Gillette Presents “The Best Men Can Be”

This short film from Gillette is lighting up social media today. 30 years ago, Gillette’s classic “The Best A Man Can Get” campaign made its debut during Super Bowl XXIII.  Now, it tries to redefine “The Best A Man Can Get” in an era of conversation and debate about masculinity. Gillette’s ad presents clips that feature bullying and instances of “toxic masculinity”, including the traditional “boys will be boys” attitude. But with the rise of the Me Too movement, will these behaviors change for the better? Gillette hopes so, because “the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.” It’s a thought-provoking (and in my opinion, well-done) piece from Grey New York . It’s also one that has created a ton of division and has been getting pilloried on YouTube. Is that negative reaction a symptom of the problem? Here’s more from Adweek.


Geico: Duncan The Walrus Is An Excellent Hockey Goalie

Of all of Geico’s ads, this might be one of the best. Duncan is a great hockey goalie, well, because he’s as big as the goal. Watching the coach (James McCauley) throw fish to Duncan and his teammates barking is quite the delight. And “no sleepies” is a fabulous commercial catchphrase. Enjoy!



A New Purple Mattress Brings Back Ronnie’s Long-Lost Father

This ad for Purple has been online for two months now, but I just saw a shortened version on TV. And it’s a memorable one. Ronnie’s dad suddenly comes to the door after 20 years. Dad heard his Ronnie got a new Purple Mattress, and he just has to try it out. Ronnie and his family thought his dad was dead…but it turns out he was just dead tired. And of course Dad goes on to ignore Ronnie, because he’s more interested in snoozing on that Purple Mattress. Hahaha. The closing music really adds to this one’s tragicomic feel. I cracked up, but kinda felt like a terrible person for doing so. And I totally understand why some would hate it.

Pizza Hut’s $5 Commercial With Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln brings back a bounty of $5 Pizza Hut items to his family. They seem unimpressed by his declaration of the power of the $5 bill. See, his wife (who looks nothing like Mary Todd) explains that a lot of people have their faces on currency: Andrew, Alexander, Ulysses, and Benjamin Franklin…even though he wasn’t even president. She didn’t mention George, and Alexander wasn’t president either. I like the musical fadeout of “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Abe is played by Braden Lynch…anyone know who the wife is? I wonder if people will be amused by this one, or if they’ll think it’s disrespectful to the legacy of Abe Lincoln.

Geico: This Bowler Knows How To Strike…A Pose

Geico’s bowler is so talented. When he bowls, he gets a strike…on all of the lanes in the alley. And he can also do quite the seductive salsa dance. It’s a win-win for him. Anyone know who plays the bowler or his dance partner?

TurboTax Free 2019 Really Emphasizes That It’s Free

TurboTax has a funny new campaign to advertise its Free 2019 edition. It uses various parodies of film…a courtroom scene, an action movie credits scene, and my favorite, a stereotypically inspiring football story. All of them repeatedly use “free” throughout…you know, to emphasize the freeness of TurboTax Free 2019. Elsewhere, TurboTax also has a Live edition where you can speak to a tax expert in real-time. That especially comes in handy when a woman named Lena (played by Adriana Trajkovski) wants to avoid interacting with a tech bro named Chad. Cat-culator…haha. The fact that Chad and Stacy are names used in the commercial also doesn’t seem like an accident.

Disneyland Paris Tells The Story Of A Duckling Who Loves Donald Duck

Well, this is just adorable. Our little duckling protagonist first is introduced to Donald Duck after seeing a Walt Disney’s Stories comic book on the ground. He reads it, and tries to emulate his new hero. And then after a perilous flying lesson, he meets Donald Duck and his excitement is just irresistible. The song is a cover of “The Impossible Dream”
from the musical Man of La Mancha…anyone know who sings it? A lovely ad, created by BETC Paris.

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