That Harley-Davidson Commercial About Riding To Juneau, Alaska

So yeah…you can’t drive a car or ride a motorcycle to Juneau. It’s only accessible by boat and air. Silly Harley-Davidson.

Those SunnyD Kids From The ’90s Are Back As Adults

Back in 1991, SunnyD debuted a commercial that would be played for years on kids’ TV. The best way to describe the ad would have to be “very 90s.” Dave Chappelle even did a did a bit about the infamous “purple stuff” line. Now there’s a hilarious remake. The kids (not the same actors) are now adults. Very, very stunted adults. The now elderly Mrs. B offers a great zinger: “You’re 36. You need a job.” Love it.

Olive Garden’s Family Commercial

Olive Garden is apparently on its way back up, after getting ripped to shreds in a report by investment firm Starboard Value. And while the jury is still out about whether the Olive Garden is a good place to eat, they do have a nice new ad here created by Grey New York. Going off the restaurants long-running theme of family, the spot combines home movies and statements about the value of family. The backing song is a version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home”, an advertising favorite.

Quilted Northern: Pity The Inanimate Bathroom Objects That Have To See You Poop

Pooping is something that we all do, but it doesn’t get discussed that much. I’ve found that a willingness to talk about poop is a good way to tell if someone has entered your trusted inner circle. We might that think that anyone is watching when we poop, but this new Quilted Northern campaign comes from a unique direction. They’re told from the perspective of inanimate objects in the bathroom. There’s a portrait of Great Grandpa Thaddeus, who sees all, and forgets nothing. Little Miss Puffytail is tired of seeing people poop and wants to be smashed into a million pieces. And Sir Froggy looks positively traumatized. Luckily, Quilted Northern works so well that you’ll forget what you’ve even done. Funny, funny spots.

Roto-Rooter Saves A Kitten From A Sewer Pipe

It hasn’t been a good week news-wise, so watching something like this should help a bit. I randomly saw it today as one of YouTube’s pre-roll ads, though it’s been around for more than a year and racked up 4.5 million views. I must have missed it somehow. Anyway, it’s an adorable video showing a kitten being rescued from a sewer pipe by a persistent Roto-Rooter crew. This happened on Long Island, New York. It’s similar to GoPro’s kitten video from a few years ago, but with a much happier ending. Enjoy!

Geico: Dora The Explorer Is At The South Pole!

You can always count on Geico to make funny spots, and here’s another one. It starts out with dramatic voiceover describing a brutal Antarctic expedition with shades of Shackleton. Of course when the crew thinks they’ve made history, they’re greeted by a cheerful Dora the Explorer. I laughed out loud.

Robinsons Has A Nice Ad Showing How Quickly Kids Grow Up

In 2013, UK drink company Robinsons released its “Pals” ad. It was beautiful, sweet, and had a great twist ending. I thought it was the best commercial of the year. Now Robinsons has a cute spot with a child who literally grows up before his parents eyes. Nicely done.


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