Liberty Mutual Has A Literal Smartphone Guy Handing Out Fliers And Video Game Playing Brothers

The unfortunate guy handing out fliers in this Liberty Mutual ad is dressed up as a smartphone. And when a passing boat splashes him, he has to dunk himself in rice. Poor guy. Sometimes he’s on vibrate too, which is jarring. Also, have you ever wanted to a Liberty Mutual video game? It’s boring, as two brothers discover. They decide to get tacos instead. Good call. Anyone know who plays the flier guy or the brothers?

Liberty Mutual: LiMu Emu & Doug Lament The One That Got Away

Liberty Mutual’s LiMu Emu & Doug are still going strong with their wacky ’70s-inspired hijinks. Here Doug (David Hoffman) chats with LiMu Emu while they’re at a scenic overlook. He says the ones that got away haunt him the most. Then we flashback to an elevator pitch. He tells a shaggy-haired person “you’re not like everybody else” and then talks up Liberty Mutual. Unfortunately, the shaggy-haired guy had headphones in, wasn’t listening, and gets off at his floor. Nooooooo! Poor Doug!

Liberty Mutual: Seagulls Swarm This Man And Swipe His Sandwich And Chips

There’s two different versions of this new Liberty Mutual spot. In the first, the guy breaks the fourth wall while eating a sandwich on a bench overlooking the Statue of Liberty, the typical setting for many of Liberty Mutual’s ads. He asks if he’s in a Liberty Mutual ad (an insurance advertising trend, perhaps). Indeed he is. So what happens in this one? Seagulls. First one seagull, which he likes…then a swarm, which he likes much less. In the second, shorter version, he’s talking to the camera when one seagull swoops in and swipes his sandwich, and then another steals his chips. It goes from a great day, to an OK day, to a messed-up day. Aw nuts. Anyone know who plays the guy?

Liberty Mutual’s Struggling Actor Keeps Flubbing His Lines

I briefly touched on this Liberty Mutual ad during the summer in a post centered on a larger campaign. But I keep seeing it lately, so I figured that I could do a standalone post on it. The struggling actor here (played by Tanner Novlan) is a hunky guy, but looks definitely don’t translate into talent. He’s so bad that his lines get unconvincingly dubbed. An extended cut shows the depths of his struggles. Though ironically, Tanner does an excellent job playing a terrible actor…which means that he’s quite talented himself.

This Commercial Sucks: Liberty Mutual’s Annoying Ventriloquist Dummy

Liberty Mutual released this commercial on Halloween, but I somehow just saw it now. And the grating interaction between Kristen the ventriloquist and Aunt Lil the dummy is haunting my soul. She’s single, folks! Gahhh.

Liberty Mutual Introduces Zoltar The Fortune Teller

Libery Mutual’s most prominent recent commercials are from the offbeat LiMu Emu campaign, which have proven to be both popular and polarizing. Now, they’re going back to something a bit more familiar, with different people talking to the camera overlooking the Statue of Liberty. But don’t get it wrong…these spots are still pretty bizarre. We meet Zoltar the fortune teller, who tells a woman that great riches will find her when Liberty Mutual customizes her car insurance, so she only pays for what she needs. Pleased, she “frees” Zoltar who slowly pedals away on a unicycle and calls for a taxi. There’s one with an attractive, struggling actor whose good looks can’t hide his lack of talent. Liberty Mutual also has a parody of those “before and after” ads where a schlubby guy turns his life around after getting Liberty Mutual (and also after he won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out). And finally, a man on a bench literally thinks about what he can do with all the money he could save after switching to Liberty Mutual. He’s got some fantastic facial expressions. Here’s more about this new campaign from Adweek.

Liberty Mutual Presents The LiMu Emu (And Doug)

In its newest campaign, Liberty Mutual brings us a ’70s-esque buddy cop parody featuring an emu (the appropriately named LiMu Emu), and his human partner Doug. As LiMu gets confused after seeing his own reflection and vomits up change in the office, Doug explains some of the merits of Liberty Mutual. They’re pretty dumb but mildly amusing ads, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. Will this have more, less, or the same popularity as Liberty Mutual’s campaign with people talking in front of the Statue of Liberty? Only time will tell. If you’re wondering, Doug is played by David Hoffman.





Liberty Mutual Features A Local News Reporter And A Guy In Witness Protection

Here are two new ads from Liberty Mutual. In the first, the commercial is hijacked by local news reporter Phoebe Buckley. Pretty dumb. And as numerous comments have pointed out, Phoebe inexplicably leaves her bag. The second one is better though. A guy in witness protection is accidentally revealed…we end up seeing his face and find out it’s the friendly Mr. Landry.  Mr. Landry is played by Brian Finney…anyone know who plays Phoebe Buckley?

Tuesday Throwback: Liberty Mutual’s Beautiful Commercials Featuring The Music Of Hem

I remember these great Liberty Mutual ads debuting around 2006. They focus on people witnessing acts of kindness and then “paying it forward” by performing good deeds to those around them. I love the ads on their own, but what really puts them over the top is the beautiful music of New York band Hem. This particular Liberty Mutual campaign had a lot of spots, but I’ve just included a few of the classics, which feature the songs “Half Acre” and “The Part Where You Let Go.” It’s a campaign that seems like it could be even more apt now, considering our polarized and hostile political climate.

That Liberty Mutual Lug Wrench Commercial

This Liberty Mutual ad featuring a teen driver who’s stranded in the middle of the night isn’t new…it’s been out for almost a year now. It’s a pretty dumb commercial, but one that’s continued to get aired a lot. Catherine Kamei plays the mom, Nik Dodani portrays the clueless lug wrench teen, and Bryan Burton is the “maybe” guy.

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