Eargo Asks “Did You Bring The Condoms?”

Eargo is an American hearing aid manufacturer. Hearing aids are an important product, but they typically don’t make for interesting or sexy products to advertise. So Eargo just made a memorable commercial that will help them stand out. A boyfriend is thanking his girlfriend’s mom for inviting them for a weekend. The girlfriend whispers to the guy “Did you bring the condoms?” He doesn’t hear her and she whispers “condoms” again. After a third time of him not hearing, the dad pipes in from the living room. “Condoms, Charlie. She wants to know if you brought any condoms.” Looks like his Eargos are working like a charm. Aaaawkward. And yeah, he brought some. Haha. Here’s a bit more about the spot from Ad Age.

Geico’s Woodchucks Keep Chucking Wood

I’ve written about the first two Geico sequels already…now for the final one. In these, we’re treated to commercial spoofs, one for a lumberyard and one for coffee. They’re pretty spot-on parodies. And of course, they’re both interrupted by those dang woodchucks chucking wood. Also, I didn’t realize groundhogs and woodchucks are the same animal.

Budweiser Shows Typical Americans In Its New Super Bowl Commercial

If you just read the voiceover for Budweiser’s new Super Bowl commercial, it sounds like a criticism of America and “typical Americans.” But combine it with visuals, and it shows those typical Americans doing great things, big and small. So is it poignant or is it nauseatingly patriotic? Probably both. It does seem like an ad that addresses the seemingly fractured zeitgeist of our current times, while at the same time also questioning whether we’re really that fractured. Here’s more about the spot, created by DAVID Miami, and directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

Mr. Peanut Dies In The Super Bowl Commercial For Planters

The advertising and social media worlds are abuzz about the death of an iconic mascot, Mr. Peanut. In Planters’ Big Game ad released today, Mr. Peanut is travelling in the NUTmobile with his buddies Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh. Cutting Crew’s “(I Just) Died In Your Arms” is playing, and that’s what you call foreshadowing, folks. Suddenly, they have to swerve to avoid an armadillo, and they’re left clinging along to a branch above a cliff. They’re too heavy, and Mr. Peanut takes the noble fall despite his friends’ protests to save them both. Maybe he’ll be alright…well, maybe not. Apparently Mr. Peanut’s funeral will air during the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. So RIP Mr. Peanut. 1916-2020. Will he be dead forever? Only time will tell.

GNC: This Coach Will Help You Get Your Goal On

The friendly coach from GNC’s ad is so helpful in helping you reach your goals. She’ll camouflage herself at the gym and hand you a tub of your favorite protein powder. She’ll skydive and give you snacks to supplement your pile of cheese at your keto picnic. And she’ll even curl up to you in bed with a little kiss on the shoulder and something to help you sleep. So helpful. The coach is pretty cute…anyone know who plays her?

KFC’s Suggestive Zinger Popcorn Box Ad From Australia

The young festival-going lady in this Australian KFC commercial is adjusting her breasts in the reflection of a car window that she thinks is empty. Except it isn’t, and a disapproving mom glares at her. The soccer jersey-clad boys in the car don’t seem to disapprove though. And we get to hear a snippet of Icona Pop and Charli XCX’s insanely catchy “I Don’t Care.” Did someone say KFC? That looks really good. Perhaps not surprisingly, this one has attracted criticism, which actually lead to an apology from KFC.


That Douwe Egberts Coffee Commercial From Belgium

Here’s a Douwe Egberts coffee ad that’s become quite popular (I can’t stand the term “viral”) on Twitter. We see a teenage girl having a makeout session with someone in a hoodie. Then her dad comes home, and she frantically runs up to her room with the hooded individual. Dad coaxes her down with a text offer of coffee, and she appears with another girl. He just sees them, smiles, and they sit down and enjoy some coffee. And as a bonus, Dad returns his daughter’s glasses that got discarded on the couch during the makeout sesh. Aww. It’s such a sweet spot. And if you’re wondering, the pretty song was made specifically for the ad and isn’t available commercially. Sorry.

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