Joe Buck And Troy Aikman Star In A Bizarre Fox Sports Telenovela Ad

Football is back! Yay! Where would Joe Buck and Troy Aikman be without football? Well, they might be acting in telenovelas. Although Joe Buck would still have baseball. But anyway, this is totally weird and totally funny. And apparently, it’s the first in a series for Fox Sports.

This Mall Commercial Is Both Hilariously Crappy And Hilariously Catchy

It’s for East Hills Mall in St. Joseph, MO. If I lived there and had to see this constantly, I would probably throw my boots, backpacks, and new shoes (purchased at East Hills Mall, of course) at the TV. 835,000+ views and counting for a stupid local commercial that’s only been online for a few days though? Wow. The power of viral video.

The Wendy’s Redhead Cutie Sings An Annoying Song For The Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Morgan Smith Goodwin has been starring in Wendy’s commercials for more than two years now. She’s quite cute and perky. I like Wendy’s and the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger sounds really good. But man. This is quite irritating, and it’s been playing all the time. The song is based off “To Be With You” by Mr. Big.


Johnny Bench Shills Blue Emu

Today, I learned that emu oil is a thing, and Cincinnati Reds great Johnny Bench is selling it. Daytime TV is weird.

thinkThin Gets Uncomfortable

So we’ve got a group of attractive cougars catching up at a sidewalk cafe, when all of a sudden, they see a sexy runner and proceed to lust after him. They gawk and gawk…until the runner recognizes Mrs. Adams as the mother of one of his friends. Awkward. And in an equally awkward transition, you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating thinkThin protein bars. The runner is played by Pierson Fode, and I’m interested as to who the women are, but I’m not sure yet.

Under Armour’s Misty Copeland Ad Is Spectacular

A young ballerina receives a blunt rejection letter from a ballet academy. She’s got the wrong body for ballet. Maybe she should find something else to do. Not Misty Copeland though. She wills what she wants, and just keeps on dancing. And now she’s a ballerina soloist at New York’s elite American Ballet Theatre. One of the best commercials of the year.

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