Liberty Mutual Features A Local News Reporter And A Guy In Witness Protection

Here are two new ads from Liberty Mutual. In the first, the commercial is hijacked by local news reporter Phoebe Buckley. Pretty dumb. And as numerous comments have pointed out, Phoebe inexplicably leaves her bag. The second one is better though. A guy in witness protection is accidentally revealed…we end up seeing his face and find out it’s the friendly Mr. Landry.  Mr. Landry is played by Brian Finney…anyone know who plays Phoebe Buckley?

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38 Responses to Liberty Mutual Features A Local News Reporter And A Guy In Witness Protection

  1. Jeff Chiszar says:

    I think she looks like Rose from Two And A Half Men. Melanie Lynskey.

  2. Jeff Pearson III says:

    Mr.Landry is played by Joe!!

  3. Ray Banks says:

    Who plays the reporter ? Phoebe

  4. joe says:

    Another idiotic Liberty Mutual commercial. Endless mind numbing repetition.

    • Emily says:

      Idiocy is merely in the mind of the pro-claimer. And no, it couldn’t possibly be numbing because obviously you wouldn’t be able to remember the “idiotic Liberty Mutual commercial” for the brain stops working once it can’t feel. Hence, the numbing.

  5. Jie says:

    Both are dunb!!

  6. Jie says:

    Brad Garrett??

  7. Jie says:

    Is that the woman from the Wayfair commercial who says “You make-um my life easy”? What a racist commercial.

  8. Bill says:

    Anyone ever notice that she walked off and left her hand bag.

  9. Ferris says:

    She looks strikingly familiar to ESPN’s Hannah Storm

  10. Gregory says:

    Phoebe forgot her purse.

  11. Chris Hansen says:

    Who is Mr Landry and why do you think he is friendly?

  12. Marc Carroll says:

    I’ve seen that guy before, but I just can’t place him. It’s been driving me nuts ❗️

  13. Jeff Pearson III says:

    Its Joe!!!

  14. Michael says:

    Looks like the Maytag man

  15. Raymond says:

    Liberty Mutual runs a racist commercial that portrays a “misbehaving black man” stereotype, having committed some misdeed involving his wife. The implication is some sexual misdeed, so the commercial is also sexist. No other commercial on the airwaves, selling anything portrays a white man or any other color in such a demeaning role, nonsensical role. Yet Liberty Mutual is pushing this as hard as they can. Why do they deliberately want to be racist?

    • Kevin says:

      Apparently, you may have missed the fact the overwhelming majority of criminals in commercials are now portrayed by white men. I assume this is because some (or one?)races are hypersensitive and I guess it’s assumed the white people will not automatically assume the commercial is stereotyping an entire race

      • Raymond says:

        You protesteth too much. My comment had nothing to do with criminality or white people, and the mention of white people is only incidental in my post. It has more to do with buffoonery, and playing on stereotypes that have been tied to black men for ages, and Liberty Mutual’s attempt to cash in on those stereotypes – mainly the hint that the black man in the commercial has committed a marital offense, as opposed to a criminal offense. Being doubtful that the offense was not taking out the garbage or making up the bed, there are few options left to the imagination – other than some sexual impropriety. I find this disturbing.

        If you want to delve into the racial dynamics of commercial production and effects, I will. Most, if not all American commercials drip with white privilege and superiority, regardless of the context or product. White people do not have to worry about stereotyping their entire race, because for every negative image of a white person, there are literally millions of positive ones that portray white people, especially white men as super human good guys. Whilst the few commercials that feature black people, do so through a cultural warp that distorts the reality negatively, which is what we have here.

        Even further, white society has a very tight control on the black images presented in the media, how they are presented and in what context. The subtext of your message is that this society is void of racism and prejudice, and that those who complain are being “hypersensitive”. You seem very comfortable on you white privilege perch, but I wonder would you be so smug if the vast majority of media information about your culture and its history was a distorted lie meant to demoralize, demean and marginalize you?

      • Michael says:

        The actor is Rhomeyn Johnson, a terrific actor. He’s not playing someone who’s done something criminal, or sexual. The implication of the spot is that he wrecked the family car and his wife is slow to forgive him. Kevin, you are right that advertisers are reluctant to have people of color (men or women) be the butt of a joke. It’s usually more comfortable, because of our history of racism and sexism, to make a white guy the butt of a joke. I happen to know the casting director for this project, and I can tell you they auditioned actors of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities for this commercial. Rhomeyn won the role by delivering the most effective and entertaining audition. I’m happy they cast Rhomeyn because I find him funny and he deserves the money. He’s no buffoon, he’s a skilled actor. But, Raymond, you are also right. Having spent a couple of decades in advertising casting actors, I believe racism, while things have been getting a bit better over the last few years, is still very much part of the advertising game.

  16. mike norris says:

    …I want to know why the lady who is the news reporter takes off her purse….and then turns and walks away without picking it up again…:)

  17. Ted Baxter says:

    Mr Landry is supposed to portray the Farmers Insurance guy. ” We Know from Experience”

  18. Denise Long says:

    So who is the actress that plays Phoebe ? She looks like she could be the sister of Alisyn Camerota at CNN.

  19. Shelden Troy says:

    Looks like the guy who played Max Headroom.

  20. Missmeow says:

    I absolutely cannot STAND the one with the witness protection. Really creepy electronic voice and is overall annoying AF. Need to get a new marketing team.

  21. Kelly Lukenda says:

    This commercial/concept is HORRIBLE!!!! And that blan ass reporter I mean seriously guys come on. Phoebe need her ass beat for everything she presented in this commercial including whomever’s “bright” idea it was to produce,cast, and waste funding for this nonsense. That microphone is horrible, guess she forgot her purse because it was very “unforgettable” and not to mention that awful hair and wardrobe. 😁 I’m sorry but Phoebe and this will never be it or lit! 😑

  22. JB Todsttoe says:

    Mr Landry is played by Brian Finney.

    • Nancy S Volmer says:

      Thanks so much – he has a wonderful voice – loved listening to him. Looked him up and yes, you are definitely correct- that is him!

      • JB Todsttoe says:

        I’ve worked with him. He’s a very good example of an unfortunate phenomenon in American acting—a uniquely talented artist who has honed his craft through years of dedicated, disciplined work, but who remains a virtual unknown. Why? Because the business is a meat market that has dulled the acumen of its audience to a philistine crassness.

  23. Anthony Lemons says:

    The Mr. Landry character is based on real life TM Landry in Louisiana. He was accused of running an abusive school.

  24. RJ Boyd says:

    Did you notice Phoebe puts down her purse, then does her statement and then walks away leaving purse. What kind of message is that?

  25. Robert Boynton says:

    She might need insurance!

  26. Malcom Z says:

    I dont care “dont give me that i cared enough to post”. All the big insurance companies and their ridiculous tv ads are so annoying.

  27. Kris says:

    The commercial of a guy hidden and then is recognized goes jump over railing into the water is one of the silliest and dumb commercial. !! For showing someone resolution is to go running away and possibility hurting or kill himself is just plain stupid !! Really ! That’s the answer to a problem !?

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