This Lowe’s Commercial Features A Guy Who Can’t Fold A Fitted Sheet

This is me. Folding a fitted sheet is infuriating!

Tuesday Throwback: RIP Windell Middlebrooks, The Miller High Life Guy

Actor Windell Middlebrooks died today at the age of 36. He had roles on prominent shows such as Scrubs, Body of Proof, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but he was probably best known as the down-to-earth delivery man in a Miller High Life campaign. Here are a few of his High Life spots. RIP. I’m sure you’re living the high life somewhere.

Powerade: Featuring Derrick Rose And Tupac Shakur

Last week, Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It’s the latest in a long line of knee injuries for Rose. The Bulls say he should be able to return for the playoffs, but at this point it’s easy to wonder if Rose might be the new Penny Hardaway; a great player who is ultimately betrayed by his body. Under that lens, this new Powerade spot featuring a voiceover by Tupac Shakur seems especially poignant. It shows a young boy who represents a young Derrick Rose riding his bike through Chicago’s rough South Side to the United Center, paralleling Rose’s own life. The video is beautifully shot, and Tupac’s powerful words from “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” adds to the scene. Great work.

This Commercial Sucks: Chevy Colorado’s Focus Group

These have been out for about a month, but I’ve just seen them in the last few days. So we have a focus group setup, with participants being asked about two men: one standing in front of a sedan, and one standing in front of a truck. What results is awful, stereotypical stuff.

Kids’ Bathroom Habits Necessitate Clorox

If you’ve ever been a male, you’ve tried long-range pissing. Mopping with toilet water just seems rational…it’s a big bucket of water sitting right there. And sometimes “situations” happen with pesky belt buckles. These Clorox ads are funny, simple, and true-to-life.

“Emily’s Oz” From Comcast/Xfinity Is Stunning

“Emily’s Oz” is a big hit after debuting on the Oscars tonight. And for good reason. The story of 7-year-old Emily, who was born blind and describes what she “sees” during The Wizard of Oz is interesting and visually enchanting. Robert Redford provides the closing voiceover. It’s almost enough for you to forget how unpopular Comcast is as a corporation. Anyway, here’s more on this great campaign from Adweek


Stonyfield Says Cheat On Greek

Hooo boy. The prudes won’t like this one. It starts with some women talking with very suggestive innuendos..what could they be talking about? I guess you can come up with your own conclusions. Of course, Stonyfield is talking about their Petite Creme yogurt, which is marketed as an alternative to greek yogurt. And then it concludes with a bleeped F-word. It leaves an impression, for sure.


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