New York Lottery Goes Broadway-Style With “Odds Of Love”

In New York Lottery’s adorable new ad created by McCann New York, a man and a woman meet and perform a Broadway-style number that’s reminiscent of La La Land. It’s a classic meet cute scenario which is underscored by singing, dancing, New York City scenery, and some alluring jazz music. Only one problem…they aren’t looking for the same things and don’t have the same interests. Seems that their odds of love are quite slim. So they decide that it’s better to play Take 5 from the New York Lottery, since the odds of winning are 1 in 9. Good move, guys.



Optimum Business Shows An Ill-Advised Horse Cake

Here’s an amusingly awkward ad for Optimum Business Essentials. Adam ordered a custom cake. The baker proudly brings out the cake, which says “Happy Trails Pardner” and has a horse on it. Unfortunately, the baker didn’t get Adam’s voicemail. It was supposed to be a get well soon cake, as Adam’s friend Lonnie broke his arm, several ribs, and both legs after being thrown from a stallion. Whoops. The baker tries to save face by saying the cake has a lady horse, but that’s not gonna cut it. After getting Optimum Business Essentials, the baker finally hears Adam’s voicemail.

Volkswagen Encourages U.S. Soccer Fans To Root For Brazil (Or Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, Or Germany)

For the first time since 1986, the United States didn’t qualify for the World Cup. It was embarrassing, but there will still be Americans watching, and they’ll need a team to root for. So Volkswagen has a new World Cup-centered campaign, cleverly called “Jump On The Wagen”, where fans of different country’s teams pitch the US for support. Brazil has the most trophies, Iceland doesn’t have enough people to do the wave, Belgium hosts the world’s biggest EDM festival, Switzerland brought us Swiss Army knives, and Germany brought the frankfurter. Compelling reasons, all. Anyone know who play the attractive female fans from Brazil and Iceland?


Geico: Soccer Players Celebrate With A Slide

The newest Geico ad has come out right on time for the World Cup. A soccer player named Willingham kicks a spiffy goal at the very end of stoppage time, and his team HW has won. So he slides…and just ends up sliding all over the pitch. He even does the robot, and slides right through the “C” in Geico. Good stuff.


Heineken: Sometimes The Wrong Party Is The Right One

This is a fun one from Heineken, created by Publicis New York. A man shows up to a formal, stuffy-looking party. Except he goes to the wrong apartment and finds a much more raucous and fun shindig. At the end, we see why he went to the wrong place…turns out they were partying so hard that Apartment #9 became Apartment #6. The song is “Surfin’ Bird” by the Ramones. Here’s more about the ad and the “Cheers To The Unexpected” campaign.

Domino’s Delivers Pizza And Fixes Potholes

Because of all the corporations that would help fix America’s crumbling infrastucture, it would totally be Domino’s, right? It’s hard to hate on this campaign, though it’s pretty sad that it has to exist.

Verizon’s Wedding Commercial

Verizon’s Joy (played by Britt Lower) returns for a new ad, this time at a wedding. The bride and her fellow bridesmaids are looking for something old. Maybe they could use some of their old phones. Thomas Middleditch appears out of nowhere, since that’s what he does in these spots, and talks about them getting the new iPhone on Verizon. Joy comments that the camera is amazing, but unfortunately for Thomas Middleditch, he can’t be the ring bearer in this wedding. I’ll add the identities of the bride and other bridesmaids when I get that information.

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