Geico: Grandpa’s Nose Performs “Flight Of The Bumblebee”

Grandpa is napping and his nose can perform Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” and other tunes. It’s unbelievable…but not as unbelievable as how easy it is to save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance by switching to Geico.


Geico: Everything Sticks To Stefon Diggs’ Hands

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs has sticky hands, as evidenced by clutch moments like the “Minneapolis Miracle.” But while having sticky hands is useful in his line of work, it could become a problem in other aspects of life, as demonstrated by these new Geico ads. Getting the mail and high fives become awful ordeals. And forget about eating cereal. The nearly wordless cereal spot is particularly hypnotizing.

Geico: Office Gossip Travels Fast, Especially Amongst Meerkats

Meerkats are highly social creatures. So in Geico’s latest, they’re imagined in an office setting, dishing on the latest gossip about Craig and Sheila’s breakup. Sheila is played by Sarah Hudnut Brody.

Geico: Alexander Graham Bell Talks Too Loudly On The Phone

We’re at a play. A woman (played by Kelly Vrooman) in a hot air balloon wants Barnabas to come away with her, but Barnabas resists. Suddenly, they’re interrupted by Alexander Graham Bell (played by Daniel Roebuck) answering a phone from the audience. “Ahoy-hoy” he says (that’s why Mr. Burns answers the phone “ahoy hoy”). It’s a wrong number…Graham Bell’s number is 1, the caller must want 2. They try to restart the play, but Alexander Graham Bell gets another call. Eesh.


Geico: Soccer Players Celebrate With A Slide

The newest Geico ad has come out right on time for the World Cup. A soccer player named Willingham kicks a spiffy goal at the very end of stoppage time, and his team HW has won. So he slides…and just ends up sliding all over the pitch. He even does the robot, and slides right through the “C” in Geico. Good stuff.


Geico: Stuff Gets Lost In The Couch, Even Dave Coulier

In Geico’s newest, a couple is looking for the remote in the couch. The husband is digging around, and finds a bunch of random old crap. First his wife’s old CD player, and then his high school retainer…which he then puts in his mouth. Finally, he pulls out early 90s sitcom star (and hilariously, the subject of Alanis Morissette’s angry breakthrough hit “You Oughta Know”) Dave Coulier. Coulier then does his signature “Cut it out” catchphrase from Full House and then wonders aloud what year it is. All with a sitcom laugh track, of course. The husband is played by Jack Impellizzeri, and the wife is Elizabeth Bond.

Geico: Evil Villains Reveal Their Plans…With PowerPoint?

In Geico’s newest, we see a James Bond-esque character named Mr. Billingsley, who’s being held captive by “Doctor.” The villainous doctor then precedes to reveal his plan for world domination. Only it’s revealed with a lengthy PowerPoint presentation. “Highjacking Earth’s Geothermal Energy Supply” features exciting slides such as “Choosing The Right Drill Bit”, “Permitting & Zoning”, and “The Triangle of Trepidation.” Turns out that long, boring PowerPoint presentations are the true torture. Billy Tilk plays Mr. Billingsley, and Clive Ashborn is the villainous doctor.

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