That Discover Commercial With “Just Can’t Get Enough”

I wish cash would rain down on me when I rode the subway. That’s what happens in this Discover ad as a demonstration of its Cashback Match offer. The song of course is Depeche Mode’s incredibly catchy classic “Just Can’t Get Enough”…or at least a female singer’s rendition of it.

Subway Says “Ciabatta Believe It”

Subway introduces their new Ciabatta Sandwiches with a pair of dumb commercials. In one, a man drops on a knee and asks “will you have lunch with me?” to a woman. That’s right…he proposed with a Subway Ciabatta Sandwich. Yeah. The other is a spoof of a gender reveal party, where it’s revealed to be a Ciabatta Sandwich. Yeah. Let’s hope Subway’s Ciabatta Sandwiches are better than their commercials for them.

This Cool Couple Marks Milestones With Subway’s $3.50 Subs Of The Day

Their first date was set up for Black Forest Ham Day. They got married in June, on Tuna Day. And their daughter (appropriately named Terri) was born on Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Day. It’s a modern love story, united by cheap subs from Subway. Sigh. Drew Tarver plays the man…anyone know who the woman is?

Ashley Madison Goes For A Classier Image In Its New Ads

When thinking about companies in need of an image overhaul, Ashley Madison ranks highly. Ashley Madison’s role as a website encouraging extramarital affairs will always put it in a controversial spot, and last year’s data breach battered its image even more. So the cheeky “Life is short. Have an affair.” tagline is gone, in favor of the seemingly classier “Find your moment.” Three new ads spotlight different situations: a single man and a woman who have an instant attraction on the subway, a couple seeking to spice up their love life, and a woman in an unhappy marriage who meets an attractive man at a hotel (the only one which implies infidelity). From an advertising standpoint, they’re actually pretty well done, with nice backing music sung by Tom Rosenthal. But Ashley Madison’s problem is getting the general public to get behind them. Many people judge advertising campaigns on the client represented, rather than its artistic merits. On YouTube, all of the spots have negative reactions, with the unhappy marriage/hotel one garnering a particularly abysmal like/dislike rate.


Subway Says It Was Fresh Before It Was Fresh To Be Fresh

Subway restaurants. As one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains, they’re everywhere. And for a lot of people, they’re simply “there.” I can’t think of anyone who really loves Subway. And I also can’t think of anyone who absolutely refuses to go there. It’s about as bland and inoffensive as it gets. The kind of place you might go because it seems like the least bad option in a given area. I live in New York City, and Subway feels irrelevant with great sandwich places everywhere. Probably the most interesting thing about Subway to me is that they all smell exactly the same, and I can tell the aroma from like a block away, before I even see the Subway.

Subway commentary aside, it’s been a rough year for the chain. As you probably know, the biggest crisis for the chain was that longtime pitchman Jared went from being their somewhat creepy, generic mascot to being a gross, child-diddling monster. So it’s understandable that Subway would want to get a…fresh start on its image. The catchy $5 Footlong jingle is a thing of the past (although that’s largely because $5 Footlongs don’t really exist anymore). No more athlete celebrity endorsements either (though with Ryan Howard and Robert Griffin III still being featured, that’s probably a good thing). Nope, it’s a new angle in this campaign from Subway’s new agency BBDO.

The opening spot “Founders” tells the story of Subway’s 1965 opening by creators Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. The recently deceased DeLuca is played by his son, Jonathan, which is a nice touch. It positions Subway as a revelation in an age of TV dinners and fast food. Sandwich shops were a thing of course, but a chain sandwich shops weren’t big yet. The carhop crashing into the window and dropping the food made me chuckle a little bit. Overall, the spot is fine, though the ending “fresh” line is pretty cringeworthy. But much like Subway itself, I find it to be pretty bland and inoffensive. A companion spot, featuring an Subway accountant being reprimanded by HR for eating all the turkey for the Rhode Island market is pretty funny.

Subway: Todd Gave His Sub To Sally And Samantha Is Pissed

This Subway commercial came out a year ago and I wrote about it then, but I noticed it getting views today. Apparently it’s playing again. It’s still equally endearing and annoying. Samantha is played by Melinda Sward, Sally is played by Jocelin Donahue, and if anyone knows the Todd actor, let me know. Subway also made a love advice video with Todd. And for good measure, here’s the original Samantha and Todd commercial. Perhaps there’ll be another on the way.

Subway’s BOGO Causes Accidents

I’ve been doing a lot of fast food posts recently. Anyway, Subway has a deal all April where you can buy a 6 inch sub and get one free, before 9 AM. BEFORE 9 AM! I wonder how many angry people are still gonna want their free subs after 9 AM. People are stupid. It’s also funny seeing people fall off their rollerblades/bikes and crashing their cars because of this shocking deal. But just remember: it’s only good before 9 AM.

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