This Simply Potatoes Commercial Is Simply Nice

This one is a bit random, but I’ve seen it a few times now, so I’m writing about it. It’s the first TV commercial for Simply Potatoes, and it’s nice in a very simple way. Also, I want some potatoes now. And that familiar tune in the background? “Simple Gifts”, an old Shaker song. Here’s a nice version from Yo-Yo Ma and Allison Krauss.

Burger King’s Angriest Whopper Has A Bright Red, Hot Sauce Infused Bun

The Angriest Whopper from Burger King is apparently quite spicy, and the commercial emphasizes that by showing an erupting volcano and lava. But that red bun with hot sauce baked in…I’m thinking blood red poop will result. Remember last year’s Halloween Whopper? Just brilliant, BK. Here’s a review from GrubGrade.

Axe Shower Thoughts, Featuring Muggsy Bogues

If you’re like a lot of men, you think clearly and come up with revelations in the shower. It’s a relaxing environment for sure. Taking a long shower could mean you’re thinking or relaxing. It might be cold outside and you could want to maximize your time standing under a stream of hot water. Or perhaps a long shower could be for an entirely different form of pleasurable relaxation (very NFSW link). In any case, Axe taps into the power of shower thinking in a new campaign, aptly named “Shower Thoughts.” A man comes up with an epiphany: “When you’re criticized for being short, they’re really just saying the worst thing about you is that there isn’t more of you.” Deep stuff. As a short guy, I approve. That leads to a daydream with Muggsy Bogues, famous to ’90s kids as being the shortest player in NBA history. Muggsy proceeds to school much taller men in a pickup game. So don’t let those shower thoughts go down the drain!

Tuesday Throwback: Valspar Paint’s Beautiful Commercials

A few days ago, Sherwin-Williams bought its smaller rival Valspar. The news reminded of these Valspar commercials, which I loved. I remember them being on from around 2006-09. They’re incredibly beautiful, with the colors of Valspar paint being compared to the colors of nature. I really like the relaxing, slightly mysterious, new-agey music of these spots. Unfortunately, the music, created by Jonathan Elias, was made specifically for the commercials, so no downloading. A few of the ads can’t be embedded, so you’ll have to watch them on YouTube.


Cookie Monster Has Trouble Waiting For Cookies In This iPhone 6s Commercial

Sometimes the wait can be the hardest part. Cookie Monster is baking fresh cookies, and sets the timer (using new hands-free Siri) for 14 minutes. He puts on his waiting playlist and Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” plays. Among other things, Cookie Monster turns the oven light on and off, tastes flour (and coughs), flips through a cookbook, chews on his wooden spoon, and goes outside. After all that, only 50 seconds have passed. This is gonna be tough.


George Takei Promotes Taco Bell’s Quesalupa

If you’re familiar with George Takei’s social media presence, this Taco Bell Quesalupa commercial shouldn’t be too surprising. Meme-tastic!

Tuesday Throwback: Jewel’s “Intuition” Sells Schick Intuition Razors

While at CVS today, I heard a song that I haven’t heard in a while: “Intuition” by Jewel. Do you remember that one? It was a decently big hit, reaching #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2003. I thought it was fun and catchy, but it caused some controversy with Jewel fans. The sound was a lot more poppy than her earlier, folksy work, leading to accusations of Jewel being a sell-out. Which was ironic, since the lyrics themselves satirically reference consumerism (“sell your sin/just cash in”). The video also mocks commercials, but as it turns out the song was featured in an advertising campaign for Schick’s Intuition razors. All the contradictions are making my head hurt a little bit. Maybe this is what postmodernism is? As Jewel sings, “In a world of post modern fad/
What was good now is bad.”

This UConn Huskies Fan Loves Buffalo Wild Wings

I love the NCAA Tournament too, but staying at Buffalo Wild Wings for that long sounds a little excessive. I think I’d get constipated. Or possibly the other thing. The art school crowd seems to be outraged, though it’s true, art schools don’t generally have Division I sports. But yeah, she probably shouldn’t be abandoning her kids like that. The mom is played by Erica Piccininni. I’m personally a bigger fan of B-Dub’s other commercial with a Kentucky fan excitedly phoning his wife about his new friends. The line about not hanging out with the Wisconsin guy “because of last year” is a smart touch. In that one, the husband is Tom Larochelle, while the wife is played by Sigrid Owen.

The Most Interesting Man In The World Says Goodbye, Heads To Mars

Jonathan Goldsmith, better known to most as “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, is retiring. The long-running campaign for Dos Equis has been extremely popular, and sales of the brand are up about 35% since “The Man” started appearing in commercials in 2007. A well-loved campaign that actually results in a sales bump is the dream of every advertiser. There will apparently be a new “Most Interesting Man in the World”, but will he really be as interesting? The last spot will only air on TV once, during tomorrow’s Cavaliers-Lakers game, which will also be the last matchup between LeBron James and the retiring Kobe Bryant. So farewell, you interesting, interesting man. Enjoy your one-way mission to Mars. We’ll hold onto the memories.

McDonald’s Has A McCafe Commercial From Taiwan Where A Young Man Comes Out To His Father

I’ve been writing about a bunch of McDonald’s ads lately, since they’ve been doing notable work. In this one from Taiwan, a young man writes “I like guys” on a McCafe cup and shows it to his dad. The young man is so scared that he can’t even say the words. His father looks upset and walks away, but then he comes back and adds a message of acceptance. Not surprisingly, the ad has stirred up controversy. I just think it’s sweet and has a nice message.

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