I Don’t Know How I Feel About United Airlines, But Rhapsody In Blue Is Awesome

Rhapsody in Blue is one of my favorite pieces of music ever created. United Airlines has used it in their advertisements since the mid-1980s. And here’s a few new Olympics-themed spots from United Airlines.

Old Spice: I Will Live Forever

It’s finally time for the London Olympics. As Adweek notes, most Olympic commercials tend to be serious, like “Best Job”, a great ad which I never wrote about for some reason. But serious isn’t in Old Spice’s brand identity. I feel like it’s harder to do great work that’s humorous, but Old Spice really excels in this aspect. Those are some manly premium table crackers!

Oxy’s Australian Commercial Featuring Horrifically Popping Pimples

Adolescence can be a tough time…what with all the hormones and body changes and the like. Then, there’s acne. Oxy Face Wash brings some humor to the pimple situation with this Australian ad. Thanks go to AdFreak for bringing it to my attention. Yeah, it’s disgusting, but I also find it kinda awesome and impressive. All that pus…

Left Twix Vs. Right Twix…Who Ya Got?

I love Twix. To me, it’s the best candy bar on the market. But apparently Left Twix and Right Twix don’t get along. I’m going to go with Left Twix because I’m left-handed. It’s a pretty amusing commercial from BBDO New York…I like the Victorian clothing/scenery and the political implications are witty, though I think the voiceover could be beefier. Here’s both the long and short versions.

Visa: One Hundredth Of A Second Made The Difference For Michael Phelps

Are you excited for the Olympics? Maybe? I like the Olympics, though I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fanatic. But commercials like this one for Visa make it hard not to get at least a little pumped. One hundredth of a second…that was the difference. And who doesn’t love Morgan Freeman?

The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie And The Baconator

This seems like something of a fantasy for many of my blog’s readers. The already extremely popular Morgan Smith Goodwin is back in a new Wendy’s commercial for the Baconator, the burger that doesn’t waste time on un-manly filler like vegetables. Ohh, and now the Son of Baconator for smaller appetites! Nice!

Axe Says Fear No Susan Glenn

I remember when Axe first came out. I was a senior in high school and they had wildly over-the-top commercials. We weren’t idiots…we realized these were exaggerated ads. But maybe there was something to them. Axe certainly wouldn’t make all woman instantly mount us like animals, but maybe it would make us smell good. Pretty soon, everyone at school was using Axe and it became wildly popular with teenagers nationwide. Looking back, the early Axe commercials haven’t aged too well, but it’s easy to see the appeal to the young male demographic. They were the ultimate in wish-fulfillment advertising for horny teenage boys.

As I got older, I switched to more “grown-up” deodorant, stopped watching MTV, and consequently didn’t see or hear about Axe as much. But this new Axe commercial from BBH New York is just…exquisite. I can’t think of a better word to describe it. It starts with a voiceover from an adult man. It’s wistful, but with a noticeable twinge of regret. He’s remembering Susan Glenn (played by Jessica Cook). Susan Glenn is different, you see. She’s not just a girl…she’s THE girl. As wonderfully artistic shots flow, we hear more about Susan Glenn. And then we see who’s speaking, it’s Kiefer Sutherland (or is it Jack Bauer?) Susan Glenn was the one that got away. It seems like we all have at least one that got away. Would Axe have gotten her? Maybe, maybe not. But the commercial is more about attitude…about how boldness can help you get the things and people you want. You don’t want to look back with regret. Awesome. Fear no Susan Glenn!

7/31 update: There’s also an official Fear No Susan Glenn website.

State Farm: Kerry Wood Finds Andre Dawson In The Ivy

State Farm’s “State Of” campaign continues. It’s still a solid campaign…though it’s gotten a little old as commercial after commercial have been made. Here’s a new spot that premiered during the MLB All-Star Game. It involves recently retired Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood combing through Wrigley Field’s famous ivy and finding some interesting objects. And then he digs out…Andre Dawson! Because “Finding Andre. Good. Finding Discounts. Better.” A funny spot, and one that I’m sure was a big hit in Chicago.

That Head & Shoulders Commercial With Joe Mauer And A Hot Female Fan

I’ve seen this Head & Shoulders commercial starring Minnesota Twins catcher/designated hitter/first baseman Joe Mauer many times over the last few months. And I always wondered the identity of the pretty fan that Joe talked to while waiting for a presumably very high pop-up. Well, now I know.  It’s Tracy Weiler. Mystery solved!

Sleepy’s In My Life

This is the first post I’ve put up since July 3rd. When I think about it, that’s probably the longest gap I’ve had between posts. Don’t worry, I’m still here…just took a little vacation. Here’s a nice commercial for Sleepy’s that I saw recently. It’s not a new ad (been out since December), but still it’s regional, it’s new to me. I’ll include both the 60 and 30 second versions.

Very sweet. The song is a cover of The Beatles “In My Life” performed by Andrew Stein. That’s one of those songs where anyone who doesn’t have any kind of emotional reaction to it is most likely a robot.

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