec ad I created. It was another collaboration with the same NYC graphic designer.

Work I’ve Done: McDonald’s Spec Ad (“Lottery Surprise”)

Here’s another spec ad. If you think it’s or anything else you see on this blog is good, and can help me out in a jobly manner, that would be swell. If you think it sucks, I guess that’s OK too.

McDonald’s Spec Ad

Brief: What would you do if you won the lottery? After gaining new found wealth, people will often buy many things, but their essence stays the same. Jason Baxter has just won the lottery, and he has an interesting idea for his money.

Setting: The Multi-Millions Lottery Headquarters. A timid looking man, aged anywhere from his mid 20s to mid 40s is standing at a podium.

Male voice off camera: Jason Baxter, you’ve just won $50 million in the Multi-Millions Lottery. What ARE you going to do with the money?

Jason (with a slight stammer): Well, I’m not sure really. But there is one thing that I’ve always wanted.

The scene changes to a long shot of a huge mansion with large grounds. This must be what Jason always wanted. Next, the camera zooms into the mansion. The viewer sees a giant, twisting, indoor slide. Maybe that’s what Jason wanted.

Jason is on the top of the slide. He takes a deep breath and swings himself down.

As he’s going down the slide, he yells and hoots like a small child. Finally, the slide lets off into a ball pit. Jason gets up from the ball pit looking slightly dazed. He’s now in a private McDonald’s IN HIS OWN MANSION!

Jason: Hey, I’ll have a Big Mac, fries and coke.

McDonald’s worker (with a smile): Coming right up, J.

The commercial closes with a shot of a small Golden Arches logo in a mansion window. It’s accompanied either by the standard “I’m lovin it” slogan, or my own slogan “MMM McDonald’s”.


How much would this commercial cost to make? Would it be too expensive?

I chose McDonald’s simply because it’s the biggest advertiser. But this concept could work for any fast food place.

Google Tells A Story

Google. It practically runs the world, so there’s really no need for an introduction. Among all the great things Google does, storytelling isn’t one that most people think of. But they excel at it. There was the adorable and incredibly romantic “Parisian Love” spot that aired during Super Bowl XLIV. The heartwarming “Dear Sophie” video for Google Chrome was a viral hit earlier this year. And now, Google Chrome has a new commercial about the rise of Frank Restaurant in Austin, Texas.

It really adds a layer of legitimacy to this ad when you realize these are real people and a real restaurant (which I’m sure will see a big bump in business). Will it convince people to change to Google Chrome? Not necessarily. I feel like people used web browsers based on familiarity, and they’ll use whatever they know. But Google Chrome’s market share is growing. And as someone who also appreciates advertising for the artistic aspects, Google is top-notch, as always.

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