Dawn, Ducklings, And “Lean On Me”

Dawn is the best-selling dishwashing liquid in the United States. Its status as a frontrunner means that the packaging on stores’ generic dishwashing soap often contains the words “compare to Dawn.” But if you asked the average person their first association with Dawn, you’d probably hear “ducklings.” That’s because for the last 40 years, Dawn has used its grease fighting skills to help remove oil from animals affected by oil spills. Cleaning up an oily duckling and restoring it to cute and quacky is pretty much advertising gold, so that’s been Dawn’s main marketing angle. In its newest spot, Dawn shows oily creatures being cleaned up, most notably the aforementioned ducklings, but also other adorable animals like sea otters, geese, and seals. The commercial is soundtracked by a pretty cover of the classic Bill Withers song “Lean on Me.” The cover is performed by Paris Ray. Here’s more from Adweek.


Credit Karma Will Save You From Bad Roommates And Wind Chime-Obsessed Neighbors

This is a very fun campaign from Credit Karma. The premise of these spots is the Credit Karma can help you build your credit, which in turn can help you move away from undesirable situations. My favorite of these involves a couple with a new and creepy wind chime-obsessed neighbor (“The wind is my wife, and the chimes are our children” is a fantastic line.) You could have a social media maven roommate (amusingly played by Patty Guggenheim) who Instagrams her avocado lattes and is just #BAD. It seems like it would be terrible to live next to a family with 13 children and a reality show called “The Baker’s Dozen”, but it could happen. Then there’s the cat lady. I love cats personally, but if you have as many as the woman in the commercial does, that could be excessive. Especially if you’ve got cat allergies and two dogs. Haha. Well done, Credit Karma.

McDonald’s McCafe Cold Brew Frozen Drinks Are Colder Than…

Here’s a short list of things that new McDonald’s McCafe Cold Brew Frozen Drinks are colder than:

  1. Cold brew
  2. A drafty igloo
  3. My stepson’s handshake
  4. Being left hanging for a high five
  5. A South Pole streaker

Alexandra Ruddy plays the cold brew woman, Kevin L. Walker is her friend, and John J. York is the man with the cold stepson.


Burger King And Budweiser Say “Whassup?”

Budweiser’s “Whassup?” was a classic ad, which debuted in 1999. It became part of a bigger campaign, which ran until 2002. The original spot was great, but as “Whassup” turned into a catchphrase it eventually got stale, as Milhouse demonstrates here. Now, Burger King revives Budweiser’s “Whassup?” commercial with this new ad promoting its American Brewhouse King. We see the original spot, with a twist that The King shows up with the new burgers. I must say that the American Brewhouse King is a bit of a mouthful to say, but it looks really good. Perhaps I shall have to try one soon.


Pepto-Bismol’s Pop Routine

A woman (played by Lauren Saunders) gets an unpleasant rumbly in her tummy in the lunchroom at work. Then a boy band wearing Pepto-pink jumpsuits serenades her with a smooth rendition of the Pepto-Bismol song and a flashy dance. Why? Because it’s a Pepto-Bismol commercial, I guess. Percy Anane-Dwumfour plays the charismatic leader of the boy band.

The Song From Apple’s “Behind The Mac” Commercial

Apple’s “Behind the Mac” ad is a pretty nice montage-style spot showing people around the world using their Macs to create different things. But it’s been getting the most attention because of its let’s say…distinctive song. So what is that song? It’s “Story of an Artist” by Daniel Johnston.

7-Eleven, Norway, And Chlamydia…Thank You, John Oliver

Last night, John Oliver did a short segment about a curious 7-Eleven ad campaign from Norway. The ad starts with the scenery that Norway is famous for: fjords and the midnight sun. But then it takes a sudden turn and mentions chlamydia. Turns out that Norway has one of the highest chlamydia rates in Europe. So, visitors from abroad…protect yourselves from the locals and buy condoms at 7-Eleven. Alrighty then.

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