Geico Has DJ Khaled As A Motivational Coach

Devin is brushing his teeth and doesn’t seem that interested when the Geico voice tells him that Geico is now offering a 15 percent credit on car and motorcycle policies. That’s on top of the money Geico could already save him, so what’s he waiting for…DJ Khaled to be his motivational coach? Enter DJ Khaled for some Morning Motivation. He tells Devin to remember to brush in a circle motion. Tiny circles…another one, another one. Put in that work Devin! Don’t give up! I think I’d be more alarmed than motivated, but to each his own. Also, put down that phone Devin!

Geico: HOA Cynthia Is Very Involved And Strict

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA then well…congratulations on probably having money. But you might encounter someone overzealous like Cynthia, who is totally a Karen. The couple in Geico’s spot loves their new neighborhood, but isn’t crazy about the HOA being so involved. We see Cynthia tells them that their shrubs aren’t board approved and their cardboard needs to be broken down. Then she snips their hanging pots down and takes a chainsaw to their 2-inches over regulation mailbox. Oof. Strict. Are real-life HOAs this annoying? I’ll update this one with the cast when I find that information.

Geico Shows An Armada Of Tiny Sushi Boats

These friends are having a great time boating on the lake. Great water, great friends, saving a bunch of money by switching boat insurance to Geico…can it get any better than this? Well maybe, with a tiny armada of sushi boats. Yellow-shirted doofus forgot to pack lunch (his one job) so they might be in luck. The chopsticks, wasabi, and soy boat is coming in a little hot too. I’ll update this post when I find out some of the cast members.

Geico: These Newlyweds Leave Their Wedding In A Race Car

It’s the end of a festive night and the couple is exiting the posh venue with a sparkler finish. The bride asks the groom where the limo is, and he responds that they’re not getting a limo. They’re getting something that’s classy and elegant though…and it’s also got over 700 horsepower. And she’s driving. Geico is a NASCAR partner, in case you didn’t know. The bride is played by Ashley St. George…anyone know who the groom is?

Geico: This Couple Has A Ratt Problem In Their New House

Recently, we met a couple who had a clogging problem in their new apartment. Now, this couple raves about their new house. They love it…original crown molding, walk-in closets, but they do have a rat problem. Actually, a Ratt problem, as in the rock band most popular in the ’80s. They do they best to navigate the house as Ratt blasts their biggest hit, “Round and Round.” But at least Geico makes bundling their home and car insurance easy. I feel a bit younger, as I’ve never heard of Ratt or heard this song. The wife in this ad is played by Jennifer Bartels.

Geico: This Couple’s Apartment Has A Clogging Problem

This couple loves their new apartment, but it has a clogging problem. As in a family of clogging dancers directly overhead. Which brings up the question: what kind of clogging would be more disruptive? By the way, the adult cloggers in this ad are Greg and Maria Tucker, and they’re actual clog dancers from Utah. Also, the woman is played by Ozioma Akagha…anyone know who the man is?

Geico Says To Give Your Fitness Tracker To Your Dog

The woman in this new Geico commercial says the claims process is so easy that she can do it all from the Geico app. In fact, it’s giving your dog your fitness tracker easy. And there he goes with her fitness tracker on his tail! 40,000 steps…all while just sitting on a park bench. Passerby people who are actually exercising don’t seem so impressed though.






Geico: This Woman Gives The Perfect High Five

And I’m back! Geico’s new ad featuring the perfect high five might have been released at an inopportune time, considering current events. I wonder if Geico will be like Hershey’s, and shelf this one. But in the meantime, saving hundreds of dollars on car insurance with Geico feels like giving a co-worker the perfect high five. It’s so perfect that the boss even wants one too. The best high fives seem to come naturally…if you try too hard to make it good, someone will inevitably miss or get poked in the eye or something. Nereyda M. is cute and has a nice accent…anyone know who plays her in the dramatization?

Geico: This Groom Was Raised By Wolves

Well, this is the first February 29th post in 4 years, and it’ll be the last for 4 years. Anyway, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “raised by wolves” to refer to someone who’s sloppy and uncivilized. In this Geico commercial, we go to a wedding and meet a groom who was literally raised by wolves. They wolf down food as wolves do, pull the linens of the tables, jump around, and howl. Ansley Gordon and Shondalia White play the bridesmaids, Aynsley Bubbico is the bride, Dan Lippert is the groom, and the older woman who better be sitting down is Bonnie Bailey-Reed.


Geico: This Couple Has A Man Cave Close To Nature

He wanted a man cave in their new home, but she wanted to be closer to nature. So the couple in this Geico commercial compromised and built an actual cave into their house. And they have a cute grizzly bear visitor who’s quite interested in raiding their fridge. Brad Abrell plays the husband and Heather Simpson (who apparently got frustrated and left the ref) plays the wife.

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