This Spanish Lottery Christmas Ad Is Great

John Lewis has been getting most of the holiday ad buzz lately, and for good reason. But there’s another entry for this year’s best holiday spot, and it’s from Spain. The Spanish Lottery Christmas commercial is a yearly tradition that I just found out about. This edition definitely doesn’t disappoint. In the ad created by Leo Burnett Madrid, we meet Justino, a lonely overnight security guard at a mannequin factory. A mannequin factory? That would totally creep me out. Anyway, during the long nights Justino poses the mannequins in ways that endear himself to the day staff. Then when the day people win an unexpected windfall (c’mon, it’s a lottery ad…nobody loses), they treat Justino as one of their own, even though none of them actually knew him before. Beautiful animation, music, and story. Excellent.


These People Still Probably Wouldn’t Drive An Orange Nissan Murano

I originally wrote about this commercial at the end of last year, but I see that it’s getting played again, so here’s an updated version. It’s a pretty spiffy spot, with a very cool song. The jacket switching thing is neat. But yeah, I’m still not buying them in an orange Nissan Murano. And what does “the most social car we’ve ever designed” even mean? The song is the Mophonics remix of Dean Martin’s “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?” The front seat woman is Kate Amundsen, backseat woman is Melodie Casta. Anyone know the identities of the men? Let me know if you do.

Hallmark Separates Itself From Sentimental, Shows What The Holidays Really Are Like

Hallmark is a company that is synonymous with sap. But this year, they’re trying something quite different. For one, these spots for Hallmark’s Keepsake ornaments (created by Chandelier) are digital-only…no TV. But the bigger change is the tone of the ads. They focus on the more annoying situations you could encounter with family, like the irritation of group pictures, perfectionist tree decorators, and a vegan Christmas dinner (bleh!) Amusing.

Tuesday Throwback: This HP Ad Features “Pictures Of You”

I have The Cure’s beautiful “Pictures of You” stuck in my head, and it reminded me of this HP commercial from 2003. It’s a nice spot, and it’s always amusing to watch stuff that has technology which was once considered cutting edge. Of course, that was 12 years, and we’ve become a bit more advanced since then. But any ad with “Pictures of You” gets my seal of approval.

The John Lewis Man On The Moon Christmas Commercial That Everyone Loves

UK retailer John Lewis is known for their yearly heartwarming Christmas commercials. They just came out with another one, featuring a young girl giving a gift to a lonely old man on the moon. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a decent chance you’ve already seen it, considering that it’s racked up nearly 9 million views since being released a few days ago. Here’s more about the spot from Adweek.

Burger King’s Buffalo Chicken Fries Ad Features A Paula Cole Ringtone

Paula Cole’s cheesy ’90s classic “I Don’t Want To Wait” (one of my guiltiest of guilty pleasures) is becoming a go-to when commercials need a ironic wussy song. Budweiser used it in this way a few years ago. Weirdly, it might end up being as overused ironically as it was in real life during the late ’90s. But yeah, that seems like it could be the ringtone of a guy who has his significant other in his phone as “My Boo Bear.” By the way, here’s a good review of Burger King’s Buffalo Chicken Fries.

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