The Damn Burger King Commercial That’s Got One Million Moms In A Tizzy

One Million Moms, a prude conservative group of fun vampires, is currently mad at Burger King for one of their commercials. Why are they mad? Well, the commercial uses “the d-word.” This ad for Burger King’s Impossible Whopper was released back in August, but One Million Moms perhaps have a backlog of outrage and are just now clutching their pearls about it. Damn…ain’t that some shit.

Burger King Sweden Wants You To Take The 50-50 Challenge

Are you an adventurous soul who likes flipping coins? If so, Burger King Sweden’s 50-50 Menu might be right up your alley. These days with products like Impossible and Beyond burgers, plant-based patties are increasingly tasting meat-like. So on the 50-50 Menu, you can order a Whopper or chicken sandwich without knowing if it’s meat or plant. You can then use the Burger King app to guess and see if you were right. The Swedish ad contains the memorable opening lines “This is such a mindfuck.” Later on this year, there are another round of ads planned detailing how people did with their guesses. It’s quite interesting work from Stockholm agency Ingo.

Burger King Brings Its Chicken Parm Sandwich To Little Italy

I chuckled at the guy saying “this is the mecca of Italian food in New York City.” Because it isn’t anymore…Manhattan’s Little Italy is a shadow of what it once was. The real Little Italy in NYC is Bronx’s Arthur Avenue. I do like a good chicken parm sandwich though. This Burger King spot is getting a lot of hate and negative comments on YouTube, with most of them implicating Burger King with inciting violence in the UK. I was quite confused by this, and found the explanation. People complaining about milkshakes…sounds pretty petty to me. And isn’t it ironic that the people who call others snowflakes are the ones that always seem to be offended by everything? But I digress…


Burger King Wants You To “Feel Your Way”

May is Mental Health Month, and Burger King has created this video to show that it’s OK to not be happy all the time. In a morose song, Burger King depicts various people who are going through some stuff. There’s a teenager who’s being bullied at school, a woman who just rage quit her job, and the millennial who’s burdened by his student loan and worried that he might never leave home. There’s a guy who got ghosted, and the young mother who’s being judged by everyone. Some of these are presented seriously, while others are a bit more tongue-in-cheek. The song is a bit bizarre, but also catchy and effective. All of this is in promotion of Burger King’s “Real Meals” (an obvious potshot at Happy Meals), where you can pick the Blue Meal, the Yaaas Meal, Pissed Meal, Salty Meal, and the DGAF Meal. Will people actually order these? Who knows? But it’s certainly an interesting ad for a worthwhile cause. Here’s more about the video, which was created by MullenLowe.


Burger King Is The KFG (King Of Flame-Grilling)

Well, well, well. Burger King is making quite the advertising push of late. Here, the King dresses up like Colonel Sanders to promote Burger King’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich. “The King always outranks the Colonel” is quite the commercial zinger (pun sort of intended).

Burger King And “All By Myself”

Burger King’s Warhol ad was one of the most polarizing Super Bowl commercials in recent memory. It became known as “advertising for advertising people”…somehow being named #2 on Adweek’s best list, while also finishing dead last in USA Today’s Ad Meter. But now Burger King has a new spot that seems destined to be more well-liked by everyone. Eric Carmen’s overwrought “All By Myself” plays as the King dejectedly sulks along. He see-saws alone (is there anything sadder?). A dog won’t even play fetch with him. Riding a tandem bike solo predictably leads to a fall. The King finally rides a bus all by himself to a Burger King. There he gets a $6 King Box and reunites with his old friend Subservient Chicken. Nice to see those two back together again.

Burger King’s Bizarrely Hilarious Artificial Intelligence Commercials

Artificial intelligence has come a long way. But one area that AI still clearly lags behind humans is in creativity. These Burger King ads, perhaps inspired by this viral tweet, weren’t actually created by AI. They were made by ad agency David Miami. But they’re still pretty damn funny. We get wonderful quotes such as “flame-grilled just like you”, “tastes like bird”, and “eat the math.” It makes me wonder what ads would turn out like if they really did come from AI.


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