Sprint’s Paul Chats On A Park Bench With A Woman And Her Golden Retriever

As you now probably know, Paul Marcarelli, Verizon’s former “Can You Hear Me Now” guy, is now doing ads for Sprint. The campaign is actually somewhat annoying, but this spot has a few things going for it. First, that cute Golden Retriever who barks in approval of Sprint. Aww. And second, the yoga pants-clad woman Paul is chatting with. She’s played by Lauren Braton, and I find her to be super attractive.

Sprint’s Dancing Woman

I know I just wrote about Sprint yesterday, and this commercial is pretty annoying. But someone asked me about the identity of the attractive dancing woman. It’s Erika Soto. And the song is the interestingly titled “666 Kill Chop Deluxe.”

Verizon’s Former “Can You Hear Me Now?” Guy Is Now Shilling For Sprint

You might not recognize the name Paul Marcarelli, but from 2002 to 2011, he played one of advertising’s enduring pitchmen: Verizon’s “Test Man”, probably better known as the “can you hear me now” guy. Those Verizon spots recall a simpler time in the wireless world…before LTE and smartphones galore, sometimes the biggest obstacle for your cell was merely getting good reception. “Can you hear me now” became a popular catchphrase, which you can still hear today. Well, now Paul is with Sprint, introduced in a commercial that debuted during Game 2 of the NBA Finals. According to him, all networks are now great, but Sprint saves you 50% versus Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile rates. I’m sure Paul is getting paid handsomely to advertise for Sprint, but perhaps it’s cathartic for him too. After all, his time with Verizon was not easy.

Verizon Uses Colored Balls To Demonstrate Its Excellence

I have AT&T and I’m good with it. I see absolutely no reason to switch to Verizon or any other carrier. But apparently, Verizon crushed its competition in an large independent study on wireless performance. Those colored balls going down the twisty slide are pretty hypnotic. And as some observant YouTube commenters have noted, there’s a 666 look at the end. Subliminal stuff.

1/24 update: Sprint and T-Mobile have responded with their own colored ball commercials.

Even Kevin Durant Can’t Save This Lame Sprint “Framily” Commercial

These annoying Sprint spots have been playing a lot during the NBA Playoffs. They center on Sprint’s “Framily” plan. Get it…friends and family. Ugh. Anyway, this one features 2013-14 MVP Kevin Durant. It’s also got a teenager with a bizarre accent in a treehouse, and KD exits like a rocket because it’s the kid’s dream. Whatever. And the guy’s pretty mother is played by Judy Greer.

An NBA Sunday: Kevin Durant/Sprint And Kobe Bryant/Nike

Today, the Oklahoma City Thunder head to LA to face the struggling Lakers. So this seems like a good time to mention a few commercials featuring the biggest stars from each team: Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.

This Sprint commercial with Kevin Durant is fun and silly. Nothing groundbreaking, but the visual of Durant in ill-fitting pajamas sure is amusing. Speaking of, the word “pajamas” is inherently amusing. And it turns out the wife is appreciating the fact that her husband is suddenly more height blessed.

And now Kobe Bryant for Nike. Being a Nike commercial, it’s pretty awesome, if a touch pretentious. Excellent copy that suggests counting on Kobe is like any other inevitable thing in the world. Very cool visuals, ending with #COUNTONKOBE. It’s the introductory spot to the Kobe8System, his newest sneakers.

Sprint’s Holiday Singing Animals

Yeah, it’s been done before, but still pretty cute and definitely memorable. And this Sprint commercial is much less creepy than Walmart’s equivalent from last year.

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