This Guy Named Mac Book Loves The Microsoft Surface

If you think names are destiny, you’d think that Mackenzie “Mac” Book would be an Apple devotee. But when it comes to laptops, Mac Book very much prefers the Microsoft Surface. At least according to this Microsoft Surface commercial. In case you were listening to Mac’s accent and wondering where he’s from…it’s Sydney, Australia.  Reminds me of an ad from years back where dudes named Ronald McDonald ate Taco Bell’s breakfast.

That Microsoft Surface Commercial With Producer Taylor Church

When I saw this one, I thought Taylor Church was a celebrity (or she at least had her own Wikipedia page). That isn’t the case, so starring in a Microsoft Surface ad must be great exposure for Taylor. YouTube commenters seem to think that she’s quite attractive, and I have to agree with them. 16+ hour days are pretty common…makes me tired to even think about that.

The Microsoft Surface Helps Brian Orakpo And Michael Griffin Run Their Cupcake Shop

The Tennessee Titans narrowly missed the playoffs this season, and Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo just announced his retirement from the NFL. But Brian will undoubtedly stay busy in his retirement with the cupcake shop he owns with former teammate Michael Griffin. And the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 helps them run it effectively. Seeing burly football players as cupcake shop owners is a bit of a surprise…here’s a more in-depth article about it.

The Song From Microsoft Surface Go’s Salmon Sisters Commercial

The Salmon Sisters run their clothing and apparel company from their boat in Alaska. Since it’s a small space, the Microsoft Surface Go’s size is quite helpful. They have an interesting story, but judging from YouTube comments, people are more interested in the commercial’s catchy song. And what is that song? It’s “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” by Garbage.

This Commercial Sucks: Microsoft Surface Has A Terrible Song

Make it stop!

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