Gordon Ramsay Wants You To Get The Most Of Your iPhone 11 Pro With AT&T

Here we catch up with Gordon Ramsay cooking up samples at a Costco-esque store. A couple approaches him as he’s making quesadillas and the woman snaps a picture. The guy quips that handing out samples seems like just “an OK use of your culinary talents, dude.” Gordon strikes back that it’s like getting a brand new iPhone, but not pairing it with AT&T. He also smacks the guy’s hand when he tries to grab a quesadilla with his grubby fingers. It’s not a buffet after all…use a cocktail stick! The man is played by Darrell Britt-Gibson and the wise-cracking woman is Jackie Preciado.

Geico: This Couple’s House Is Haunted By Casper The Friendly Ghost

Well, if your house is going to be haunted by someone, Casper the Friendly Ghost doesn’t seem like a bad pick. And that’s just what happens in this new Halloween-themed Geico ad, from a mini-campaign aptly named “Geicoween.” Casper is excited by movie night with Jill and Curt, and he’s got snacks! Popcorn, caramel corn, kettle corn…good stuff! Seems like Casper would get pretty annoying though, what with overt friendliness and loud chewing. Anais Fairweather plays Jill…anyone know who Curt is?


This Commercial Sucks: Flipp Gets Depressingly Millennial

YouTube comment: “Something about this commercial is off”

And I’ve gotta agree with that. We meet a woman (who appears to be a giant) who sits down in a chair and talks about how at her age, her parents owned a house. But times have changed. After making dinner for the kids, she kisses them goodnight and leaves for her night shift. She checks the weekly ads on Flipp during her lunch break. She never shops without it. While she doesn’t own a house like her parents did, she can save money on her pajamas. And…that’s it. The commercial ends. I don’t know if they were trying to be witty or just very real, but it comes off as depressing. So, so depressing.


This Boy Loves Golden Corral’s New York Strip And Butterfly Shrimp

Golden Corral’s carved NY strip and jumbo butterfly shrimp make him feel like a real New Yorker, which he expresses with a stereotypical “Eh, I’m eatin’ here!” when his mom tries to swipe some fries. The real question here: is the kid and the ad funny, or are they just annoying? Since Golden Corral seems to update their YouTube page as much as they change out their tray of mac & cheese, it’s not up yet…so here’s a link to iSpot.



That Discover Commercial With “Just Can’t Get Enough”

I wish cash would rain down on me when I rode the subway. That’s what happens in this Discover ad as a demonstration of its Cashback Match offer. The song of course is Depeche Mode’s incredibly catchy classic “Just Can’t Get Enough”…or at least a female singer’s rendition of it.

Splenda Shows People Growing Their Own Stevia

Splenda isn’t a product that you’d associate with funny or interesting ads, but well, here we are. In this spot created by Chattanooga, Tennessee agency Humanaut, a narrator mentions that Splenda Stevia is made from the leaves of the stevia plant. He’s then suddenly interrupted by a woman who says “when people find out that stevia is a plant, they’re just going to grow their own.” We then cut to a montage of people’s stevia grow operations in their basements, closets (take that mom!), and backyards. Hell yeah you could grow your own and make sweet tea with it. You could even grow your own and take it to the coffee shop…though the cops might think it’s a bad idea. Hahaha. Here’s more about it from Adweek. If I find actor/actress info, I’ll add that too.

Downy: This Mom Gets The Wrong Message From Her Daughter’s Wrinkly Clothes

This Downy commercial has been out for almost 2 months now, but I just saw it for the first time. A teenage boy is returning his date back to her house. Their clothes are wrinkled and he comments “those darn seatbelts got me all crumpled up.” Her mom comes to the door, sees their wrinkled appearance, and angrily pulls her inside. Seems that she thinks there was a specific reason they got all wrinkly. Whoops. So he uses Downy WrinkleGuard, and their clothes look much better. She did leave a lipstick mark on his neck though. Commenters on iSpot aren’t fans…what say you? The boy is played by Ryan Connors, girl is played by Ashley Boettcher, and her mom Mrs. Patterson is Heather Simpson. The song playing is “Teenage Love” by Kimball Coburn.

Tuesday Throwback: Marty And Joe Go Krogering

Hall of Fame announcer Marty Brennaman will be calling his last series for the Cincinnati Reds starting tonight. Growing up in Cincinnati, Kroger commercials starring Marty and his long-term booth partner Joe Nuxhall were omnipresent. This spot from 1994 is the one that I remember the best, and also the first result that came up on YouTube when I searched “Marty and Joe Kroger.” So farewell, Marty. It’s been a good time.

Farmers Insurance Visits Sesame Street

In honor of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary, Farmers Insurance has put together this cute campaign featuring some classic characters. Farmers Insurance will cover Cookie Monster’s broken cookie jar (or 4) and Grover/Super Grover’s many mishaps. Bert plays the straight man who only wears ties to the annual paper clip convention, Ernie lost his rubber duckie, and Count counts. Plus, an appearance from Mr. Johnson! Good stuff.

Allstate’s Mayhem Is A Cat

Allstate’s Mayhem (Dean Winters) takes a new form in this spot…he’s a playful, but scheming and destructive cat. See, he’s been plotting to destroy you ever since you took him home. He’ll drink from the sink and cause your bathroom to flood (which will also collapse the ceiling), he’ll eat your bird, and he’ll randomly knock stuff off tables. It’s a billion years of tiger DNA just getting ready to pounce. Of course, he’ll also be real cute when doing all of this. Allstate makes a funny commercial here, and I’m pretty surprised that it took so long for Mayhem to be a cat. Meow!

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