Budweiser: Don’t Drive Drunk. Love, Your Dog

There are many reasons not to drive drunk. But Budweiser presents an original and adorable reason not to do it. This one has been lighting up the Internet, with almost 9 million views in three days. And for good reason. The doggy and message are so cute.

Gatorade Shows Derek Jeter Saying Goodbye To The Bronx

It’s the end of the baseball season, and with the New York Yankees soon to be mathematically eliminated, Derek Jeter will play his last games. This isn’t a surprise; Jeter announced in February that this would be his last season. All year, Major League Baseball, the Yankees, and opposing teams have honored Jeter in various ways. At times, the lovefest has seemed interminable, and cynics could make the point that the Yankees used Jeter as a marketing chip for a mediocre team. But Derek Jeter has been an iconic baseball player (probably the face of baseball) for nearly two decades, and you can’t argue with the impact he’s had on the game. In this fantastic Gatorade commercial, Derek Jeter takes a stroll thought the Bronx around Yankee Stadium, interacting with fans. It was shot in July before a home game, with a few blocks around the stadium being roped off. Jeter suggested the spot’s premise and musical backing of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, which makes it even better.

This Old Spice Using Robot Relaxes In A Hot Tub

It’s quite goofy, as is Old Spice’s trademark. Briefcase tacos! As for the attractive women, the one in the hat is Denise Schaefer, while the one in the ski goggles is Nikki Howard. I’m not sure who the third woman is. But I am sure of one thing…they are all very lucky not to get electrocuted.

KFC: Why Not Get Married On Your Lunch Break?

So if you went out on your lunch and sat down next to a woman who was eating the same KFC meal and reading the same book as you, you’d be intrigued, right? In this KFC ad from the UK, created by BBH London, a young couple meets and gets to know each other, culminating in a whirlwind wedding. And all before lunch is over, which fits the premise of “do more with your lunch.” The song is “Where I Fell In Love” by The Capris.

Tuesday Throwback: Nike Says Chicks Dig The Long Ball

16 years ago yesterday, Mark McGwire hit has 62nd home run of the season, breaking Roger Maris’ long-standing single season record. 1998 is often hailed as banner year in baseball, because of the homer record chase. For the season, McGwire finished with 70, while Sammy Sosa had 66. It was an era where home run totals exploded in general, and Barry Bonds would end up breaking McGwire’s record by hitting 73 just three years later. Of course, we now view these years through a different lens, as many of the era’s greatest sluggers have either admitted (McGwire) or are almost certainly known to have used steroids (Sosa and Bonds, among others). So that makes this 1998 Nike spot an interesting period piece. In it, Atlanta Braves pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, both 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees, jealously view Mark McGwire blasting batting practice dingers. He’s getting all the attention, including from the admiring Heather Locklear (yeah, it was 1998 alright). Then they comically practice their hitting and work on their physiques. By the end, they’re blasting the ball, and Locklear takes notice. Maddux says the iconic line: “chicks dig the long ball”, which was concocted by Maddux and Glavine themselves.

Ludacris Is In This Acura Ad For Some Reason

Ludacris isn’t really who you’d expect to be in an Acura commercial. But he is in this one, apparently wearing a cat head. The spot makes a little more sense if you know that Luda actually drives around in his 1993 Acura Legend, but it’s still pretty weird.

Matthew McConaughey Drives A Lincoln Because He Likes It

Lincoln has debuted a splashy new campaign for the MKC starring Matthew McConaughy. One spot in particular is quite impressive and simple. McConaughy states that he drove a Lincoln long before they paid him, just because he liked it. “I just liked it” is a great tagline. Two of the other ads, one featuring a big bull in the middle of the road, and one with a long monologue don’t work as well for me. These seem to be a little too rambling and faux-philosophic…reminiscent of Brad Pitt’s Chanel commercials. They were shot in McConaughy’s native Texas, and apparently conjure up his True Detective character Rust Cohle (I’ll admit that I’ve never seen True Detective). Lincoln plans to push the campaign hard during football games.

Ickey Woods Shuffles For Geico

As a Cincinnati Bengals fan (I know, I think THIS is the year they’ll win a playoff game), I feel obligated to write about this hilarious Geico ad. Ickey Woods was a running back who had a breakout rookie season in 1988, helping the Bengals to a Super Bowl appearance. Injuries prevented him from being a productive player after that though, and he was out of football by age 26. Ickey’s most lasting legacy is his signature touchdown dance, the Ickey Shuffle. And here, he celebrates getting some cold cuts with the Shuffle. Love it.

State Farm: Hans And Franz Do Their Best To Pump Up Aaron Rodgers

Hans and Franz were classic Saturday Night Live characters portrayed by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. Although I was a little too young to remember the sketch when it was actually on, it was so popular that it stayed in the collective consciousness for a long, long time. Now State Farm is has a commercial featuring Hans and Franz pumping up the ever-unexcited Aaron Rodgers. I think this one is a lot funnier than last year’s SNL throwback, featuring the Superfans. State Farm has really gotten a lot of mileage out of Aaron Rodgers and the catchy Discount Double Check.

Cats Go Crazy For Temptations Tumblers

This one is a lot of fun to watch. The fact that Temptations Tumblers are in ball form and you might throw them to your cat makes the whole sports vibe of the spot feel natural. Great visuals too.

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