This Homesick Alien Loves Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese Stuffed Pizza

I’ve heard pizza compared to sex, in the sense that even crappy pizza is better than no pizza at all. I think Pizza Hut is fine, although many people I know would disagree. But if the little guy gets so emotional about Grilled Cheese Stuffed Pizza, I wonder what his reaction would be if he had some high quality New York pizza or Chicago deep dish (don’t argue…they’re both delicious).

This Cool Couple Marks Milestones With Subway’s $3.50 Subs Of The Day

Their first date was set up for Black Forest Ham Day. They got married in June, on Tuna Day. And their daughter (appropriately named Terri) was born on Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Day. It’s a modern love story, united by cheap subs from Subway. Sigh. Drew Tarver plays the man…anyone know who the woman is?

University of Phoenix: Larry Fitzgerald Fulfills A Promise To His Late Mother And Gets His College Degree

For-profit higher education is in huge trouble in the United States. Just a few weeks ago, one of the most visible for-profit colleges, ITT Tech, closed its doors for good. The University of Phoenix is still going, but its enrollment has dropped about 75% from its peak….from 600,000 to just over 150,000. So while the University of Phoenix and other for-profits might offer questionable educational value, they have the power of advertising with them, as evidenced by this poignant commercial starring Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Larry entered the NFL Draft after his sophomore season at the University of Pittsburgh. His mother died during his freshmen year, and she urged him to get his college degree. The commercial is a real tearjerker…Fitzie calls the house just to hear her voice, and proceeds to leave a message telling her that he’s now a college graduate and thanks her for all the guidance she gave him and his brother. Oh man. As my friend said when this ad came on, “I just want to give him a hug.” I first saw this commercial during last week’s Sunday Night Football game between the Cardinals and Patriots, which was strangely enough played at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Opti-Free Prevents Irritating Lens Face

These Opti-Free commercials aren’t new (they’ve been out since April) or particularly high profile, but I’ve seen them recently and they gave me a chuckle. I’m a glasses man, so I can’t relate…but maybe you contact people will. I think the best spot is the one at a wedding (with the requisite Canon in D playing), where the groom accidentally winks after “I do.” Whoops. In another, a woman inadvertently rolls her eyes on a first date…though as it turns out the guy might not want to get to know her better. And there’s the young man whose eyes do weird things when he tries a burger grilled by his new girlfriend’s dad.

Von Miller Is The New Old Spice Guy

I’d say Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a good choice. In one spot, we see Von creating his own path (literally). In another, he encounters humorous obstacles to prove he “works harder”, and still comes away with the sack.

This Sad T-Rex Appreciates Audi’s Piloted Driving

If you’re a T-Rex, having a normal life around humans would be difficult. For the T-Rex in Audi’s new spot from Germany, the struggle is real. He and all of his dinosaur brethren terrify people, and are banned from public transport. Then, his tiny arms cause him to fail at making his bed, and he becomes a viral laughingstock. He becomes depressed, and even participating in sports doesn’t work out. Poor guy. But then he discovers Audi’s Piloted Driving. No longer are his short arms an impediment…this T-Rex is back. It’s a bizarre ad, but great writing and a lovable concept make this one a winner. Well done.

Sprint’s Paul Chats On A Park Bench With A Woman And Her Golden Retriever

As you now probably know, Paul Marcarelli, Verizon’s former “Can You Hear Me Now” guy, is now doing ads for Sprint. The campaign is actually somewhat annoying, but this spot has a few things going for it. First, that cute Golden Retriever who barks in approval of Sprint. Aww. And second, the yoga pants-clad woman Paul is chatting with. She’s played by Lauren Braton, and I find her to be super attractive.

Geico Has Ice-T At A Lemonade Stand

These kids are selling lemonade in Geico’s new “It’s Not Surprising” ad, but all the adults think they have iced tea. Of course, we find out that they’re right in a way, as Ice-T is chillin behind them. Hah! There’s some pretty women in this commercial…Amy Rutberg plays the blonde and Anne Troup is the brunette. The man with the dog is played by David Levin.

Southwest Airlines Brings Back “Wanna Get Away”

Southwest Airlines’ “Wanna Get Away” was a well-loved and prolific campaign that ran for 10 years. I think the spots worked so well because they combined universally undesirable scenarios (awkward and uncomfortable situations) with an obvious product benefit (Southwest’s flights are so cheap that you can make a quick escape). So now they’re bringing it back with a new “Wanna Get Away” campaign. The first spot shows a secret witness whose identity is revealed by a hapless production assistant during a live interview. Southwest also has a social component to the campaign, where people can tweet #WannaGetAway with their embarrassing stories for a chance to win a getaway to an island off the cost of Belize.

Dos Equis Has A New Most Interesting Man In The World

The new Most Interesting Man in the World is played by French actor Augustin Legrand. Interestingly, he speaks his first line in the campaign in Spanish. Speaking more than one language automatically increases someone’s interestingness. Here’s more from AdFreak.

10/27 update: The first spot from the campaign.

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