PowerBar Helps Ryan Lochte Wipe Away The Past And Make A Clean Start

2016 was full of ridiculous news stories, but one of the silliest was Ryan Lochte’s fabricated armed robbery tale. In an equally silly endorsement, PowerBar uses Lochte as a pitchman in this ad for its new Clean Whey Protein Bar. See, Lochte needs a clean start, and PowerBar also wants to help start clean with their new bars. Ryan’s lunkheaded persona is on full display here (“metaphors are chill.”) It’s a cheesy ad, though that was likely the intention.

This iPhone 7 AirPods Ad Is Hypnotic

Lil Buck is quite the dancer, and this is a visually compelling commercial that keeps you transfixed for the duration. The song is “Down” by Marian Hill.

Southwest’s Wanna Get Away: I Am Fenwick

This one is a chuckler, especially if you’ve seen Spartacus. Poor Fenwick…and poor, stupid guy that reveals Fenwick. Coulda just rotated your shield, buddy. I bet they both wanna get away.


This Commercial Sucks: T-Mobile’s Lice

So T-Mobile compares AT&T and Verizon’s fees to little bugs. Fees rhymes with fleas, so there’s something. But ultimately, this is a T-Mobile ad…so now I associate T-Mobile with lice, fleas, and other little bugs. Not a great strategy.

Pearle Vision Shows Us Ben’s Big Glasses

A young boy, Ben, is wearing glasses that don’t quite look right on him. They’re way too big for him, and he seems to have trouble seeing with them. All sorts of mishaps ensue…he overruns the school bus, can’t zip his zipper, and loses the ability to pour orange juice into his glass. Plus, the glasses are always falling off. When Ben’s parents notice his problems, they take him to Pearle Vision, and we see the heartbreaking/heartwarming reason why he’s wearing them. The beautifully haunting song is “Weather” by Novo Amor. It’s a lovely and emotional ad, created by Energy BBDO.

Geico: You Probably Don’t Want Tiki Barber As Your Barber

Tiki Barber was a good NFL running back, and he’s a charismatic TV and radio personality. But despite his name, Tiki Barber wouldn’t be a good choice if you were going in for a haircut. It’s a bit predictable, but still a chuckler…especially if you’re a football fan.

Land O’Lakes Gets Poetic In This Ode To The Farmer

Butter is something that most all of us have in our fridge, but it’s not exactly a sexy advertising product. For that reason, its commercials really need to be interesting to stand out and get attention at all. Kerrygold did this recently in its adorable spot featuring young love. And now Land O’Lakes has a compelling commercial with great visuals and a reading of Amelia E. Barr’s poem “The Farmer.” Here’s more from Adweek.

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