Tuesday Throwback: Bacardi’s Mojitos With Matt & Kim

Today, I debut a new feature called Tuesday Throwback. I’ll be looking at a notable commercial that’s no longer airing. It doesn’t have to be particularly old, just one that isn’t running anymore. Tuesday doesn’t really have anything going for it, so here’s something.

Love, love, love this Bacardi mojito ad from Spring 2009. Puts a huge smile on my face. It’s a better version of a Bacardi commercial that played endlessly this year, which I liked, but got old quickly. The idea of going to a party and having each room represent a different era is pretty killer. Great style and dancing too. The awesome, energetic song playing is “Daylight” by Matt & Kim. And something you may or may not know about alcohol commercials is that they are not allowed to actually show people drinking. Take note of that the next time you watch alchy advertising.

Lexus December To Remember: Let’s Go To The Shematomas Show!

This commercial came on during football yesterday, and it started a conversation with my friends about whether the Shematomas were a real band. And indeed they are, straight outta the mean streets of Calgary. I wonder how they got such prominent placement in a Lexus commercial. Anyway, this ad isn’t quite as schlocky as some of the December to Remember spots of the past, but it’s still pretty lame. Are we really to believe that these people are going to take their Lexus to see an indie/punk band? The song used in the spot is “Family and Friends” by Steve Kujala, which is the official Lexus December to Remember theme.

Windows 8 Wants You To Express Yourself

Windows 8 recently came out, and they’ve been advertising the hell out of it. A lot of the ads are pretty unmemorable, but this one has stuck out for me. It’s cute, with the creative little girl, but what really stands out is the song. That song is “Express Yourself” by Labrinth, which samples the original by Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. Another notable sample: N.W.A’s “Express Yourself.”

Support Small Business Saturday 2012!

It might surprise some people considering how commercial/corporate this blog is, but I definitely support small businesses. Small Business Saturday, created by American Express, is coming back for a 3rd year. It’s on Saturday, November 24th, the day after Black Friday. So check it out, and buy something! Support the local economy!

Audi Still Might Have The WASPiest Ad Ever

The holiday season is rapidly approaching (or has already arrived…does it start right after Halloween now?) That means we’ll be seeing many of the same holiday-themed commercials again. Some are certifiable classics, like the Hershey’s Kisses Christmas commercial, or Campbell’s snowman/little boy ad. Others are just around because it’s presumably cheaper than making a new one. This Audi commercial which premiered last year falls into the latter category.

It’s not that bad, but just so WASPy. Is it the WASPiest ad ever? I wrote about it last year and this is what I had to say: “So we got a beautiful home in the snowy suburbs. Christmas decorations. A son named Trevor with an Audi. Well-dressed parents and the mother is wearing pearls. Might just be.”

Sears’ Smashing Romantic Comedy Parody

Created by mcgarrybowen Chicago, this very clever and funny Sears spot is a follow-up to the summer’s equally hilarious and unexpected beach commercial. This time around, Sears does a spot-on parody of a romantic comedy (“Connecting Flights”), which as we know are ever so popular during the holiday season. And look, they’re cute and quirky bloggers! Adorable! Will people running headfirst into a huge refrigerator ever not be funny? The answer to that question, of course, is no.

Subway: Todd Gave His Sub To Sally And Samantha Is Pissed

This Subway commercial came out a year ago and I wrote about it then, but I noticed it getting views today. Apparently it’s playing again. It’s still equally endearing and annoying. Samantha is played by Melinda Sward, Sally is played by Jocelin Donahue, and if anyone knows the Todd actor, let me know. Subway also made a love advice video with Todd. And for good measure, here’s the original Samantha and Todd commercial. Perhaps there’ll be another on the way.

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