The Microsoft Surface Helps Brian Orakpo And Michael Griffin Run Their Cupcake Shop

The Tennessee Titans narrowly missed the playoffs this season, and Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo just announced his retirement from the NFL. But Brian will undoubtedly stay busy in his retirement with the cupcake shop he owns with former teammate Michael Griffin. And the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 helps them run it effectively. Seeing burly football players as cupcake shop owners is a bit of a surprise…here’s a more in-depth article about it.

The Song In Apple’s Colorful iPhone XR Commercial

This iPhone XR spot is a fun one to watch, what with the rush of color-coded humanity running and parkouring about. And like most of Apple’s ads, it’s also got a memorable song. That song is “Come Along” by Cosmo Sheldrake. If you were wondering, this spot was filmed in Prague.

Geico Brings Us “The Best Of Geico”

It’s pretty damn meta that Geico has another wildly popular commercial, and it’s one that features Geico commercials of the past. Cadden Jones plays the wife in the infomercial parody…anyone know who plays the husband?

Cascade: A Young Girl Asks “What Does The Dishwasher Do?”

Experts advise that you shouldn’t rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. This might sound counterintuitive, but modern dishwashers are extremely strong and enzymes in detergents like Cascade cling to food particles. So someone should tell this mom. This Cascade commercial isn’t new, but it’s one that I’ve been seeing a lot lately. The mom’s young daughter snarkily and rightfully asks “what does the dishwasher do?” The girl is played by Sierra Richards, and mom is Merren McMahon.

Liberty Mutual Features A Local News Reporter And A Guy In Witness Protection

Here are two new ads from Liberty Mutual. In the first, the commercial is hijacked by local news reporter Phoebe Buckley. Pretty dumb. And as numerous comments have pointed out, Phoebe inexplicably leaves her bag. The second one is better though. A guy in witness protection is accidentally revealed…we end up seeing his face and find out it’s the friendly Mr. Landry.  Mr. Landry is played by Brian Finney…anyone know who plays Phoebe Buckley?

Air Wick Shows A Very Important Pilot On The Toilet

Uhh…how did I miss this one? The VIP (Very Important Pilot) here sits on the throne and lets us know that when he drops off his very important cargo at 30,000 feet, he uses Air Wick’s V.IP. Pre-Poop Spray. Why you might ask? Well, aerosols merely mask odors in the air, whereas V.IP. creates a protective layer on the water’s surface, trapping “odorous odors” inside the bowl. I especially like the graphics here. I cracked up at this ad, though that might say more about my sense of humor. If you’re a commenter on, you’re probably not a fan.

An Adult Macaulay Culkin Stays Home Alone With The Google Assistant

This one is currently #1 on YouTube’s Trending videos, with more with 7.5 million views since being released yesterday. And for good reason…it’s a wildly entertaining Home Alone parody, with the now 38-year-old Macaulay Culkin. My personal favorite part is “Operation Kevin” with the Kevin Durant figure. Well done, Google.


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