Capital One: Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, And Spike Lee Return For More Hilarious March Madness Commercials

And now comes the return of a beloved yearly ad campaign: Capital One’s March Madness. For those not familiar, these ads center on Charles Barkley’s clownish personality, with Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee either laughing at him, or playing straight men roles to a certain extent. Jim Nantz also appears in some of the spots. We see Charles wear a ridiculous “Chuxedo”, and hold up giant “Chuckmojis” at the game. Elsewhere, Chuck shows up with a parrot his shoulder named “Larry Bird”, when he runs into the real Larry Bird who has a dog named “Charles Barkley.” The gang gets punny with a “Mini Soda” and a “Mini Apple” when they’re in Minnesota for the Final Four. More puns come with Chuck’s Final Fourgasbord, which features “Charles Broccoli”, “Jim Nantz on a log”, “Ham Jackson”, and “Spike Brie.” Chuck also loves alerts with airhorns. Ahaha. I love these!

Tuesday Throwback: Let’s Remember The Time Michael Jordan Sported A Hitler Mustache In This Hanes Commercial

Michael Jordan is the kind of person who can pretty much do whatever without being seriously questioned, because he’s Michael Jordan. But like, was he not aware that he had a Hitler mustache? That’s hard to believe. This 2010 Hanes ad is also amusing because of the Jeff Foxworthy-looking doofus who has a “bacon neck.” Of course, Charles Barkley had something to say about the whole situation. And here’s a funny video about it.

DraftKings Sportsbook And Charles Barkley

On a plane, “Dr. Aftkings” observes Charles Barkley taking a close look at his phone and diagnoses him with a bad case of “single game fixatia.” It’s where you’re too focused on just one game. The cure is Draftkings new Sportsbook app. See, sports betting has been legalized in a few states with many more following, so it makes sense that DraftKings would be getting in on the act.  Charles already has the app though, he already won, and now he’s watching a documentary on horseshoe crabs. Also, Dr. Aftkings isn’t a real doctor. Is Charles Barkley the best spokesman for gambling? On the one hand, he’s famous, super charismatic, and a well-known gambler. On the other, he’s lost massive amounts of money on gambling. Hmm. By the way, Sportsbook is only operating in New Jersey right now, but presumably it’ll go to more states soon.

Capital One March Madness: Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, And Spike Lee Go To Texas

March Madness is back, which also means the return of one of the most beloved ad campaigns. That’s right…it’s time for more Capital One March Madness, with Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, and Spike Lee. This year, the Final Four will be in San Antonio, so the ads focus on their travels in Texas (#FanAntonio). Chuck is excited about the “A La Mode”, while Sam and Spike inform him that it’s the Alamo (and it doesn’t serve ice cream). Charles also calls an armadillo a “turtle rat.” “The Three Muskamigos” wear goofy Western attire, and sing “Friends In Low Places” while on horseback.  These are just some of the spots from this always entertaining campaign.




Capital One: Charles Barkley Wears A Snack Hoodie and Layers

Capital One’s “This is March Madness” campaign starring Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, and Spike Lee is always a big hit. I wrote about a few of the delightful spots last weekend, and here are some more. We see Charles Barkley wearing a snack hoodie for easy munchie access, and dressing in puffy layers for every situation. The tremendous trio also misses a buzzer beater because of Chuck’s Clapper. And in the Phoenix airport, Sir Charles discovers that adoring crowds are more interested in Jim Nantz.


Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley, And Spike Lee Sing “I Will Survive” For Capital One

Simply delightful. The flight attendant is Gloria Gaynor, the original singer of “I Will Survive.” Also delightful is another spot where they eat steaks…on a plane. Though Samuel L. seems less amused.

Charles Barkley Wears A Black Dress For Weight Watchers

Charles Barkley is a classic. Over the years, he’s accidentally spit on a little girl during a game, threw a man through a plate-glass window, sparked a national debate on whether athletes should be role models, publicly admitted to losing millions of dollars gambling, and last but not least, he got a DUI and explained that he was in a hurry to get a blowjob from his female passenger (who wasn’t his wife). Still, we don’t care because Charles Barkley is that awesome. After the DUI arrest, Charles was suspended from his TNT NBA gig. I remember watching when he returned…it was like he had just come back from beating cancer. So Barkley’s Teflon-like personality and incredible charisma make him a natural spokesman. For the last few months, he’s promoted Weight Watchers in the “Lose Like a Man” campaign after losing a significant amount of girth with their program. He also got caught in a bit of a hot mic situation after calling Weight Watchers a “scam.” But Weight Watchers is forgiving like we all are of Charles’ outspoken nature…and now he’s talking about eating man food like steak and pizza, while dressing like a woman. Not gonna lie, Charles looks good. Enjoy.

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