That TD Bank Commercial With “Rhythm Is A Dancer”

When this TD Bank ad came on, I immediately started bobbing my head. So it’s easy to see how the banker working after closing time would be dancing around and overall having a grand time. He’s got some great moves! And then he’s caught by a father and son who had an appointment to meet with him. They’re late, but it’s no problem. Anyone know who plays the banker? The song is Snap!’s catchy 1992 dance classic “Rhythm Is a Dancer.”


TGI Fridays Says To TGIF*IT

It’s January 18th, which means that if you made a New Year’s resolution, it’s probably long dead already.  Since you’re probably hungry from that week or so of eating healthy, TGI Fridays wants to reel you back in. Fridays tells you to “F Resolutions”, and enjoy their 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 desserts deal starting at $20. And you certainly won’t be getting anything healthy. TGIF*IT! Is this enough to bring back those wily millennials who are killing casual chains like TGI Fridays? Hopefully the food is better than that crappy TGIF*IT tagline.


Volkswagen: This Woman Talks About Moving In…While Moving Out

Volkswagen has been getting a lot of heat for its hooky commercial, and they’re not faring much better with this one. We see a young woman putting furniture and belongings into a Volkswagen Tiguan, while we hear her voiceover about moving in being a big step…a test and an adventure. We’re led to believe that she’s moving in with a significant other, but in a twist, she’s actually leaving her doofy boyfriend Jeff. Turns out that Jeff was too busy playing video games with a virtual reality headset to actually notice that she was leaving. And she makes a happy escape in that Volkswagen with her girlfriends. It’s not getting a lot of fans among people who think “male bashing” is too prevalent in advertising. I’ll update this post with actor/actress info if I can find it.


Snoop Dogg Becomes Smoooth Dogg In This Klarna Ad From Sweden

Swedish bank Klarna has previously received attention for a unique and hypnotic campaign which emphasized its tagline of “Smoooth payments.” Now Klarna is getting a bit flashier in another bizarrely hypnotic spot featuring Snoop Dogg. Only now, he’s Smoooth Dogg. The song playing throughout is “Pardon My G” by Fashawn and featuring Snoop Dogg.

Progressive Shows Jamie’s 40th, Including His Big House And Beautiful Wife

I’ll admit that Progressive’s long-running campaign with Flo (played by Stephanie Courtney) has become kind of a commercial blind spot for me. The campaign has just been around for so long and with so many ads that I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to them. But this one caught my eye. From what I gather of the Progressive saga, Jamie (Jim Cashman) is kind of the butt monkey of the agents. So when everyone comes to his place for his 40th birthday, surprises abound. Jamie’s house that he claims “is not much” is actually quite modern and spacious. Also, Jamie has a bunch of kids, an incredibly sexy wife (played by Xian Mikol), and a beautiful, operatic singing voice. Who knew?

Volkswagen: Fictional Uncle Edward Has Died Six Times This Year

It can be fun to play hooky from school/work/your responsibilities. But I’ve never made up a death in the family to play hooky. It just seems like tempting fate, because you never know when someone will actually die. That doesn’t stop the family in this Volkswagen Atlas spot though. Zach has to leave school because his poor Uncle Edward has just passed away for the sixth time this year. Of course, the family doesn’t even have an Uncle Edward, and they go to an amusement park. Is it what Uncle Edward would have wanted? What if he was a serious, straight-laced man?


Chantix’s Slow Turkey Commercial

“Cold turkey” is a weird phrase…have you ever wondered where it originates from? Here’s a possible answer. Anyway, in its new ad, Chantix introduces a leisurely turkey. Since it’s hard to quit smoking cold turkey, Chantix calls it “slow turkey.” And that slow turkey seems to be having a good time. He’s lounging in the pool, reading (History of Flight of course), mowing the lawn, and filling a bird feeder. And he’s slowly quitting smoking! Is Chantix tired of Ray Liotta? I wasn’t able to actually find this one on YouTube, so for now here’s a link.

slow turkey


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