Will You Buy The HP TouchPad With Glee?

In a strange personal quirk, I like Broadway shows, but I’m not a fan of the TV show Glee. After hearing for months about how great it was, I finally watched an episode. It wasn’t terrible, but I had no desire to watch it again. I’ve always found the success of shows focused on high school misfits to be a little baffling. If I really want to revisit being lame and awkward, I can just open up my old yearbooks.

In any case, Glee’s Lea Michele is in a new commercial for HP’s TouchPad.

Looks good. Sounds good. And the Broadway tie-in is the song. It’s called “Let Me Entertain You” and it’s from the musical Gypsy.

8/18 update: The HP TouchPad is no more.

What’s That Song? Part VI

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson, Song: “Be OK”

This is an incredibly cute commercial for Travelers Insurance. The dog thinks a cat burglar is going to break into his dog house! Aww. Ingrid Michaelson is a singer whose name I’ve heard, but I didn’t actually know who she was. I like this song. Very chipper.

Artist: The Tender Box, Song: “Mister Sister”

Yep, self-expression is pretty key as Sharpie shows. A nice tune too.

An Intervention By Google

Almost everyone I can think of has Gmail. But Hotmail and Yahoo Mail still have more users, so I must not know a representative population. My mom still has her original AOL email account, and according to Google, she needs an intervention.

Funny. On a semi-related note, Google+ has been around for a month now. And it seems like the buzz has died down. I wonder if it’ll come back when + is open to everyone. I think Google+ will be successful in it’s own way (a more tech-savvy Facebook) but it won’t come close to replacing Facebook.

Controversy Alert: Nike

Exercise is healthy. Exercise addiction is not healthy. So is Nike’s new “Addiction” ad simply provocative, or is it over the line? You be the judge.

Regardless of message, from an artistic standpoint this is one of the best commercials I’ve seen in a while.

Because Bears Like Montell Jordan And Pepsi, Apparently

Coca-Cola’s polar bears are classic. This…is not.

Weak, Pepsi. Very weak.

People Who Eat Snickers Taste Better To Sharks

Made me laugh.

And incidentally, shark attacks are increasing in the United States.

Controversy Alert: DirecTV

Everyone loved Gregor the Russian Guy (“opulence, I has it” was one of the best commercial catchphrases of 2010). One of DirecTV’s newer commercials was less popular. And now this. Cue the controversy.

Knowing how sensitive people are, I wouldn’t be surprised if this DirecTV spot has a short shelf life. “The Whale” is played by Vietnamese-American comedian Dat Phan. And the tune in the background is Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” (actually, it’s “He Got Game” by Public Enemy which samples Buffalo Springfield).

What’s That Song? Part V

Artist: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Song: “I Put A Spell On You”

The commercial isn’t that notable. I guess the Buick LaCrosse puts a spell on you. But I love this song. I remember hearing it in high school and thinking it sounded more raw than the average ’50s song. And it was.

Intel Makes Me Wanna See The Aurora Borealis

I’m sure the work of Intel’s Core i5 processor isn’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. But this commercial’s stunning visuals make me intrigued.

The great song in this ad is “Settler” by Balmorhea.

I Can’t Believe Fabio Is Old Spice’s New Pitchman

Fabio. One of those icons of the ’90s who we haven’t heard from in a while. I like to imagine he’s been trapped Principal Skinner style under boxes filled with Starter jackets, fanny packs, and parachute pants. But now, he’s in a series of new commercials for Old Spice. Utterly, utterly bizarre commercials.

I usually have an opinion about everything, but after watching all of these, I’m still not quite sure what to think. Vaguely funny, but largely just surreal. Fabio’s rambling sounds like the crackhead/meth head you’d see on the street corner. I’m sure it won’t hurt the Old Spice brand, but these ads seem to be on the jumping the shark border.

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