Subaru’s 200,000 Miles Of Nostalgia

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I wanted to be sure to get one off today. Because this will be the last February 29th until at least 2016 that I’ll write a blog post. Anyway, this idea came from my brother. “I think it’s a Subaru Impreza commercial and this guy’s car is reaching 200,000 miles and he’s looking back on the stuff that happened in that time.”

Very nice. I really like advertisements that tell a story and get to the point that life often happens in random events. If that accident never would have happened, the guy probably wouldn’t have met his wife. I wonder how often marriages result from car crashes…it’s gotta happen sometimes, right? It’s sentimental, but well-done and hits a soft spot for me and probably a lot of viewers.

Kate Upton Sexily Eats A Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Burger

Kate Upton is everywhere these days. She’s on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and was profiled in the New York Times. I wrote a post about a SoBe commercial featuring her last July, and it’s still getting regular views. Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s often features sexy women in their advertising. At various times, they’ve had commercials starring Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi, and Kim Kardashian. So it only seemed a matter of time until Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s would add Kate Upton to their arsenal. Here’s the highly awaited ad for the Southwest Patty Melt, which was previewed a few weeks ago.

So yeah, in the words of Paris Hilton: “That’s hot.” Aside from having Kate Upton, I do like the ’50s aesthetic of the spot. Of course, this type of ad would never be allowed in the ’50s. But man, Kate Upton. She could do a commercial about the joys of kicking puppies or having abortions, and nobody would care.

Bonus: The video that made Kate Upton famous…her Dougie. And her commercial for MLB 2K12.

The Miracle Whip Witch Hunt

As a white person, I have a passion for mayonnaise. A sandwich just isn’t right without a generous coating of the creamy white stuff. I’ve recently switched over to light mayo…it tastes the same but it’s much lower in fat and calories. Clearly, choosing condiments for my sandwich is a pretty pivotal part of my day.

I’ve got love for Miracle Whip too. It’s a different taste for sure…sweeter and tangier, but it’s good. I still think I give the nod to mayo, but Miracle Whip can be a nice change. But Miracle Whip might have an image problem. Apparently, there are people who say they hate Miracle Whip without even trying it. How closed-minded! These perceptions are addressed in a bold new campaign created by mcgarrybowen. The first commercial compares hating Miracle Whip without trying it to be like a witch hunt. The second spot alludes to Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, which seemingly everyone except me had to read in high school English class.

They’re definitely bold and memorable commercials, which are also stylish and well-directed. But ehh…I find them to be pretentious and a tad stupid. Are people THAT serious about Miracle Whip? As much as they’d love to push the Miracle Whip/witch hunt connection, I think some long-dead people around Salem might disagree. I’m interested to see how feedback is for these commercials, because they’re probably love it or hate it. Much like Miracle Whip itself.

IHOP’s 7 For $7

IHOP. Along with Denny’s, White Castle, Steak ‘n Shake, and Waffle House, it’s a classic 24-hour restaurant that especially caters to the intoxicated. Come to think of it, there’s only a few times I can remember that I’ve gone to IHOP completely sober. This is not a terribly interesting commercial. It’s more of an “informative” type to tell viewers about IHOP’s 7 new meals for under $7. I love meat, but that Bacon-Wrapped Sirloin Steak & Eggs looks nasty…well, the steak at least. But it’s a real sign that I’ve been blogging for a while when the same people are popping up in numerous commercials. Who’s that girl? It’s Allyn Rachel. She’s also been featured as an acutely unaware Facebook user in a Toyota Venza commercial, and a newlywed frustrated by her husband’s McRib addiction.

Does Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Make You Hot?

Methinks the copywriters of this Liquid-Plumr Double Impact spot were men. Here’s the “innuendo stuffed” commercial, created by DDB San Francisco.

Wow. Ballsy. A commercial that’s simply slathered with saucy sexual suggestiveness. It reminds me of a recent Crystal Light commercial, except that Liquid-Plumr’s is one big innuendo. Even after the fantasy, there’s meat and melons…very unsubtle imagery. I think it’s a smart move for brands that are “there” (fairly well-known but not highly discussed) like Liquid-Plumr or Crystal Light to have such splashy spots. We’re talking about them now, right? I’m just waiting for Drain-O’s “oh ohh ohhh” response.

Yoplait Has A Lot Of Flavors

It’s a cute Yoplait commercial with a girl taking her mother’s “one of each” advice literally. But I’m posting this on here for a different reason. I was thinking about a spec ad with almost the exact same idea (albeit with college-aged males and Doritos). But I didn’t write it down. So that’s motivation to get more of my own writings on the blog…look for those soon.

AT&T/Pantech Get D-O-R-K-Y With This C-O-M-M-E-R-C-I-A-L

I don’t have kids, so I wouldn’t know…but is parenthood this dorky? Because this is just hard to watch.

This Ridiculously Amazing And Awesome Advertisement For Australia’s Central Institute of Technology

Henry & Aaron create something for Australia’s Central Institute of Technology that you won’t forget. If you’re a fan of the Old Spice commercials starring Terry Crews, you’ll love this.

Powerade: Hanley Ramirez Slams His Critics

It’s almost time for baseball to start again. Miami Marlins infielder Hanley Ramirez is considered one of the best all-around players in the game, but he had a terrible season last year. So in this Spanish language commercial for Powerade (originally seen on Deadspin), Hanley responds to his critics.

What’s That Song? Part XX

Artist: Elvis Presley, Song: “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

An artistically pretty commercial for Axe paired with a classic Elvis song. Although I think I actually like the UB40 version better. And I guess anarchy would result if people dropped everything the instant they saw someone they were attracted to.

Artist: Rusted Root, Song: “Send Me On My Way”

Enterprise has been using “Send Me On My Way” in its campaigns for the last year. That song makes a lot of sense for a rental car company. It’s a tune that most people know, but a lot don’t know what it’s called and even fewer are aware of the artist. A deeply evocative song, it conjures up images of carefree childhood imaginations and adventures…and it’s probably most famous for its use in the movie Matilda.

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