Montefiore Tells The Story Of Nini Skye

Here’s an excellent spot that you might not see if you’re outside the NYC area. Though it does have more than 2 million views on YouTube, so I could be wrong about that. We get to meet a 8-year-old girl named Nini Skye. We get to know all the people that are important to her, and what she wants in life. But Nini Skye’s biggest want is to live, as she needs an organ transplant. Montefiore has already proven that they can tell amazing stories, and they’ve got another gem. Here’s more about the ad and Montefiore’s “Live and Let Live” campaign.

Prudential Asks “Who’s Your Rock?”

This commercial featuring a group of children finding a treasure chest while playing in a mythical glade is one that positively entranced me. For most of the duration, I was wondering who it was for, and hoping it wasn’t for a company I disliked, since it drew me in so much. Prudential…I don’t have any strong opinions about them. So that’s cool that I can still like this one.

That Chevy Silverado Commercial With Walter The Cat

You might expect the owner of a big, burly Chevrolet Silverado to have a dog by his side, but a cat is a bit of a surprise. Enter Walter. Walter is a cat who has a lot of dog-like qualities, but still maintains his feline mystique. He herds cattle, and he’ll enthusiastically chase after a stick thrown into the lake. He and his owner engage in deep adventures throughout the great outdoors. But when an onlooker at the lake thinks Walter is incredible, the guy just wants to talk about his Silverado’s Multi-Flex Tailgate. This one premiered during the Olympics opening ceremony last night, and is getting rave reviews. And for good reason…Walter’s great!

Geico: This Couple’s Bathroom Has Too Much Pressure

The couple in Geico’s latest love their new apartment…plenty of parking and big closets. But the man complains that there’s too much pressure in the bathroom. That’s an odd one, as you would usually complain about too little pressure. Though as we see, the bathroom fixtures put doubts in his head. He’s got plans with his future in-laws, but hearing from the faucets, shower head, and outlets make him nervous. Don’t overthink it, but don’t underthink it. He’s urged not to talk about his cover band, his fantasy team, or his cats. I think the tied sweater is a good look! And I certainly wouldn’t let the future in-laws know that the bathroom fixtures speak to me. I’ll update this post when I find out who plays the couple.

That Catchy And Colorful Jarritos Commercial

Jarritos is a delightful Mexican soda brand that comes in a lot of fruit flavors. It’s been available in the United States since 1989. In this campaign called Flavored By Culture, Jarritos created a super-catchy song (albeit one that’s proven to be quite polarizing), along with colorful visuals that are tailored to individual markets. As I’m writing this, there’s spots for Texas, Boston, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, New York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Miami, Charlotte, and New Orleans. I’m in New York, so that’s the one I’ll post below. Hey, did you know that Jarritos tastes super good?

Australia Has A Brutal New COVID Ad

It seems like the worst of COVID is over, and it very well might be. But with more contagious variants popping up, it isn’t over, despite advertisers looking towards normalcy. In this brutal new spot, Australia’s Department of Health warns not to be complacent by showing a young woman with COVID in the hospital gasping for breath. It’s a reality check for a country that has fared fairly well, but is now seeing increased cases and in which only 9% are fully vaccinated. Here’s more about it from Adweek.

YouTube TV Introduces Emily The NBA Superfan

Before YouTube TV, Emily would skip out on her own birthday celebration and even Thanksgiving to watch her beloved NBA. But now with YouTube TV, she has access to real-time highlights, so now she’s on HER schedule instead of TV schedule. Is this the happiest Emily has been, or is she always this happy? Anyone know who plays Emily? She’s great, especially with the delivery of the “no thank you!” and “I’m busy!” lines.

Aspercreme Helps These Ancient Female Warriors

We head back in time to what looks like ancient Rome. Two attractive female warriors are going at it, when one suddenly has to stop because of her arthritis. The other one slides some Aspercreme Arthritis across her sword, and they’re back on. How nice! Thank the gods…but don’t thank them too soon! “Kick Pain In The Aspercreme” is an excellent tagline. As for the warriors, Nelita Villezon plays the Aspercreme offerer…anyone know who the other one is? This ad was shot in Bulgaria and by created by NYC agency Terri & Sandy.

State Farm: Isa Gets A Soccer Goal Shoutout

Here’s a Spanish language commercial from State Farm. If you’re looking this up, you probably know Spanish, but I’ll explain the ad for those who don’t. State Farm agent Isa is watching soccer (futbol or football for most of the world outside the United States) with some friends. When a player on their team scores a goal, they celebrate and are then surprised when the scorer lifts up his jersey to reveal a thank you message to Isa. But Isa, like Jake, insists that those savings are for everyone, even as the player speaks to her through the camera. Jake and Isa have also appeared in a State Farm commercial together. Isa from State Farm is played Mela Green, an Argentine actress now based in Los Angeles.

That Oscar Mayer Commercial Where A Woman Goes To Sleep In A Turkey Sandwich Bed

The title says it all. This is…something. And that’s a lot of turkey for one sandwich.

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