Support Small Business Saturday 2012!

It might surprise some people considering how commercial/corporate this blog is, but I definitely support small businesses. Small Business Saturday, created by American Express, is coming back for a 3rd year. It’s on Saturday, November 24th, the day after Black Friday. So check it out, and buy something! Support the local economy!

Aziz Ansari Goes All Out For American Express, But Fails Hilariously

Aziz Ansari is a funny, funny man. He puts his funniness to good use in this new American Express commercial, created by Ogilvy New York, and reported by Adweek.

I wonder where he didn’t want to go because “there’s beeeez in there.” And yeah, Facebook stalking is a major part of the modern dating game…a lot of people do it even before the first date. Aziz goes all out and racks up a big AmEx bill to try to woo Jessica, played by Stephanie Hunt. But it’s too much. Sorry, Aziz. At least he got some sweet deals. The Sync features is pretty cool…really goes to show how integrated social media is with our lives. A solid spot.

Small Business Saturday!

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. But I definitely support Small Business Saturday.

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