Chobani’s Lovely Animated Ad

Chobani’s new animated commercial takes the form of a grandma writing a letter to her granddaughter Alice. She tells Alice that the family farm is hers now, and we see that whimsical farm and a futuristic world (which is also full of Chobani products). She gives Alice advice about running a business, and how treating people well is the most important part. And she hints at environmental responsibility by saying that how we eat today feeds tomorrow. Chobani does a nice job with copy, voiceover, and music on this one. And the beautiful animation was done by The Line in London. Here’s a bit more about it from Ad Age.

Geico: World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis Breaks Down Boxes

Breaking down boxes and taking out your recycling is a necessary, but annoying chore. So when the man in Geico’s newest seems to struggle breaking down boxes, he gets a little help from World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis. Martins literally breaks down a box by picking up a giant boulder and smashing it. Then he lifts up the full recycling bins and smashes more boxes. Then he pulls the recycling truck down to the recycling center. So helpful!

Use Flonase And Don’t Be Scared By A Giant Pollen-Spraying Plant Monster

Anyone who’s had allergies knows how disruptive they can be. I love the season of spring, but my allergies are the one big downside. Flonase takes that to amusing lengths with its new spot, where a giant plant runs roughshod over a city, spraying its pollen everywhere. A woman calmly reads a book on a park bench during this time though, because she used Flonase nasal spray earlier that day. “Psst! Psst! You’re good” is a clever tagline too, with the Psst! acting as onomatopoeia for the nasal spray. The reading woman is beautiful…anyone know who she is? In another spot, Flonase lets a man know that spring doesn’t have to be scary and he doesn’t have to hunker down in an indoor bunker.

Bob Ross Adds Mountain Dew To His Painting

If you’re a Bob Ross devotee, you might think this is sacrilege and believe that Bob Ross would be calmly rolling over in his grave. But I think it’s pretty damn clever and funny commercial for Mountain Dew with some impressive CGI and deepfake effects. It’s been out for a little while now, but Mountain Dew just added it to its YouTube page. I bet the “Paint With Bob” episode will get a lot of engagement. Here’s a bit more about the stunt.

Pal’s Says “It’s Tender Time!”

Pal’s Sudden Service (usually shortened to Pal’s) is a regional fast food chain with a cult following. Chances are you haven’t heard of it, but if you happen to know anyone from the Tri-Cities, they’ll tell you all about it. In this spot, a woman is in her bedroom on the “Tender Pals” app. She’s attracted by the Tender Pork Loin profile, who then sends her a “U Up?” message. So yes, it’s tender time! The Tender Pork Loin Biscuit is back for a limited time at Pal’s. I’m not planning on heading that way anytime soon (and have never been to the Tri-Cities, only the Smokies), but it does look tasty.

Progressive: Jamie Is An Annoying Ride Along Partner

Jamie is observing Beth’s safe driving abilities to see if she’s eligible for a tasty discount. But with his mindless banter, sloppy eating, snoring, awful music tastes, and bizarre dancing, Jamie proves to be quite an irritating passenger. He excitedly makes them pull over when he spots free wood…”who just gives away wood?” But when Beth hears Flo on a radio ad for Progressive’s Snapshot app and realizes that it does exactly what Jamie is doing, Jamie ends up dropped off at the bus stop with his precious wood. You did it to yourself, Jamie. Beth is played by Cyrina Fiallo.

Airbnb Gets Emotional In Its Campaign Featuring “Forever Young”

I think it’s pretty safe to say that a lot of people have missed traveling in the past year. Airbnb is leaning into that feeling with its sentimental new campaign featuring emotional songs. We meet different people who have had great experiences with Airbnb. There’s the group of college friends wishing for one big hurrah before graduation. The college guys’ video is buoyed by a cover of “Forever Young” by Firewoodisland. “Forever Young” is a song that always manages to turn me into a weepy mess, regardless of who sings it. Elsewhere, Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” soundtracks a dog-heavy trip. A classic tearjerker, Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” is covered by Robyn Sherwell in another spot. And “Sweet Child O’Mine” too! Excuse me, I think I’m going to have a cry now.

Frida Mom Tackles The Messy And Painful Reality Of Breastfeeding

Spoiler alert: It’s not glamorous. Frida Mom’s ad “Stream of Lactation” will air during tomorrow’s Golden Globe Awards (or at least a shortened cutdown will). It will also be Friday Mom’s first-ever TV commercial, as they had a spot rejected from the Oscars last year. Here’s some more info from Ad Age. So what do you think? It’s getting a lot of positive comments on YouTube. I’m interested to hear your perspective, as I am clearly not the target audience for this one.

Slice Has A Frantic Commercial About Ordering Pizza

There are so many options to consider when ordering pizza. You could use a fancy big chain app, but the pizza will taste like cardboard, and cardboard tastes bad. Hey now, Domino’s is actually pretty decent these days. You could use a delivery app, but those crazy fees! Plus, they might deliver your pizza sideways. You could get real authentic pizza from a local shop. But you’ll have to use a phone like we used to, and who wants to do that? Good pizza, but they also misheard your order. So enter the Slice app. I’m a bit torn about this ad…it’s fun and funny, but it also stresses me out a little every time I see it.

Allstate: This Man And His Hood Ornament Sing

The man in Allstate’s ad is driving through the desert when he receives a notification about how much he saved with Allstate. It makes him sing along to the song he’s listening to. And he’s not the only one singing…the fancy hood ornament on his convertible gets in on the action too. By the way, the song is “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” by Pet Shop Boys. Anyone know who plays the man? The car is (according to a YouTube comment), a 2016 BMW 435i Cabriolet with a custom front end. And speaking of YouTube comments, this commercial is pretty popular, with a lot of people calling for an extended version to be made.

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