Buffalo Wild Wings Has A March Madness Foodoo Doll

Buffalo Wild Wings is also all about March Madness. A group of Wisconsin fans is watching the game while eating, and a server presents them with a “foodoo” doll with vegetables and mozzarella sticks. They start eating it and surprise, surprise…the player they’re rooting against suffers a gruesome injury. We don’t know what it is, and it’s probably best that we don’t know. Grasie Mercedes plays the pony-tailed fan, while Jessica Joy is the blonde female fan. Elsewhere, when a table asks for #7 to be taken out of the game, that happens literally as a panicked Louisville #7 doesn’t know why he’s at Buffalo Wild Wings. Is this why they got upset by Michigan? In this one, Natalie Gold is the server, and Zora Bikangaga played the panicked Louisville player.

Bonus links: Here’s an interesting story about Zora Bikangaga. His story was also featured on an episode of This American Life.


This UConn Huskies Fan Loves Buffalo Wild Wings

I love the NCAA Tournament too, but staying at Buffalo Wild Wings for that long sounds a little excessive. I think I’d get constipated. Or possibly the other thing. The art school crowd seems to be outraged, though it’s true, art schools don’t generally have Division I sports. But yeah, she probably shouldn’t be abandoning her kids like that. The mom is played by Erica Piccininni. I’m personally a bigger fan of B-Dub’s other commercial with a Kentucky fan excitedly phoning his wife about his new friends. The line about not hanging out with the Wisconsin guy “because of last year” is a smart touch. In that one, the husband is Tom Larochelle, while the wife is played by Sigrid Owen.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Protect The Football!

Funny football commercials from Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s got a similar setup to their “More March” campaign. So remember that watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wings beats watching it with some wheatgrass whackos, your questionable home brewer friend, or a baby-toting couple. Protect the football!

Buffalo Wild Wings: You Can Never Have Too Much March!

The NCAA Tournament Field has been announced, so that means March is in full swing. Buffalo Wild Wings (AKA B-Dubs, B-W3) is a place that tends to be busy during any major sporting event. In an amusing new campaign, B-Dubs makes a compelling case for March being the best month of the year. During other months, you might be caught in an unfortunate anniversary situation, get an accidental and unwanted birthday dancer, or knock out a eye-patched veteran in his good eye. March is up there, but April is still my favorite.

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