That Verizon Commercial With Women On Horses

These horseback, social media loving women are posting selfies. Joy posts #YeeHaw, but her unfortunate friend is stuck with #IHaveNoSignalAndIStillCantPostOutHere. See, Joy has Verizon, and according to Verizon spokesman Thomas Middleditch, Verizon is better. Joy is played by Britt Lower, and her signal-lacking friend is Fabianne Therese.

Tuesday Throwback: The Classic Toys “R” Us Song

Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy today. Reading that news made me think of a particular song that was common during my childhood. This Toys “R” Us ad from 1982 features among others a pre-Urkel Jaleel White. And the followup has those same actors (minus Jaleel White) 14 years later.

DirecTV Says People Who Like Cable Also Like Banging Their Head On A Low Ceiling

Though if we’re being nitpicky, the guy bangs his head on a beam, not the actual ceiling. Anyway, DirecTV is back with a funny new commercial created by Grey about the unfortunate nature of cable. People who still like cable also are fans of drinking spoiled milk, camping in poison ivy, getting paper cuts, and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. It was also amusing to watch this one during Sunday football when it would immediately be followed by an ad about how cable is better than DirecTV.

Bonus video: While we’re talking about humorous new DirecTV ads, here’s one featuring Peyton Manning as “The Commish” of his fantasy league.

Geico: A Triangle Solo Is Surprising

Ahh…the triangle. It’s an oft-forgotten and maligned instrument. But this particular triangle player (played by Jonathan Brooks) takes a chance and goes for a surprising solo in his orchestra’s concert. The audience and his fellow musicians are understandably dumbfounded. Geico’s newest spot from their “It’s Not Surprising” campaign has racked up more than 3.7 million views in less than two days, proving that there are some triangle fanatics out there.

Monster Helps You Escape Your Horrible Job

Do you hate your crappy job? Do you have an abusive boss who snaps his fingers at you? If so, you’ll probably appreciate this new spot from In it, a giant purple monster snatches up a woman King Kong-style from her unhappy office job, before eventually placing her in a much better office situation. I also like the retro-sounding music…to me, it’s reminiscent of the classic montage from UpHere’s more info about the commercial from Adweek.

Bears And Packers Play On An Amazon Stream

On Thursday September 28, the Bears and Packers will play a game on the Amazon Prime stream. It’s the first time Amazon’s had it…Twitter had the rights to streaming last year. So they have an amusing new ad to promote it. Amazon’s spot is faux-documentary style with a David Attenborough soundalike, and it shows literal (well, CGI) bears and packers playing football along an Amazonian stream. Pretty on the nose, and pretty damn funny too.

GE Introduces Molly, The Kid Who Never Stops Inventing

Most of us dislike household chores, like taking out the trash. Most of us will complain, and then do them begrudgingly. Most of us won’t invent things to make these tasks easier. But that’s just what Molly, the young protagonist of GE’s new ad, does. In fact, Molly never stops inventing, and builds different contraptions around home and school to help her be more efficient. Then at the end, we see adult Molly, who’s apparently now an engineer at GE. Cool spot encouraging females to get more into science.

Dreamies Deli-Catz: This Ad With A Cat And A Chick Is Adorable, But Then…

I’m a big fan of watching cute animal videos, especially ones that are of different species being friends. But have you ever wondered what happens when the cameras are off? Is it possible that one could hurt, or even kill/eat the other? Of course it’s possible, but that’s just something most of us don’t really like to think about. Mars owned cat snack Dreamies Deli-Catz has a new spot from the UK, created by adam&eveDDB. It shows a friendly feline and his chick buddy going on endearing adventures. They frolic outside, drink from the same water bowl, chase butterflies, and watch beautiful sunsets. But when they come home, kitty is hungry, and nobody is answering the door. When the door is finally opened, the feathers tell the story. Oof. “Treat your cat before it treats itself” is a fantastic tagline.

This Man Realizes That Having A Bud Light Vendor Follow Him Everywhere Isn’t So Great

Be careful what you wish for. In Bud Light’s new spot, a guy gets an ice cold Bud Light from a vendor at a Jets game (though if you’re a Jets fan, I think you’ll need something stronger). He wishes out loud that it would be awesome if the vendor was around all the time. And then he is. Dude’s wish starts out well when they’re hanging out in the living room and when he’s taking a shower, but then it goes awry. Loud offers of ice cold Bud Light aren’t really what you want when you’re sleeping. Or in a work meeting, a movie, and even worse, at a funeral. After our protagonist sees the poor vendor standing out in the rain when he and his buddies are toasting over Bud Lights at a bar, he decides it’s time to return the Bud Light guy to his natural habitat: the stadium. The vendor is played by Billy Cowart.

Burger King In France Introduces The Mystery Burger

Do you like Burger King and surprises? Do you live in France? If so, the Mystery Burger might just be the thing for you. From now until September 25, you can go to a Burger King in France and order a Mystery Burger. It comes in a plain white box that contains one of 10 sandwiches. In this amusing promo created by Buzzman, a couple is getting an ultrasound as if they’re having a baby. Except that it’s a burger, and the obstetrician isn’t sure what kind it is. This is a pretty cool idea…I would just hope mine wouldn’t come with something nasty, like mushrooms.

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