Geico Makes You Feel Like You Matched All Your Socks

One of the most annoying things about doing laundry is when you’re missing socks. Which is like, always. So how would you feel if you matched them all? That’s apparently how Erin M. from Roswell, GA felt when she saved hundreds by switching her car insurance to Geico. We then go to a dramatization from the Spinville laundromat where Erin pulls out both green socks in succession, then two blue ones, and she keeps going until she’s matched every sock in perfect order. Everyone at the laundromat is amazed, and the owner is so impressed that he hangs up a plaque of Erin. “She really did it”, indeed. Nice.


Geico: Sophie’s Science Fair Project Opens Up A Wormhole Through Time

Did you have to do a science fair project? Mine was a poorly designed experiment with fudged data. I did not like science fair. My project was clearly inferior to Sophie’s…there was not a wormhole through time and no Abe Lincoln, French aristocrats, pterodactyls, or futuristic uhh…bug things. But the guy judging the science fair seems more impressed at the ease of saving hundreds of dollars on his car insurance with Geico. Poor overlooked Sophie.



Geico: Karl The Antarctic Researcher Sings “I Want It That Way”

’90s nostalgia comes to the forefront in Geico’s latest. We hear Karl singing karaoke to “I Want It That Way”, much to the annoyance of his Antarctic research colleagues. Karl’s off-key warbling is so bad that it leads one of the men to try to escape into a frigid storm. Luckily, they wrangle in Kevin before he makes it out. This marks the second high-profile “I Want It That Way” spot this year…the first being a Doritos Super Bowl spot with the Backstreet Boys and Chance the Rapper. Karl the karaoke guy is played by Prince Mario-Max Schaumberg-Lippe (he’s a real-life royal), and Kevin is Kevin Camia.


Geico Introduces Smartdogs

Now new from Geico: Smartdogs! These adorable pooches are trained to train humans. And what do they want to train humans to do? To avoid distracted driving, for one. I think we’ll be seeing more from the Smartdogs soon. Though Smartdogs will never be available to the public, Geico still reminds you to turn on do not disturb while driving.

The Geico Gecko Is A Fan Of March Madness Basketball

Even though I write about Geico commercials on here all the time, I tend to overlook the Gecko. Probably because he’s been in Geico ads since 2005, long before I started this blog. Here’s one that we’ll be seeing a lot of in the next few weeks. The Gecko (voiced by Jake Wood) is sitting alongside the play-by-play announcer at his first NCAA Tournament. He’s enjoying it, and even gets too into the action to talk much about Geico. He implores the players to set picks and shoot the 3. But alas, it seems Gecko may have gotten too animated in celebrating, as he possibly pulled a hammy. He needs ice…just one cube!



Geico’s Basketball-Playing Barbershop Quartet

I probably wouldn’t write about Geico commercials as much if they weren’t so widely aired and if people didn’t always view those posts, but they are and they do, so here’s another. In this one, a barbershop quartet plays basketball. Why? Ehh…why not? They perform their barbershop music while passing…but after a Chappelle’s Show-style “Shoot the J!”, an emphatic block and breakaway dunk result.


Geico Hits The Mother Lode Of Soft Serve Ice Cream

I could probably write a blog just based off Geico commercials. Anyway, in this one, a hard-working oil crew just hit the mother lode. Except this mother lode is much tastier and less valuable…it’s soft serve ice cream, of course. A guy comes by with a wheelbarrow of cones too. And when a rainbow geyser comes spraying out of a derrick, they’re really in good shape….because sprinkles!

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