Sprite’s Dancing Carnival Rhino From Brazil

Have you ever wanted to see a CGI rhino who’s dancing to Carnival music while holding a few cans of Sprite? If so, you’ll like this one, which is part of Sprite’s “Liga O Fresh” campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy Sao Paulo.

Volkswagen Encourages U.S. Soccer Fans To Root For Brazil (Or Iceland, Belgium, Switzerland, Or Germany)

For the first time since 1986, the United States didn’t qualify for the World Cup. It was embarrassing, but there will still be Americans watching, and they’ll need a team to root for. So Volkswagen has a new World Cup-centered campaign, cleverly called “Jump On The Wagen”, where fans of different countries’ teams pitch the US for support. Brazil has the most trophies, Iceland doesn’t have enough people to do the wave, Belgium hosts the world’s biggest EDM festival, Switzerland brought us Swiss Army knives, and Germany brought the frankfurter. Compelling reasons, all. The attractive Icelandic fan is played by Sarah Skogland…anyone know who the Brazilian fan is?


Beats By Dre Shows The Game Before The Game In This Dramatic World Cup Ad

I don’t find soccer that interesting, but the World Cup is a whole different beast. I’ve always liked the World Cup because the entire earth is transfixed on this one event. Beats by Dre is really making a name for itself with bombastic sports commercials, and they have another great one here, created by R/GA. The spot concerns everything that happens before the actual game…the superstitions, the preparations, the pageantry, the psychology. All of that of course leads up to a spectacle that the entire world will be watching. It stars soccer players such as Brazil’s Neymar, who I don’t really know (but might know much better soon), and also cameos that will be more familiar to the typical American audience, like LeBron James, Lil Wayne, and Serena Williams among others. The booming song in the video is “Jungle” by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons. If watching this doesn’t make you excited, I don’t know what will.

CNA Language School: Students In Brazil Sharpen Their English By Speaking To American Retirement Home Residents

These students in Brazil want to improve their English. Meanwhile, elderly retirement home residents in Chicago just want someone to talk to. So combine the two, and you get an amazing idea. Here’s the heartwarming video for CNA Language School, created by FCB Brazil.

Getty Images: From Love To Bingo Is Fantastic

How to tell a story for Getty Images, a stock photo company? You could use 873 images (all from Getty’s archive) in a breathtaking 60 second video. So Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO did just that, using all those images to tell the story of a life. It took six months to finish. But it was worth the wait…just brilliant. Here’s the scoop from AdFreak.

Bonus video: I’m reminded of the montage from Up.

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