Gatorade: Kevin Durant And Dwyane Wade Have A Nightmare Scenario

I’m realizing that I could start a blog simply featuring sports commercials. Anyway, it’s been said that dreams are a window into our unconscious mind. Some scientists believe that dreams, particularly nightmares, exist as a place to rehearse fight-or-flight situations. That certainly seems to be in Gatorade’s excellent new commercial. Kevin Durant drives to the hoop in a critical situation…and is blocked by Dwyane Wade. Luckily, it was just a nightmare. So Durant goes hard into his training (the intense training music is great.) And in the next meeting, Kevin Durant’s dream becomes Dwyane Wade’s nightmare. A twist! Adweek calls it “the Inception of salty-fruit-punch commercials.” I wonder where LeBron was in all this action.

Tuesday Throwback: Heroes From Upper Deck

Wow. Love it. Nostalgia overload. I randomly thought of this as I was considering what to write today, searched “Upper Deck commercial” on YouTube, and it was the first result. I guess it came out in the mid-90s, when I was 9 or 10. Great copy too, which really captures the notion of sports heroes for young people.

ken griffey jr

The Anti-Defamation League Imagines A World Without Hate

I’ve been writing about a lot of lunkheaded ads lately, but I’m going to take a step back for a minute to write about a video that is very well done and poignant. The Anti-Defamation League created this spot for its centennial. It features important people who were all killed on the basis of hatred and is accompanied by John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Dr. Martin Luther King and Anne Frank are probably the best known figures, but it also showcases Harvey Milk, Daniel Pearl, James Byrd, Matthew Shepard, and Yitzhak Rabin. Most hauntingly, the video contains mock newspaper headlines/stories which imagine what these figures might be doing now had they lived to see their full potential. The question “what if?” is ultimately a very sad and thought-provoking one. Still, the video ends with a feeling of hope that we as a people have learned from these martyrs and will change for the better. Great work.

Bud Light’s First Date…Why Can’t He Go Back To Cleveland?

“The people in that blind date Bud Light commercial would clearly be drinking craft beer.” -Comment from a Facebook friend

If you’ve been watching the NCAA Tournament, you already know that this Bud Light commercial has been shown roughly every 3 seconds. It’s another pretty stupid one…something of a spiritual cousin to Miller Lite’s, and it’s been taking a beating on social media. And yeah, since they’re hipsters, they probably would be drinking better beer. Or at the very least, PBR. I find it funny when mass market beer companies make it seem like people drink their stuff for a reason other that the fact that it’s dirt cheap. Why can’t he go back to Cleveland ever again? I would guess indecent exposure, but that might not be something to admit on a first date. Here we go! Who says that? Ahh, online dating. By the way, Jessica Little plays hipster girl. Still not sure who plays hipster guy.

Miller Lite: The Neon Tiger Wings Fail To Impress A Waitress

Dumbass commercial. First off, the waitress. You’re at a bar, and one guy isn’t drinking because he says he’s the driver. Driver for what? What kind of stupid question is that? The designated driver, you ninny! They’re not in a band! She likes drummers, and they all raise their hand when she asks who the drummer is. Who didn’t see that coming? The waitress (played by Kassia Conway, who’s also in a new McDonald’s ad) is pretty cute though.

Edit: The driver is NASCAR racer Brad Keselowski, who is sponsored by Miller Lite. My NASCAR ignorance shines through.

Party City’s Obnoxious “Mambo No. 5” Commercial For Easter

It’s exactly the same as Party City’s stupid St. Patrick’s ad, but somehow worse. Gahh. I really hope Party City doesn’t start doing these for every holiday. Can you imagine the one for Memorial Day?

This Whiskas Ad From The UK Featuring A Housecat With The Soul Of A Wildcat

Domestic cats are genetically descended from wildcats. This is the basis of a Whiskas commercial from the UK made by AMV BBDO. It has very nice cinematography and music that evoke a nature documentary, albeit one with a leopard stalking through a suburban backyard. But then, the leopard is spooked by a dog…and it goes back inside and is transformed into a hungry housecat. The advert is narrated by Welsh actor Luke Evans.

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