A Dad Remembers When His Daughter Met Cinderella At Disney World

Disney knows how to manipulate your emotions, and they do it well in this spot. We see a young girl excitedly running to meet and hug Cinderella at Disney World. Then we cut to the present…turns out that dad is just watching a video of her meeting Cinderella. She’s about to leave for college and he’s wiping away tears. Aww. The ad ends with the words “Because they’re only little for a little while.” Is it emotionally manipulative? Sure. But will it cause many parents to get misty-eyed? Yup. By the way, the dad is played by Mark Gessner.

New York Lottery: Woodland Creatures Return This Woman’s Lost Holiday Ticket

As a cat lover, it’s pretty much impossible to top this New York Lottery holiday commercial from 2017. But they’ve come up with another enjoyable spot for the season, created by McCann New York. Here a park ranger receives a New York Lottery ticket from her boss before taking some time off. But it flies out of her bag in the bed of her truck, where it’s picked up by a rabbit. From there, it takes an epic journey. A robin snatches it and tries to put in back into her truck but falls just short. It lands along the banks of a creek, where a turtle makes an attempt to pick it up, but he’s too slow. A deer comes up with the ticket, and he makes it to the fence of her house. From there, the deer gives it to a raccoon in the yard. Mr. Raccoon slides it under her door, and she’s happily reunited with the ticket. Aww. I’d think it would be gross-looking or destroyed, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief. Nice song too…anyone know what it is?

Roll Up To A Pool Party With Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos Party Pack

Rolled Chicken Tacos have made their triumphant yearly return at Taco Bell, and they’re sure hard to put down. We’ve already seen how Rolled Chicken Tacos can affect a superficial, Instagram-fueled relationship, and now Brett’s female friends are annoyed that he’s hesitating to take their picture at a glamorous-looking pool party. The poor Grubhub guy might have to do it. Maybe he’ll get an extra tip?


This Commercial Sucks: Riding A Peloton Bike Changes This Woman

The woman here is very attractive (she’s played by Monica Ruiz), but this is quite a dumb commercial. Her husband gave her a Peloton bike last Christmas, and she starts to ride. A lot of YouTube comments wonder why she looks so nervous about riding a stationary bike in her own house. And who exactly is she talking to? But she sticks with it…and a year later, it’s apparently changed her. Yeah, the cringe is real. The song playing is “She’s So High” by Tal Bachman.

The Renault Clio Tells A Love Story Over The Years

This is beautiful work for the Renault Clio, created by London’s Publicis Poke. I would say more, but I think it’s better to just let you watch it for yourself. By the way, the gorgeous cover of “Wonderwall” is performed by Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne.


If Your Car’s CD Changer Is Stuck On Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie”, Sell It To CarMax

Like most people, my musical tastes have changed since I was an adolescent. There’s still stuff I loved then that I still love, but a lot of my favorites from then aren’t my favorites now. But I can listen to most music I liked at age 13, and at least say “I know why this appealed to me at the time.” However, there’s one big exception: Limp Bizkit. I was a big fan then, but now I just cringe. So the woman (played by Annie Karstens) in this CarMax commercial would probably relate. She’d do anything to get rid of her car, but who would buy it? Why is she so desperate to get rid of it, you ask? Well, it probably has to do with the fact that the CD changer is stuck on Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie”, subjecting everyone in earshot to this not so lovely song. Even a decidedly middle-aged Fred Durst is surprised while carrying groceries. Lucky for her, CarMax will buy any car, even hers. Haha.

Allstate’s Mayhem Is A St. Bernard Puppy Owned By Tina Fey

This time, Allstate’s Mayhem (played by Dean Winters) is a 70 pound St. Bernard puppy. He loves leaning out the car window, licking his owner while she’s driving, eating poop, and trying to eat leather purses. Luckily, his owner is Tina Fey, and she’s got this under control. Her focus is on the road, and that’s saving her cash with Allstate’s Drivewise. Useful. I never watched 30 Rock, but I’m sure 30 Rock fans will appreciate this one.


Geico: These Guys Get A Mime As Their Roommate

It seems like Geico is targeting millennials/Gen Z with these roommate commmercials. Anyway, one guy wanted a roommate who was super quiet, and the other wanted someone to help out with chores. So the obvious choice was Jean-Pierre, a mime. Unfortunately, you might end up with sudden walls, but it’s OK. Jean-Pierre is played by Lorin Eric Salm, and the roommates are Andy Rocco Kraft and Kevin Young.


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