Tuesday Throwback: Visa And The Unfortunate Attempted Donna Tattoo

When you don’t have enough cash, a debit card can be a lifesaver. The hapless protagonist of this Visa Check Card commercial learned his lesson. Don’t be short on cash when going for a tattoo, or the tattoo might not come out how you want it. “I love Don”…haha. The pretty song in the background is “Donna” by Richie Valens.

That Geico Commercial With Pinocchio

It’s not particularly new, but it made me chuckle recently. Yep, Pinocchio would be a bad motivational speaker.

CNA Language School: Students In Brazil Sharpen Their English By Speaking To American Retirement Home Residents

These students in Brazil want to improve their English. Meanwhile, elderly retirement home residents in Chicago just want someone to talk to. So combine the two, and you get an amazing idea. Here’s the heartwarming video for CNA Language School, created by FCB Brazil.

Even Kevin Durant Can’t Save This Lame Sprint “Framily” Commercial

These annoying Sprint spots have been playing a lot during the NBA Playoffs. They center on Sprint’s “Framily” plan. Get it…friends and family. Ugh. Anyway, this one features 2013-14 MVP Kevin Durant. It’s also got a teenager with a bizarre accent in a treehouse, and KD exits like a rocket because it’s the kid’s dream. Whatever. And the guy’s pretty mother is played by Judy Greer.

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