This Commercial Sucks: Diet Coke’s “Because I Can”

Diet Coke’s “Because I Can” campaign smacks of marketers trying desperately to connect with those enigmatic millennials, and failing miserably. Just awful.


Milo Ventimiglia From This Is Us Urges Forgiveness For Crock-Pot

If you watch NBC’s tearjerking drama This Is Us, you already know that a faulty switch on a slow cooker started the fire that ultimately led to patriarch Jack Pearson’s death. It was an unbranded slow cooker, but since Crock-Pot is pretty much a generic trademark, the brand received a surprising amount of vitriol on social media. Now on the eve of the big Super Bowl episode where we’ll see the full story of Jack’s demise, Milo Ventimiglia stars in an amusing ad for Crock-Pot. In #CrockPotIsInnocent, Milo, appearing as Jack, urges forgiveness and spoons some Crock-Pot chili into a bowl. Some solid meta humor there. Here’s more from Adweek.


Capital One Tells The Alternate History Of Mona Lisa, The Louisiana Purchase, And The Sandwich

The history buff in me gets a kick out of these Capital One spots. They depict a notification about the Louisiana Purchase, Mona Lisa getting her iconically mysterious smile because she was able to lock her card, and the invention of one of my favorites, the sandwich.


Verizon’s Joy Watches The Game At An Airport

Verizon’s popular recurring character Joy (played by Britt Lower) is back at an airport. She and her friend are watching the game, but her new airport buddies don’t have Verizon, and they’re still buffering. Also, Verizon spokesman Thomas Middleditch may have missed his flight and someone stole his watch. The struggle is truly real.

Geico: Manatees In Novelty Tees Are Surprising

Friendly and curious manatees are a popular attraction at zoos. But seeing those manatees wearing novelty t-shirts would be quite surprising. The father and son interaction about the “come at me bro” shirt is priceless. Dad is played by Mike Holley, Mom is Joanne Verbos, and the son is Levi Oleesky. And the voiceover in all of Geico’s “It’s Not Surprising” spots is done by Andrew Anthony.

Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial Stars Water And A Great “Stand By Me” Cover

Almost all Super Bowl commercials are now released online long before the big game. I don’t like this, as I feel it takes some of the magic away from the new ads, so this year I’ve made an effort not to watch online. But I saw Budweiser’s during a Hulu ad break, and since it’s picked up almost 10 million views since being released a week ago, I guess I can write about it. Anyway, this time Budweiser is going away from its tried-and-true tradition of the Clydesdales for its big ad. But the one they’ve created is still quite nice. This past year has been full of natural disaster, and all of the areas hit have been in desperate need of one of beer’s key ingredients…water. So the spot focuses on Budweiser’s brewery in Cartersville, Georgia supplying water to the disaster spots. The background song is a beautiful cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” (one of my all-time favorites), performed by Skylar Grey.

Wells Fargo Helps Pay When This Cute Puppy Makes A Mess On Pam’s Rug

In the fall, Wells Fargo had a big hit with their adorable cat commercial. Now they have a short ad demonstrating on easy it is to pay people on your phone. This Golden Retriever puppy had an accident on Pam’s rug, and her owners pay Pam $150 for cleaning. A blog viewer wrote to me asking if I knew who plays Pam. I don’t, but I will definitely add that when I found out.

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