The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Wants You…To Enjoy A Hot n’ Juicy Late Night

On April 7, I wrote about a new Wendy’s commercial, featuring a cute redhead played by Morgan Smith Goodwin. It became my most popular post by far, with 10,000 pageviews and counting. Morgan is back for two new Wendy’s commercials. In the first one, she chastises a man for eating inferior convenience store “roller food” late night and tells him to go to Wendy’s for a Dave’s Hot n’ Juicy. The second one has her advising a woman (played by Colleen Foy) to upgrade her lunch with Wendy’s new Signature Sides. Here’s a not so flattering review of the sides from GrubGrade. Though I think they look pretty good and will have to try them sometime. But now, enjoy Morgan Smith Goodwin and all of her redheaded, Alyson Hannigan-esque cuteness.

6/6 update: Here’s another one.

7/16 update: And the Baconator!



Miller Lite’s Punch Top Can Silliness

Miller Lite has introduced a new “Punch Top Can.” Apparently, it allows for a smoother pour, because pouring canned beer has always been a huge ordeal. Seems like another ridiculous gimmick to me. And also, it’s reminiscent of shotgunning.

Happy Birthday, Commercial Society!

One year ago today, I started Commercial Society. I began to write a long, in-depth post, but quickly realized that it was lame and boring. So I’ll do something simpler. The blog has changed a lot since last April. But I love where it’s gone. It’s more interesting and relevant. I also feel like my writing style has improved…both in structure and in knowing how to put together the elements for a good blog post. So thanks for reading! Tell both your friends and enemies about Commercial Society. Keep on rocking, everybody! And I’ll just keep on writing…

T-Mobile’s Carly Goes Dark

Carly Foulkes has gained notoriety over the last few years for being the sexy and perky T-Mobile Girl. Her trademark was wearing pink and white sundresses. But now, Carly’s dark side has come into play. As the commercial says dubiously/humorously, “No More Mr. Nice Girl.”

Come To America: The Tourism Campaign

It seems hard to believe, but according to Adweek, this video by Brand USA and JWT is the centerpiece of the first comprehensive American tourism campaign targeted overseas. But then again, it does seem like an intimidating assignment. America, of course, is a huge country in terms of population, size, and culture. Just check out this Wikitravel article about the United States. The vastness of the United States is a possible explanation why so many Americans don’t have passports (well, one of the positive explanations).

This video isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s pleasant. The song (here’s a full-length version of “Land of Dreams”) is performed by Roseanne Cash, the daughter of Johnny Cash. It provides all the typical examples of Americana that us Americans expect to see, and in some ways take for granted. Indeed, the videos serve as a reminder to me that the United States is a pretty great place, despite all the problems. So if you’re reading from abroad: come to America…we’ll treat you right. Stimulate our economy, and we’ll stimulate your senses. Or something like that.

Old Spice: Believe In Your Smellf And Break Up With Heather Graham

A hat tip to Adweek for this one. It’s the same basic formula that Old Spice has employed for a few years now, but still hilarious. With the Old Spice’s new Champion line, you can do anything, whether that involves owning a sand car, outrunning horses, flying after a “championship sports accident”, or doing the unthinkable: breaking up with Heather Graham. Who would break up with Heather Graham? You will, because you need your space. The real question: do YOU believe in YOUR SMELLF?

Nike’s “I Would Run To You”

Sweet, funny, and romantic Nike commercial, created by Wieden+Kennedy. The song is really catchy too. Don’t we all want someone who would run to us? I’ve seen a shorter version on TV, but this is the long one. The guy is played by Jon Schmidt and the girl is played by Stephanie Lynn.

Scotts Can Make Your Lawn Irish Green

It’s spring, so many people are once again thinking about the greenness of their grass. And with a brand called Scotts, who better to be a spokesman than an actual Scot? Scott is played by Phil McKee, who is indeed Scottish.

The only thing that would make these commercials better? Groundskeeper Willie!

Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson Use iPhone’s Siri For Boring Things Too

I guess that’s the point…that despite being much richer and more interesting than us, celebrities do mundane stuff too. First, Zooey Deschanel. This makes a lot of sense, since a lot of Apple’s core cult fans are hipsters, and Zooey Deschanel is like a goddess to hipsters. I find Zooey a little adorable, but mostly just annoying. And Samuel L. Jackson. He’s awesome, but this being a national commercial, he can’t be profane, which is a little unfortunate. Though “hotspacho” is a fun word he spouts off while preparing for date night. It’s also notable that both Zooey and Sam have tomato soup related plans.

ESPN: Michael Jordan Is An Average White Guy

Sharing a name with a famous person seems like a drag. I’m not talking about naming your child after a celebrity…that’s just poor parenting. But sometimes people will have a certain name, and then another person with that name comes to fame. I saw a feature on ESPN a few months ago about average dudes around New England who happened to be named Tom Brady. I have a few experiences with that. I am Josh Weinstein. This Josh Weinstein (who also has a certain resemblance to me) used to be a writer/producer for The Simpsons. Of course, that just led to some good-natured jokes in elementary school about how they liked my episode last night. Then in college, I found out about this fictional Josh Weinstein from Entourage, who was a “pen-stealing fuckface”, and derisively called Josh Weinfuck. That was pretty funny too. But what if your name was Michael Jordan and you turned out to be a bland, probably not athletically gifted, white guy? ESPN and Wieden+Kennedy New York tell us the story. And here’s the scoop from AdFreak.

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