KFC South Africa Features A Wildly Flopping Soccer Player

Here’s an amusing KFC ad, created by Ogilvy South Africa. A footballer named Herbz (as in herbs and spices) is playing at Cape Town’s Athlone Stadium when he gets tripped up. It’s pretty obviously a flop, but he persists in dramatically rolling about. And then it gets crazy. He ends up rolling out of the stadium and takes a rolling odyssey all around the sprawling city. People are following him and taking pictures. Herbz finally stops rolling when he reaches a KFC, which was his plan all along. And in a final clever touch, Herbz wears number 11. Here’s more from Adweek.


Axe Asks “Is It OK For Guys…?”

Axe has come a long, long way in their advertising. I remember when Axe came out towards the end of my high school days. Their commercials could be characterized as lunkheaded fantasies that basically said you’d get laid if you used Axe. I guess that had something of a charm to them, but were mostly just dumb and borderline offensive. Over the years, Axe has shifted their focus. 2012 brought the beautiful Susan Glenn spot, which I recall being one of the best of the year. The biggest shift, however, came last year with “Find Your Magic.” The ad, which got rave reviews, challenged society’s and advertising’s ideas of masculinity. Now Axe seems to have gone even further. In its new commercial created by 72andSunny Amsterdam, “is it ok for guys”, Axe shows different guys asking questions about whether it’s ok for guys to do things that men aren’t traditionally known for. The questions are based on autocompletes of popular Internet searches. It’s a well done and thought-provoking piece. Here’s more from Adweek.

Fly High, Enjoy A Movie, And Drink Some Grey Goose

In a lot of ways, “La Pursuit” is symbolic of Grey Goose itself. It’s wildly expensive and quite pretentious, but also stylish, cool, and visually engaging. The short film/ad created by BBDO New York tells the story of a group of friends who start following a goose in a few cars. But it’s not a wild goose chase…they find their way onto a dirigible and classy hijinks ensue. Watching a film projected against a cloud is a particularly striking visual. Adweek has a glowing review, but Copyranter has a scathing one. So what do you think?

The John Lewis Man On The Moon Christmas Commercial That Everyone Loves

UK retailer John Lewis is known for their yearly heartwarming Christmas commercials. They just came out with another one, featuring a young girl giving a gift to a lonely old man on the moon. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a decent chance you’ve already seen it, considering that it’s racked up nearly 9 million views since being released a few days ago. Here’s more about the spot from Adweek.

This Sony Ad Is Absolutely Mesmerizing

It’s for Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TV. Filmed in Canada, it shows bubbles that freeze in midair. The song is Josef Salvat’s rendition of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Here’s more information from Adweek on this lovely piece of work.

Tomcat Presents “Dead Mouse Theatre”

Hat tip to Adweek for covering this very funny campaign created by Barton F. Graf 9000 for Tomcat mouse killers. “Dead Mouse Theatre” is a creative and hilarious way of imagining what you can do with all the dead mice that Tomcat will take care of. The tagline of “Tomcat. Engineered to kill.” is top-notch too.

Chipotle’s Haunting Animated Commercial, Featuring The Vocals Of Fiona Apple

There’s been a whole lot of great long-form work to come out lately, and here’s another. Chipotle isn’t a company that advertises too much, but when they do it tends to be viral-type videos like “Back to the Start.” Their work also tends to get rave reviews. Chipotle’s new spot “The Scarecrow” smells like an award winner. It features a bleak, haunting, dystopian world. I’ll let Adweek do more of the explanation. It’s an incredibly beautiful video. But the real standout is the mesmerizing, hypnotic vocals of Fiona Apple who sings a cover of “Pure Imagination” from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. And yes, Fiona’s song will be soon available for download. There’s also a game for “The Scarecrow.” Excellent, excellent stuff.

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