Will Your Smart Car Stop At Burger King?

Smart cars are smart, but they aren’t geniuses quite yet. A Burger King sign isn’t a stop sign, but this Tesla seems to think it is one. Which makes for a perfect BK ad. Now if your smart car stops at Burger King, you can share a pic or video with the hashtags #AutopilotWhopper and #FreeWhopper. And then a free Whopper will be all yours. Nice, although the offer is apparently only valid today, June 23rd. Here’s a bit more from Ad Age about this unique spot.

Burger King Wants You To Stay Home And Eat Whoppers

Unless you’re an essential employee working, you’re hopefully at home right now. And Burger King says your country needs you to stay on your couch and order in. They’ll deliver for free when you order on the app. Because staying home doesn’t just make you safer, it makes you a “couch potatriot.” And Burger King is donating Whoppers to nurses (healthy…haha). Neat! And while we’re talking about Burger King, this academic-related promo is pretty cool too.

That Burger King Commercial With The Moldy Whopper

This new Burger King commercial released earlier today has become the talk of the advertising world. It stars a Whopper that’s free of artificial preservatives and thus gets gross and moldy as it ages. You’ve probably seen how McDonald’s burgers don’t rot because of all the artificial stuff, and this ad seems to be a direct shot at the Golden Arches. It’s a risky move to associate your product with decay and mold, but I think it’s a very smart ad. Here’s more about the renegade spot. By the way, the song is Aretha Franklin’s “What a Difference a Day Made.”

Burger King Sweden Wants You To Take The 50-50 Challenge

Are you an adventurous soul who likes flipping coins? If so, Burger King Sweden’s 50-50 Menu might be right up your alley. These days with products like Impossible and Beyond burgers, plant-based patties are increasingly tasting meat-like. So on the 50-50 Menu, you can order a Whopper or chicken sandwich without knowing if it’s meat or plant. You can then use the Burger King app to guess and see if you were right. The Swedish ad contains the memorable opening lines “This is such a mindfuck.” Later on this year, there are another round of ads planned detailing how people did with their guesses. It’s quite interesting work from Stockholm agency Ingo.

Burger King And “All By Myself”

Burger King’s Warhol ad was one of the most polarizing Super Bowl commercials in recent memory. It became known as “advertising for advertising people”…somehow being named #2 on Adweek’s best list, while also finishing dead last in USA Today’s Ad Meter. But now Burger King has a new spot that seems destined to be more well-liked by everyone. Eric Carmen’s overwrought “All By Myself” plays as the King dejectedly sulks along. He see-saws alone (is there anything sadder?). A dog won’t even play fetch with him. Riding a tandem bike solo predictably leads to a fall. The King finally rides a bus all by himself to a Burger King. There he gets a $6 King Box and reunites with his old friend Subservient Chicken. Nice to see those two back together again.

Burger King’s Bizarrely Hilarious Artificial Intelligence Commercials

Artificial intelligence has come a long way. But one area that AI still clearly lags behind humans is in creativity. These Burger King ads, perhaps inspired by this viral tweet, weren’t actually created by AI. They were made by ad agency David Miami. But they’re still pretty damn funny. We get wonderful quotes such as “flame-grilled just like you”, “tastes like bird”, and “eat the math.” It makes me wonder what ads would turn out like if they really did come from AI.


Burger King Explains Net Neutrality With The Whopper

The end of net neutrality made major headlines last month, but it hasn’t really been discussed since. A lot of people don’t even know what net neutrality is. It’s probably because of the crazy current American news cycle, but it’s still an important issue. And now, Burger King of all companies has made a video showing the real-life implications with “Whopper Neutrality.” Want that Whopper quicker? Try paying $26. It’s a fascinating and unlikely ad, created by David Miami.

Burger King Visits Death Row In This Whopper Of An Ad From France

If you’re on death row and ask for a particular item to be in your last meal, it’s a weirdly powerful statement. You’re basically saying “I’m about to leave this world and want the happiness and comfort of this food I like before I go.” I always thought having a particular restaurant featured in a last meal would make for an intriguing advertisement. Of course, due to the seriousness of capital punishment, food brands have strayed away from this topic. But in this new spot from Buzzman Paris, we see a condemned prisoner about to chow down on his last meal: a Whopper and fries. There’s a twist though…it’s completely ridiculous, but nonetheless entertaining.

Burger King’s Whopperrito Is Here: What A Time To Be Alive!

Burger King’s Whopperrito is now available nationally. While there’s nothing particularly novel about a burger wrap (McDonald’s has had a Bic Mac wrap for years), this is more along the lines of the burger/burrito hybrid with Tex-Mex spices and Queso sauce complementing the standard Whopper ingredients. I bet someone from the Burger King marketing team got major props upon naming the Whopperrito.

Burger King’s Angriest Whopper Has A Bright Red, Hot Sauce Infused Bun

The Angriest Whopper from Burger King is apparently quite spicy, and the commercial emphasizes that by showing an erupting volcano and lava. But that red bun with hot sauce baked in…I’m thinking blood red poop will result. Remember last year’s Halloween Whopper? Just brilliant, BK. Here’s a review from GrubGrade.

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