Captain Obvious Is Social Distancing

Captain Obvious would normally be urging you to go out, travel, and book a hotel on, but times are different now. He’s going to be social distancing for a while, and you should too. says to just stay home.

This Commercial Sucks: Nissan Sentra And Brie Larson Tell This Woman Not To Compromise

It’s never a good sign when a video on YouTube has comments turned off. And as of now, this Nissan Sentra commercial has 4.7 thousand likes and 33 thousand dislikes. Oof. Anyway, the woman in this ad (played by Alyssa Limperis) is getting a performance review over tacos. Her nerdy, white male boss says that they’re holding on a promotion this quarter. Just then, Brie Larson dramatically rolls up in an orange Sentra and tells her to drop the taco and get in the car. Brie starts giving her a pep talk of sorts, asking if this Sentra feels like a compromise. Clearly it’s not a compromise since this is a Nissan Sentra ad of course, and she shows off some of the car’s features. In conclusion, if the Nissan Sentra isn’t going to compromise, why should she? Sure…that’s a great comparison. Eye roll. She then comes back to her boss, newly empowered and ready NOT to compromise. #Feminism, right?


Geico Says To Give Your Fitness Tracker To Your Dog

The woman in this new Geico commercial says the claims process is so easy that she can do it all from the Geico app. In fact, it’s giving your dog your fitness tracker easy. And there he goes with her fitness tracker on his tail! 40,000 steps…all while just sitting on a park bench. Passerby people who are actually exercising don’t seem so impressed though.






Liberty Mutual: Seagulls Swarm This Man And Swipe His Sandwich And Chips

There’s two different versions of this new Liberty Mutual spot. In the first, the guy breaks the fourth wall while eating a sandwich on a bench overlooking the Statue of Liberty, the typical setting for many of Liberty Mutual’s ads. He asks if he’s in a Liberty Mutual ad (an insurance advertising trend, perhaps). Indeed he is. So what happens in this one? Seagulls. First one seagull, which he likes…then a swarm, which he likes much less. In the second, shorter version, he’s talking to the camera when one seagull swoops in and swipes his sandwich, and then another steals his chips. It goes from a great day, to an OK day, to a messed-up day. Aw nuts. Anyone know who plays the guy?

This Selfie Taking Mom Uses Nature Made Gummy Vitamins

This mom and young son look all dressed up for a selfie, but are wearing pajama bottoms and sweats underneath it all. She’s also got mismatched socks. They don’t need to know the truth, but with this USP seal, she knows the whole truth about what’s in her Nature Made gummies. Her little boy is running roughshod all over the living room with TP, but she doesn’t even seem to notice. Only 22 likes? Ugh! The mom in this Nature Made commercial is quite a hottie…anyone know who she is?


Those Volvo Commercials With A “Lean On” Cover

The first of these Volvo commercials debuted back in October, but I never wrote about it. The original has some nice driving scenery, prominently featuring planes and windmills. The newer version focuses more on the faces of the Volvo’s young passengers. Both use an acoustic, hipster-y cover of Major Lazer’s 2015 EDM megahit “Lean On.” The lyric “fire a gun” is conspicuously changed to “into the sun” to make it more appropriate. And that cover is performed by Squeak E Clean Studios and Kit Conway of the band Stello.

Progressive’s Mara Is Quite Unappealing To Men At The Karaoke Bar

Most of the ads from the Progressive saga focus on Flo or Jamie, but this time Mara (played by Natalie Palamides) gets her 30 seconds in the spotlight. We’re at a karaoke bar where Jamie is performing in the background, and Flo is sitting at a table with Mara. Male suitors excitedly try to talk to Mara, but then when she tells them about her back rash, her annoying laugh, or her obsession with saving by bundling with Progressive, they all back away. As the title of the ad states, she’s “Off the Mara-ket.”


That Popeyes Commercial With The Singing Guy

I love Popeyes. It’s arguably the best fast food place out there. It’s amazing, and even more so when you get free tenders like Popeyes is promoting on its delivery app. It’s so good that it might make you break into song like @ScribeMusic did here. I haven’t actually been able to find the commercial on YouTube, so I’ve posted the original video of Scribe Music coming home with Popeyes, which was from late August 2018. He’s got a great voice. And a little context…he was so excited because it was the first Popeyes in Winnipeg.


Geico: This Woman Gives The Perfect High Five

And I’m back! Geico’s new ad featuring the perfect high five might have been released at an inopportune time, considering current events. I wonder if Geico will be like Hershey’s, and shelf this one. But in the meantime, saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance with Geico feels like giving a co-worker the perfect high five. It’s so perfect that the boss even wants one too. The best high fives seem to come naturally…if you try too hard to make it good, someone will inevitably miss or get poked in the eye or something. Nereyda M. is cute and has a nice accent…anyone know who plays her in the dramatization?

Kinder Bueno Has This Woman Floating

In the retail world, eating something before paying for it is frowned upon at the very least, and considered theft at the worst. I hope she paid for that delicious looking Kinder Bueno bar after she stopped floating. That voiceover is interesting…especially the drawn-out “woooooowwww.” and the super-sexual “it’s creamy” while the camera has a close-up of her mouth. And that woman…if you’re looking at this post, you’re probably as intrigued about her identity as the people in the ad are. Though they’re presumably drawn to her since she’s levitating in the air. Anyway, it’s Sierra Love.

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