Dollar Shave Club Thinks You Should Get Rid Of Your Disgusting Old Razors

Dollar Shave Club is a company that has really exploded since its founding in 2011. Their exponential growth can largely be traced to their great advertising. For some reason, I’ve never written about them on this blog. Dollar Shave Club’s Old Spice-esque introduction video starring their CEO Michael Dubin has garnered more than 20 million YouTube views, and was widely regarded as one of the best ads of 2012. Earlier this year, the Club had a campaign about the terrible experience of buying razors/blades at a store, both because of the cost and the fact that many stores lock up razor blades. I can attest to both experiences, especially the annoyance of getting someone to unlock the case. Took entirely too long. Of course, I’ve been on the other side as an underpaid and undercaring worker at a drugstore, but I digress. Dollar Shave Club’s newest ads are both gross and hilarious. See, since it’s such a pain to get new blades, many men use their dirty blades for way longer than intended. So now, we get to hear from Jacques the Filthy Razor (he’s French!) and Zeke the Dirtbag Razor. Love it.

This Commercial Sucks: Truth Tells Young People That Smoking Is A Trap

Cigarette smoking rates among young people in America have declined dramatically in recent years. This goes along with a larger trend showing that tobacco use for all Americans is at the lowest level ever recorded. That’s a good thing. Organizations like Truth have been on the frontline fighting youth smoking for years. I remember their provocative commercials being played endlessly when I was an adolescent. Back then, they went for a more “shock and awe” approach such as a spot piling body bags outside a tobacco company headquarters to represent daily smoking related deaths in the United States. It apparently was quite memorable since I’m recalling it about 15 years later.

However, Truth also has a reputation of being overly heavy-handed. I definitely remember rolling my eyes at many of their ads. They tended to portray tobacco companies as sociopathic organizations. The thing is, young people chose to smoke, and tobacco companies never forced it upon them (as famously lampooned on South Park.) In the last 20 years, tobacco advertising has become almost non-existent, a time period with coincides with the rapid decline in youth smoking. Has the lack of Joe Camel had an effect?

All of this is a lengthy buildup for me to say that the latest commercial from Truth is really terrible. It takes place at a college party when defensive social smokers are confronted with different Internet memes telling them “It’s A Trap!” The actual memes themselves are relatively old and hackneyed. Truth’s point is that social smoking is still smoking. But it’s pretty depressing that the ad seems to think that the best way to reach young people is with overused memes. This strikes me as the work of someone my age, desperately trying to reach “the youth.” But it just comes across as lame. This commercial sucks. Fail! Will Prevent You From Being Attacked By Disease-Ridden Monkeys

I guess that’s the moral of this commercial from Australia. Whatever, it’s pretty amusing. And now I’m reading about capuchin monkeys. I hope Kate doesn’t get tetanus or the mysterious “jungle madness.”

DirecTV’s “Petite Randy Moss” Is Funny, But Some Sell It Short

Being a short male (I’m 5’5″), I’ve learned to deal. There are obvious shortcomings (pun absolutely intended). Many women eschew shorter men and we make less on average than our taller brethren. But there’s no non-painful way to gain height, so it’s best to just accept yourself and have a sense of humor. Which leads me to DirecTV’s new NFL Sunday Ticket commercial featuring former (well, probably) great Randy Moss. It’s the same formula of the Rob Lowe campaign, except now it has Randy Moss, who has DirecTV, and petite Randy Moss, who has cable. It’s pretty funny. But more sensitive men, perhaps with Napoleon complexes, are outraged. One of the obvious jokes, for those in the know, is that Moss is one of the tallest wide receivers to play the game. So lighten up, guys. I mean, I too hate it when they put the “fruity munch” on the top shelf. It’ll be interesting to see if this commercial lasts, or gets pulled because of the easily offended.

A Tiny Dancer Impresses In This New John Lewis Ad

When you’re home and nobody’s watching (or you’re home alone), you dance. You just do. Tom Cruise did. In this UK commercial for John Lewis’ home insurance, a young girl enthusiastically practices ballet around the house. The only problem is that she’s so passionate about her dancing that she obliviously almost knocks over a ton of the family’s valuable stuff. The song of course is Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. Which contrary to popular belief contains no mention of Tony Danza. A very well acted and shot commercial.

ESPN’s College Football Playoff: Everyone’s Going After The Buckeyes

I’m an Ohio State fan, and it was great to see them win it all last year, especially since their run was somewhat out of nowhere. The Buckeyes look stacked again this year, but as this commercial narrated by Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer demonstrates, the other contenders are looking for a national championship. Here’s more info about the spot from Advertising Age.

Print With A Canon Pixma And Avoid Awkwardness And/Or Arrest

Being old school when it comes to technology can pay off at times. Though printing things out has somewhat gone out of fashion with the rise of smartphones/tablets, it’s still sometimes a good “better safe than sorry” plan. Canon’s new ads for its Pixma printers cleverly illustrate this point. The spots all start with the protagonist printing and saying “never again” and then recounting awkward situations that would have been avoided by printing. You’ve got the hapless dad who learns to print tickets after being arrested in front of his daughter following a scalping sting. There’s the priest who has to poorly improvise a eulogy after his tablet dies. And then the mom whose son and his friend might be traumatized after seeing intimate pictures. Very funny and on point with message. Well done.

Geico: A Kraken Disrupts This Golf Tournament

Golf on TV is a very serene (and arguably boring) experience. I find that it’s perfect in the background for a nice afternoon nap. This calmness forms the premise of the latest spot from Geico’s “It’s What You Do” campaign. While a golfer is setting up for a shot next to the water hazard, a Kraken emerges and grabs the hapless guy (and his caddie) with its giant tentacles. While the sea monster is writhing around with the men, the announcers continue talking in a droning whisper. Because if you’re a golf commentator, you whisper. It’s what you do. Another funny ad from The Martin Agency.

This Is SportsCenter: “MMMBop” Is An Interesting Entrance Song

If you had a personal entrance song, what would it be? It’s a question I’ve thought about before, and I’d have to say my song would be “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta”. The latest spot from the beloved and long-running “This Is SportsCenter” campaign deals with Major League Baseball walk-up music. It features Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig walking up to his own music during a meeting. Then we hear SportsCenter anchor Stan Verrett’s music: “MMMBop” by Hanson. Excellent.

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