Discovery Channel: Snuffy The Seal Is No Match For A Hungry Shark

Discovery Channel’s perennially popular Shark Week will start on August 4th. I don’t have cable, but I’m sure it will be sharktastic or something. This new Shark Week promo has been getting a lot of buzz lately. While I do feel bad for Snuffy the Seal, I found it to be an hilarious and effective ad. Some people even thought it was real because of the newscast format. Some people are really stupid.

Tuesday Throwback: Apple Jacks And “We Eat What We Like”

This Apple Jacks campaign was a staple of ’90s kids’ shows. And can’t you tell? So very ’90s. Watching this as a youngin, I probably wondered why my friends and I weren’t so diverse, with such cool hair and witty quips. Watching as an adult, I’m just kind of annoyed.

Cars.Com Captures James Van Der Beek’s Classic Varsity Blues Rant

I saw this last night during Game 7, and it made me laugh. I remember being in 7th grade when Varsity Blues came out and the commercials were on constantly. One of the most famous/infamous/memorable scenes was when James Van Der Beek’s character says “I don’t want your life” in a crappy West Texas accent. And here he’s back to add some drama to a scenario. I always like when people can be self-deprecating.

Tuesday Throwback: Levi’s And “Stand By Me”

This is one of the rare Tuesday Throwbacks where I never saw the original commercial when it aired, but it’s a great spot. It features Ben E. King’s 1961 classic “Stand by Me”, one of my favorite songs of all-time. The ad takes place in a 1950’s setting where a bar doorman is refusing many people entry for breaking the dress code. But a young greaser, played by Eddie Kidd, is let in since the sign says “No blue jeans” and he’s wearing new Levi’s 501 black jeans. A simple, evocative, and very cool story. Based on its use in this commercial and earlier in the excellent movie Stand by Methe song “Stand by Me” re-entered the charts at #9 in the US, and #1 in the UK.

The Kia Cadenza Shines At A Reunion

Class reunions seem inherently awkward. Kia is a rapidly improving car company which in the past hasn’t received much respect. So it seems appropriate that the Kia Cadenza would be introduced with the line “Remember that girl you didn’t notice in high school? We’re a lot like that.” The commercial has sexy shots of the New York City skyline that are accompanied by a sexy woman (Theresa Moore) driving the car. Class of 1993? Wow, she’s looking amazing…especially for a 38 year old. The song playing in the spot is the InFiction remix to “Let’s Dance”, by David Bowie. I don’t know if the luxury message will truly resonate, but as the ad says…it’s impossible to ignore.

Cesar Has A Tearjerking Dog Food Ad From The UK

A hat tip to Copyranter here. And yes, I realize that it’s now two posts in a row starring small dogs. But this is just too good not to put on here. This ad for Cesar, created by AMV BBDO is so touching. It’s generally accepted that a pet knows when its owner is in physical or emotional pain, and can go a great job of calming those feelings. And that’s just what happens in this spot. In a beautiful European town (looks like Italy), an elderly man and his dog go about their daily routine. Only this routine includes something that is emotionally draining. But the old man and his trusty canine friend are partners in everything. This is love. It just got real dusty in here.


Tuesday Throwback: Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Because I saw a chihuahua as I was walking through my neighborhood tonight. This was a cute campaign debuting in 1997 that became annoying as people kept using “yo quiero Taco Bell” as a catchphrase. Gidget, the Taco Bell chihuahua died in 2009 at 15 years of age.

This Cheerios Commercial Featuring A Multiracial Family

It’s 2013. This shouldn’t be a big deal. But apparently, it is to some people. The Internet can be a very dark place sometimes. Besides, it’s a cute ad. For those wondering, the mother is played by Whitney Avalon.

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